12 revolutionary tips on conducting A / B tests

The beginning of the year is an excellent reason for change. In the first days of January, entrepreneurs often start new projects and try to bring existing ones to the next level. There are many ways to increase the effectiveness of online projects. These include A / B testing, which increases the conversion rate of the resource.

4 easy ways to double the conversion rate

Conversion level optimization is the top priority for digital marketing. SEO-optimizers, internet marketers and all the royal army optimize sites in the hope of turning visitors into customers. If you started reading this article, welcome to the fun company! Below are four simple ways to increase conversion.

Why copywriters do not like Ilyahov

Hello! My name is Sergey Korol, I am an editor and commercial writer. I have been writing text for money since 2006. During this time, I managed to work with different companies: from small startups with Facebook instead of the site to Yandex and Russian Post. I have a blog of average popularity, sometimes they even call to speak at profile conferences.

How to write without errors

In short, no way. Even if you put a spelling dictionary under your pillow, in which you use a philologist's diploma instead of a bookmark, errors and typos will still appear in your texts. Therefore, the article would be correctly called "How to reduce the number of errors in the texts." Interested in an answer to this question?

Copywriter, get away from the entrepreneur

Classic: the author decided to leave the stock exchange for free swimming and starts looking for entrepreneurs. Such a strategy seems logical - just look at the sites of colleagues guaranteeing the conversion, and read a couple of tips from the gurus. There are two shaky ways for yesterday's exchange trader: Search for orders in social networks. Due to inexperience, they are faced with scammers and dealers, losing time and money.