Online store "Shanti-shanty.rf": we do not mind telling that the product is bad

Video interview with Andrei Kolomytov, representative of the tourist goods store "Shanti-Shanti.rf"

Maria: Hello friends! My name is Maria, today I came to visit "Shanti-Shanti.rf". Next to me, Andrei Kolomytov is the organizer and creator of an online store for travel goods, and remotely with us is his colleague and friend, Maxim Oransky.

Andrew: Over there, on the “Feystaime”, or as it is now called ... Hangs and listens to us. My name is Andrew, in fact, nothing has changed. Somewhere, almost 4 years ago, we started an internet business together. We can say with a capital letter. We tried different things, stopped as a result after a series of experiments on tourist equipment, which is also very close for us, because I am from the ninth year, Maxim, - probably, early, we actively go hiking, to various festivals.

I am more to rafting: water equipment, hiking, Karelia, a little bit of mountains, a little bit of Nepal. Maxim more to the festivals, to more peaceful activities. And on the background, Max is an IT person with a capital "i". I am a lawyer by education. He wanted to be a physicist all his life, in fact, or a programmer. But something did not grow together. I could not be a lawyer, I became freaked out and now I am sitting there without a shirt. What is very happy.

M: Are you the only store of travel goods that does a video review for each product?

BUT: We may not be the only ones, but, in any case, no one could get as crazy as he was about 2,000 videos, as far as we know. It makes us different.

M: Do you have any own trick and success secrets of behavior on camera? Have you noticed by experience which videos have the most responses?

BUT: Responses most to provocative videos. For example, where do you get a jacket of the very famous, popular brand Alpha Industries and say that it is shit. Because she really shit. And they write there:

- Aaaa! We will come, we will fry the whole aul.

I say:

- Well, come.

- We will come!

I say:

- Well, did not come?

- Uh! We are going!

And did not come in the end. Up to this. You can search. Secondly, the video with foam-pop, false-ass or seat mat went well. I had such a seat (shows) and just a living memory was associated with it, that is ... The process of creativity is an unconscious process. You take something that has arisen in you and just spread it out. I believe that we are not so much the authors of our thoughts, as their managers. But what we will do with ourselves, produces new thoughts, new ideas and so on. Accordingly, with this seat was connected that ...

First of all, I rode it over Elbrus and didn’t leave for the corpse collector. There is a place where people get frozen once a year. And secondly, when we went down to Pyatigorsk, there is Mount Yutsa, where there are paragliders and small motor aircraft. Very cool place. And we agreed with our neighbors there that we would buy barbecues for everyone, but they had two girls. Girls are generally a problem, but here they are two. They said: "No, we will not give anyone a kebab." A guy came, brought a baklushka and said: "Here, the best Petersburg cognac, which I found." Petersburg cognac! We finished "Kinovsky", drank it and we were wildly blown away from him. Just impossible. Comrade recited poems at night. I just sat and at some point I ended up at a local club with a guitar and sang songs. As I was later reminded. Then he went to bed, and there were candles on the foam-foam. Candles have fallen, and penopop burned. In the morning there was a green rectangle on the grass. I sat and thought: "Oh God, what was it?". And all these memories - how they cooked food in the woods on this foam, as I rode on it ... They all merged into one small movie for 30 seconds. Type "250 ways to use foam". He went well.

Video about how you can use foaming

In general, those videos are good, where I myself am interested somehow. Or I took a jacket, and I really liked it, and I told about it. Also went well. In general, this is not so much work on the camera, but just work with yourself. I’m not afraid to say, I’m not afraid to say something, without thinking too much about it, but it still turns out pretty well. Plus some diction. That's probably all. And if we talk about technical chips, these are some rhetorical questions, references to some kind of memes. Jokes that can not be understood if you do not know ... This is the inner content that makes it interesting.

Plus at the end we say: "Like, write comments." The person will either like to post or write what's wrong. You suggested to him, it is easier for him to take a ready-made option than to think out how to behave yourself. People are generally very reactive. Virtually all are reactive.

Now the last piece, for example, we remove the review on the dishes. Here is the company Esbit, these are the guys who made dry alcohol for the Wehrmacht soldiers during World War II. We say: "Here, tra-ta-ta-ta-ta, what a cool thing! And then we will look at the handbag, which is made in the underground production in St. Petersburg by our friend-barista." Not a joke. And people go and look for this video. And look. It also works, it helps too.

Video review on the kettle "Inferno"

M: That is the basic principle of your work - to do cool.

BUT: Well, you can put it that way, yes. We are trying to keep everything loose. To be positive. Foolish word, of course, but somehow. And sincerely. I categorically do not accept lies in the camera and in general I don’t like to lie, because now you are lying to a person outside, and then you start lying to yourself and, ultimately, you remain with inaccurate information. No information, no control - you're in the ass later.

M: Do you have any special projects?

