How to make a page "Services": an example of 15 companies from different business areas

Online stores sell products that can be viewed from different angles, twist-rotate in 3D, find out absolutely all the information about them.

And what about services that are intangible? Yes, in the same way - to describe them in detail, to back up with the results of work, to voice the cost.

So did the company, which we talk about in the article.

Recreation center "Uglyanskoe"

Page "Services" recreation "Uglyanskoe"

  • Animation when you hover on the service.
  • Intuitive pictograms.
  • Detailed description of each service (which includes prices and benefits):
  • Different services have different call-to-action buttons - “Comfortable accommodation” - “Book”, “Fishing in Astrakhan” - “Order consultation”.

Translation Bureau ProfLingva

The page "Services" of the translation agency ProfLingva

  • Monotonous pictograms - you need to focus on the name of the service.
  • A detailed description of each service, including the calculation of the price for a particular type of transfer, features of the delivery, the difficulty of a specific translation:
  • A single call to action - sending a request by e-mail.

Web agency "VelikaPlaza"

The Services page of the Texterra web agency

  • Intuitively understood icons.
  • Multi-level hierarchy of services (for example, when you click the "Advanced" button, the Website Promotion service is divided into 7 sub-services):
  • Detailed illustrated description of each service + cases:
  • A single call to action - order a free consultation via the feedback form.

Hotel "Cosmos"

Page "Services" hotel "Cosmos"

  • Relevant images for each of the services.
  • The opportunity to see a photo gallery of a particular service.
  • A detailed description of each of the services, where each has its own functionality:

3D panorama of the hall in the service "Fitness Center)

Clinic "SM-Dentistry"

The page "Services" "SM-Dentistry"

  • Relevant images from services.
  • You can ask a question about services by clicking on the link "Have questions?".
  • It also presents the incoming services and rates for them.
  • Detailed description of services and incoming services:

For each service, the price is indicated, doctors, treatment procedure and benefits

  • Choosing the right affiliate on an interactive map.
  • A single call to action - make an appointment through the feedback form.

Company "AS-Climate"

The page "Services" of the company "AS-Climate"

  • Relevant images from services.
  • Table with prices in the description of each service:
  • Different call-to-action buttons: for example, for "Installing a wall-mounted air conditioner" - "Order installation", for "Exit of a specialist" - "Call a specialist".

Medical Center "MedMiks"

The page "Services" of the medical center "MedMix"

  • Intuitive icons for services.
  • Division into sub-services (for "Consultation of doctors") with a detailed description:
  • The list of doctors who conduct reception with the possibility of recording online:

Beauty Salon Paul Mitchell

Page "Services" beauty salon Paul Mitchell

  • Relevant images from services.
  • Lightening pictures when you hover on the service.
  • The division into sub-services, where each has a detailed description, including pricing, photo gallery and questions with answers for each:
  • You can sign up for a service or donate a certificate for it:

Service center "World of Service"

The page "Services" service center "World of Service"

  • Intuitive icons for services.
  • Pricing for all incoming services directly on the page.
  • The ability to view the full price for each of the services.
  • A single call to action - "Get a consultation" at the top of the page with the service and "Order a callback" at the bottom.

Network of auto shops "Wheel"

The "Services" page of the "Wheel" car dealership network

  • Intuitive icons for services.
  • Tire calculator on the page.
  • Separately listed services for summer tire and routine maintenance.
  • A detailed description of the service "Wheel":
  • Detailed description with the calculation of the cost of providing some services:
  • Selection of car service on an interactive map.
  • Summer tires recommendations and sales hits.

CITY EXPRESS delivery service

Page "Services" delivery services CITY EXPRESS

  • Intuitive illustrations of services.
  • Informative brief description of each service.
  • Detailed description of services with tariffs:
  • A single call to action - "Calculate the cost."

Construction company "Frieze"

The page "Services" of the construction company "Frieze"

  • Relevant images for services.
  • A brief description of each of the services and inbound subservices.
  • Detailed description of each sub-service: portfolio of completed projects, real customer reviews on official company letterheads:
  • A single call to action - leave the number and click on the "Waiting for a call" button.

Animation Studio "Magician"

Page "Services" studio animators "Magician"

  • Relevant images for services.
  • Brief descriptions, from which understand the duration of the service, the cost and features of the conduct.
  • Detailed description: texts, video presentations, studio work scheme, customer reviews:
  • A single call to action - the "Order" button on the "Services" page and the "Send" button for each service in the detailed description.

Factory "SKS Group"

The page "Services" of the "SKS Group" factory

  • Relevant images of services with the effect of an increase in hover.
  • Descriptions of services, including text and contact details for offices.

Book Publishing "Editus"

Page "Services" book publishing "Editus"

  • There is a description of the nature of the services provided.
  • Unfortunately, the “Guestbook” button (and this is a strong social proof) will open page 404.
  • Each service is framed in its section and has a conversion button:
    • "Printing books in small editions" - button "Start printing". Also in this service is indicated UTP publishers and target audiences to whom it will be interesting:
    • "Book Design" - button "Order Design";
    • "Working with text" - "Order services" (misleading name, better - "Order design");
    • "Gift certificates for the publication of the book" - button "Gift certificate". By itself, this service is a competitive advantage for the publisher.

Work on the Services page

  1. Make a brief but informative description.
  2. Use relevant images or intuitive service icons.
  3. Create a full description for each service: formatted text, supported by examples, price list, scheme of work, questions and customer reviews.
  4. Show, if possible, what the finished service will look like.
  5. Try to complete the text of any service with a call to action.

Remember - the maximum of useful information, a minimum of unlit questions! Not so:

Provide services and you have a website? Tell your target audience everything you know! So you quickly get the cherished customers and profits.

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