[Discussion] Anglicisms VS Clean Language

Many have got "insights", "experiences" and other "levelapy". 4 of our employees shared their views on English words in speech and texts. Let's collect a lively experience on this topic. We invite in the comments.

Among marketers, it has always been customary to use English words wherever one can say in Russian. Is it necessary, and in what cases may be appropriate?

Against anglicisms

Elena Zakharova

Immediately I will clarify that I am not against the use of anglicisms, when there are no equal substitutions in Russian or they are wordy. It turns out something like professional slang.

But I get rejected when English words are used for ... for what? Showiness? Brightness? That is, "communication skills", apparently, more impressive than "communication skills"? And such a person goes to pump his skills, gains background, distributes and requests feedbacks, collects a pool of the audience, writes letters with attachments.

There is an association with the hero of the film "The most charming and attractive" - ​​he learned a few foreign words to dazzle the young ladies. Caricatures and stupid. Then, pliz, do not forget to close the Windhoon in the kitchen in the evening, and then a strong wind will blow your flower from the window sill (pouwindou?).

I understand that the purity of language for the sake of the purity of language is a utopia. Otherwise we would have not fountains, but water-splashing, not galoshes, but wet steeps. But if you can not litter, it is better not to litter. In general, a classic: the truth is in wine and somewhere in the middle.

Anastasia Fomina

It seems funny to me the very statement of the versus theme. Well, who will be against the purity of the language? I am one of those people who winces when instead of sauces someone says "sauce". Studying in philology taught me everything. And I just do not understand why ordinary donuts to call the effective word "donuts"? This is an example from everyday life. In the professional field, everything is much more fun, there are even coffee breaks instead of regular breaks and tea parties.

Another fact in the piggy bank against Anglicisms: 70% of people who constantly use all these words in speech, do not know how they are written. Apparently, the Latin alphabet is too cool for them, but I already know 4 variations of the word feedback in Cyrillic. Everyone scribbles as he wants. This is podbivaet.

For anglicisms

Evgenia Kryukova

Perhaps in some other topics the use of these words is not entirely appropriate, but not in Internet marketing. “Cases”, “deadlines”, “Skype calls”, “feedback” - all this is so firmly included in our everyday speech that there is simply no need to select a replacement for these words. How much does it affect the contamination of the tongue? I do not know :-) You can throw tomatoes at me, but it seems to me that everything goes on as usual, and if these words are in our everyday life, then it should be so. I see no reason to limit myself in something :-)

Konstantin Rudov

Modern language is almost entirely composed of words that were once borrowed from other languages. Therefore, to resist this process is strange and meaningless.

Another thing is that the use of foreign words in speech is sometimes excessive, which is often found in articles on marketing. I draw the line like this - if there is a Russian word that conveys the meaning of anglicism without distortion, it should be used. Often there are no complete analogs to Anglicisms, for example, for the words “level”, “pool”.

Sometimes the English equivalent is just shorter. It is easier to say "feedback" than "feedback". In short, write a "guide" than a "guide."

Fighting for the "purity of the language" is as strange as fighting for the purity of the blood of a certain nationality. In any case, everything goes to complete mixing of everything with everything, and resistance is useless.

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