BUT: It cannot be called a special project, but I have already begun to say, here is a handbag that the team of video operators will now press (shows). She liked them. Sewn either from Cordura, as the author of Cordura. According to the owner of a familiar factory, this is just a good oxford. Well, it doesn't matter. Here is a cool designer bag. Sews a man in St. Petersburg. Farther. Belt, which made just a subscriber. Here, he sews such interesting belts. (shows). They are not tactical, they are multifunctional, just for everyday life, for fishing. There are different ways that fill up. He sent us 25 ways to use this belt. I would not have guessed to half. Go ahead. Here is such a wonderful masochka (shows). These guys from BVN Engineering make clothes for Gazprom. Want to try on? Not? Well, you try on for now.

M: Perhaps ...

BUT: Yes ... For the northern regions, such as the Northern Butovo or Mitino, these are such wonderful masks ...

M: Is it in order not to freeze?

BUT: Yes, yes, it was comfortable. These are the things here. This can be called a special project. At some point, we faced the fact that there are no longer any good large suppliers. Either they are in St. Petersburg and are not very good, or they are simply not very good, or they are uncomfortable, but good, or they are conveniently located, but work through one place, or, like a manufacturer of water equipment, they have a margin the size of nothing, they live with notebooks and do not know how to automate in any way. And we had to create some of our new suppliers, that is, these microbrends — bags, belts, BVN Engineering, with wonderful devices, sleeping bag Leg. I will not get it, there is a review. This sleeping bag comes to the jacket, but it is often taken by girls, because the girls simply get into it completely with their heads. This is a big model. Here in this I can almost climb head. And there are versions at -20 aboutC, and people are very satisfied. It can be considered a special project.

Overview of the sleeping bag "Leg"

We are trying to cultivate some new brands, some new suppliers in cooperation with us. It is not yet clear where this will lead, but there are some hopes.

M: Two years ago we interviewed you. I would like to clarify what has changed since that moment? Even at that time you told me that you will be recognized sometimes. Have you become recognized more often now? Has the staff increased? Your allies, who are doing this work with you ... has anyone added?

BUT: The point is not so much increased as reformed. I love, whenever possible, the most efficient and automated systems. If you choose between ten and two people with a computer, I would prefer the latter option, because the human factor and the people who stay are less suitable for the tasks. They are just more experts.

Two years ago, there were up to three managers here at the office. And it ended in a waste of money and was not very effective. Now our system has changed a bit. We have Alexander, who sits there and listens with the dog ... He was still there, only grew up. He started more as a courier, but now he is a full-fledged manager who is responsible for collecting orders, communicates periodically with customers, communicates with suppliers, and conducts basic activity on the ground. He has an assistant who arrives early, accepting goods and helping to collect them, working as a courier. There are couriers who were on staff, but then we came to the conclusion that the staff of couriers is still not needed, but when there are familiar couriers who are ready to constantly come and work, it’s still good. These are not people from the outside, this is their own.

If we talk about remote work, that is, the one who sits on the phone, IT, everything remains almost the same, except for me on the phone and the girl, who is not with us now. Now there is a specially trained person, whose name is Misha, just like our avatar VKontakte. He sits in St. Petersburg and helps us in the management of the group, in the management of our internal “YouTube” and site affairs, and in dealing with clients. All this has unloaded me and allowed me to look a little from the height, to turn on, as needed, to solve issues, such as issues with Internet cash registers. I think our audience knows this whole epic.

M: What about popularity? Do they keep on recognizing you?

BUT: I was scared recently. I now live at Avtozavodskaya. There is closer to the subway Kozhuhovskaya local bakery. I went in, I saw a man sitting with a girl, eating pizza. I ask with a back thought: “Can I see your pizza? I'm interested.” "THIS ARE YOU ?! HEALTHE ... HEALTHE!" Your mother ... I already jumped. Here it even was. Well, from time to time they tell me: "I saw you somewhere, I know from somewhere ... I saw you at the festival!" I say "No". "I mean you saw in a beer!". I say: "No. On the Internet." "Well ... Where on the Internet? No ... I saw you somewhere!". Here it happens. And so that on the street poked a finger - no. Periodically, people watch, I do not know. Either I look strange, or they like me, or they find out. It is hard to say.

M: Video marketing generally works very well. As for the other promotion channels? Are you using any more? I mean email-mailing, contextual advertising, banner advertising ...

BUT: First of all, the question here is what to consider as additional channels of promotion. We should somehow single out the main ones, and I would say that they are more or less plus or minus all equal. And there are those that exist, but we don’t particularly touch them.

If we talk about the now popular social networks. Everyone there Facebooks, Odnoklassniki, we still are not very involved. VKontakte is probably a promotion channel, because, first of all, our title group is Shanti-Shanti.rf, where you can post funny pictures, conduct any polls and get some comments from people. Secondly, since last year, the group started selling equipment "Equipment from 10 rubles!". Our task was to somehow quickly get rid of the runoff on a million rubles, roughly speaking. Somehow quickly remove it. He lies here, everything takes and does not go in any way. It was decided through auctions, plus the opportunity to sell their equipment. And people accumulate it slowly. Accordingly, people sell there, come to us, sell goods, post a reference on our website and this promotes us.

