Warmth of traffic: increase conversions, working with the needs of the audience

Imagine that you went on a date with a girl from the social network. On the avatar, she was a skinny blonde, but in reality turned out to be a full brunette. You will feel that you have been deceived. Visitors to the site feel the same when the offer on the landing page does not match what they expected to see. To determine what exactly the user needs, it is worth assessing the warmth of the traffic going to the selling page.

How A / B Testing Can Lead a Drop in Conversion

Split tests help optimize conversion. With their help, marketers check the effectiveness of changes in landing pages, conversion forms and other elements of sites. However, A / B tests can lead to a sharp drop in conversion rate and reduce sales. How does this happen? Read below. What is the meaning of split testing? A / B test is a research method that allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of changes on a site.

Where is the line between editing and taste? Confession chief editor

She is not. Each editor and customer creates his own chaos. But-oh ... you can identify internal criteria in order to evaluate all the content on the same principle. At least within one project. First, all the same about the chaos. How to understand that the article is good? Bonus - the terrible truth about your Central Asia Do not understand. Whatever may be said about the content aimed at Central Asia, each editor creates the product that is of interest to him personally.

Why copywriters do not like Ilyahov

Hello! My name is Sergey Korol, I am an editor and commercial writer. I have been writing text for money since 2006. During this time, I managed to work with different companies: from small startups with Facebook instead of the site to Yandex and Russian Post. I have a blog of average popularity, sometimes they even call to speak at profile conferences.