How to save on online advertising and online services: 7 ways - obvious and not so much

Profit depends on income and expenses. Lower costs without loss of efficiency - more ROI. As they say, the penny saves the ruble.

Business representatives and specialists - we have compiled 7 ways for you to save on the essentials: online advertising and online services. Some options are obvious, some are not. At least, many people forget about them.

Intrigued? Then let's go.

Method number 1 - to subscribe immediately for a long time

Almost all services give a discount of 20-30% if you buy a subscription for a year or two at once.

So Rush Analytics allows you to save from 200 rubles per month, if you pay the tariff immediately for 12 months.

And Livedune, for example, when paying for a year, drops 25%.

If the service is new and unknown to you, of course, immediately taking a one-year subscription is risky. First you need to test all the features during the free trial period - almost all online services have this option.

Method number 2 - find and use promotional codes

The promotional code is an excellent marketing tool for advertising systems and services, and for their users - an opportunity to save a little.

Before you start advertising or buy a subscription for the first time, try to find and activate the procomode.

Promotional codes on Google Ads, for example, are distributed:

  • "Teleport" - when transferring a campaign from Yandex.Direct.
  • "Nethaus" - when replenishing the balance from 845 rubles.
  • "Tinkoff Bank" - when opening a current account.

And LPGenerator - when paying for any tariff - gives promotional codes on both Google Advertising and Yandex.Direct.

Promotional codes for online services can be distributed in ezines, social networks and PR-articles on external sites.

Just google a request like "service + promo code" and look for posts on a similar phrase in social networks.

Method number 3 - buy more services at once

Not only goods, but also services can be bought with a wholesale discount. Some services reduce the price if you pay for several products at once.

So "" gives a discount of 7%, if you register 5 or more domains.

And Tilda reduces the price of renting the site to more than half, if you buy the Business tariff - it allows you to work with five sites at once.

If, for example, you take JustMagic, according to the tariffs you can see that the cost of one operation is reduced by 90% and lower.

This is a good way to save money if you have colleagues and partners who can use the same product.

Method number 4 - to replenish the balance with a bank card with a cashback

You can save even more if you have a bank card with a cashback and use it to replenish the balance in the advertising system / online service.

For example, a HomeCredit card with a connected "Benefit" returns 1%, including from purchases on the Internet.

By the way, if the platform accepts payment in electronic money, you can partially save money by writing off Yandex.Money points. Since September, they are charged for offline purchases of black plastic MasterCard. The maximum reward is 5% of the amount.

Method number 5 - run advertising through special services

Some services give cashback for running targeted / contextual advertising through them.

If you take "Yandex.Direct" and "Google Advertising" - the most attractive reward from the platform "Click.Ru". You can get up to 8% of the advertising turnover and withdraw this money almost without commission.

The advantage is that cashback is paid there for both client and own advertising campaigns. That is, the service is suitable for entrepreneurs as well.

Also, the promotion system has such advertising automation services as Aori and eLama.

Method number 6 - receive bonuses for the loyalty program

Many services use referral marketing, which means they provide a one-time bonus for each attracted client / pay a certain percentage of their purchases.

So eLama - which we have already mentioned above - is ready to transfer 5% from referral purchases within 6 months after its registration.

Orthogram, for example, pays 10% of the cost of each user involved.

And Unisender is ready to transfer up to 50% of payments, if someone registers via your affiliate link and will buy services.

Of course, this method cannot be abused: spamming other people's blogs or telegram chats. At the same time, an unobtrusive recommendation — for example, on a personal page on the social network — will not harm anyone.

If the product is really useful, and the referral gets bonuses when using an affiliate link - why not?

Method number 7 - optimize advertising campaigns

If you want to save on contextual and targeted advertising, you cannot do without optimizing campaigns. It is necessary to achieve high clickability (CTR) and low cost per click (CPC).

For this you need:

  • Monitor the quality of ads - work on headlines, descriptions, images.
  • Analyze performance using Yandex. Metrics and Google Analytics.
  • Segment the audience, use retargeting, etc.

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That's all! If the selection was useful - we will be grateful for the repost. Remember some more way to save - write in the comments.

High conversions, sales, ROI and - good luck!

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