Ball came: three free and very cool tools for creating visual content

What to do if your audience is tired of stock photos? It's time to create visual content yourself. This can be done using the free tools described in this article.

Tool # 1: Create Infographics with Easel

Easel service is notable for its ease of use and the ability to create high-quality professional-level infographics. To use this system, log in with your Facebook or Google+ account.

Start creating an infographic with a category selection. To do this, use the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.

After that, select the appropriate template. Open it in edit mode.

You can change the background of the template. To do this, select the Backgrounds menu, find the appropriate background and drag it onto the template.

To name an infographic, double-click on the template header. In the same way changing the text of infographics.

To change graphic objects, first remove the unsuitable ones. To do this, simply drag the object from the template.

Use the Objects menu to select a category of objects.

Open the selected category, find the appropriate object and drag it to the template.

To insert an icon, use the Shapes menu. To add a chart, use the Charts menu. The Text menu allows you to add arbitrary text. And the Upload menu allows you to upload and insert any image.

The Grid menu adds a grid to the editor, which allows you to select the optimal position of objects.

After completing work, save the infographic using the Save menu in the upper left corner of the screen. To share infographics on social networks or publish it on the website, go to the main page and use the Share menu. The Download menu allows you to download the created infographic to your computer.

Tool # 2: Create Slideshow Videos with Slidely

With the help of Slidely you can create beautiful slideshows from your photos. Simply select the images and add music to them to get a bright slide show or animated gallery.

After logging in with your Facebook account, select the type of content you want to create.

Selecting the Show option will take you to the edit page. Now you need to choose a photo from which you will make a video slide show. You can upload them from your computer, or use images from your profile on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr and Picasa.

After that, select the music that will accompany the slideshow. Click the Next button in the upper right corner of the screen. Suitable audio can be found on YouTube, SoundCloud and other services, as well as downloaded from the hard disk of the computer.

Select the appropriate song, view and save the slideshow. After that, you can share the created video in social networks or publish it on the site. To do this, use the Share button. By the way, your animated gallery is also ready. To view it, use the Gallery button.

Tool number 3: create animated videos and presentations with PowToon

To use PowToon, log in with your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ account. Using the Create menu, proceed to editing the project. Select a video category.

The Edit menu allows you to enter the video editor.

Text Effects menu allows you to add text with a particular effect. For example, try the Hand Writing icon. Please note that currently the service recognizes only the Latin font.

On the left side of the screen, select the next frame.

The menu on the right side of the screen allows you to add various objects to the screen: photos from the hard disk of the computer, icons, social networking icons, etc. Image Holders menu allows you to upload photos. To add a loaded photo to the frame, hover the cursor on it and use the button in the bottom right of the image.

You can adjust the length of the video using the "+/-" buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The SoundManager menu (the note icon in the bottom left of the screen) allows you to select a sound for the video from an existing collection or load your own audio file.

After you finish editing the movie, save it using the Save menu in the upper left of the screen. The Share menu allows you to publish videos on social networks or on the site.

Listed tools ...

... do not help you instantly create high-quality infographics, video slideshows or video infographics. You will have to devote time to Easel, Slidely and PowToon, independently try the capabilities of these services and choose the effects you like. Spent time will pay off handsomely: you can create high-quality and exciting visual content.

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