Parallel to this, YouTube is probably the main channel of promotion. But there is a trick. People take our videos, shove them to their site, or "I want to buy a hat, so look at the review, maybe I should take one?". They begin to take them away as squirrel birds take the seeds across the forest and suddenly "Figak!" - new grove has grown. Likewise, we are periodically pulled out somewhere and create additional traffic. Perhaps this can be considered a dopkanal. If we talk about the newsletter, it is now left for the so-called Longrid. That is, there are some big texts that Maxim wants to write, say and hear some comment on this subject. And there are all kinds of marketing “Pysch-pysch-pysch! We have a campaign! Three more hours! You are the last! Another 25 people, but only for you!” ... it is no longer used. It worked a little earlier, but it went away and the response here is not very good.

M: Are there any promotion channels in which you are disappointed?

BUT: Well, there was some hope for dropshipping. Some strange people who are even smaller than us and do not want to make a website. Tried to sell equipment on the side. There was, indeed, exhaust from some of them (there were about one and a half person in all the time). It was a long time ago and, unfortunately, we merged something, somewhere there were external circumstances that did not allow us to work out as needed, somewhere they were fed up with something and they, in short, merged. Those who came later were a waste of my personal nerves. Because you need to follow them. They found all sorts of marginal customers. The man did not go to the store, did not go on sale, did not go to us, did not go to Yandex.Market. The man went to Avito, phoned to Peter Seregin, agreed to meet in Sviblovo near bus stop number 7. Like that. And you have to go there, and he still buys it not for himself, but for a brother who has a bigger belly, but his brother has lost weight and, in general, lives in Tatarstan now. And it was a complete horror. We, thank God, refused it, and it is not necessary any more. This time. And two:

We are constantly on the e-mail knocking all sorts of strange dudes. (Turns to the camera) Hello to you! Surely someone is here. These ones here: "We will set up a promotion for you! We will follow you a letter!". Guys, it’s written in five minutes, even with my skills, these follow up letters are all ... “Let's make a rating system!”. Made two years ago, just not yet beautifully pumped out. And not really necessary, in fact.

And all sorts of advancers are knocking. For some reason, the idea of ​​"Let us give you guaranteed percentage increase in some indicators, and we will pay you a guaranteed percentage," they disagree. All the money in advance, for some reason. Very strange.

All sorts of different aggregators are also knocking, such as Yandex.Market, this is understandable ..., of course ... Active-Info ... There are a lot of them, and they are all completely stupid. There are absolutely stupid Internet rooms, orders for goods that are not available there are incomprehensible. We have about 20 orders from five different aggregators. Money was spent on it, I am disappointed in them and I think that these are just senseless and unnecessary people who do all this. Develop entropy, I guess. This is the only way to say.

M: Have there been any strange cases on deliveries?

BUT: From those times when I delivered it myself, there were cases when I had to ride a moped in the rain and, being covered with a layer of these road shit, we carried something to Yasenevo ... The security forces ordered a tent to St. Petersburg very urgently and ... , this tent was no longer sold, I just understood by the voice that something was wrong, some difficult person ... I had to pull this tent out of the guys who we no longer work with, send the person by taxi. From a taxi to a taxi to Peter, on a truck, and everything is so fast there ... But they ordered it at 12, and the next day at 12 it was already delivered. A man in our St. Petersburg still hung out then, walked.

There was a case when other power structures ordered glasses, then they could not figure out their number and understand that the Bolle Viper is a model of glasses, and why the “shooting glasses” are not written in Russian ... because they don’t do it.

There was a case when the party was ordered and thoroughly counted, for a million or half a million costumes, if everything came together, socks, hats, costumes - it was all very dreary.

Interestingly, there are colleagues here who are sitting in the office nearby. With them we sometimes borrow couriers. These couriers, having gone to the delivery, said: "Damn, God, what are your cool customers." That is, even customers are different. Only recently, conditional Masha and Petit went to such ... From some show “STS”, which: “I am Masha! Bring me a backpack!”. They went only recently. Basically, customers are always quite lucid. They are also on some such festival-tourist wave. Or would like to be on it, so to speak.

M: And do you somehow struggle with negative? For example, in social networks. Who communicates with users in your groups in social networks? Do you personally communicate?

BUT: In social networks, by the way, there is no negative. Or I do not come across it. Sometimes some trash is written on YouTube, but I believe that the most correct answer to it is an even greater degree of madness. With them to argue, you can not prove. Не ответить тоже нельзя. Человек сходит с ума, ты сходишь с ума в два раза больше и пишешь что-нибудь еще. Он понимает, что с тобой общается псих и больше не отвечает. На этом общение с психами заканчивается.

Хотели пару раз приехать зарезать меня, потому что я сказал, что мне не нравится куртка. But they didn’t come and didn’t kill :) I suggested they go to the boxing ring - I was engaged in kickboxing - or go to the rocking chair, pull the iron, calm down. What kind of stupidity in general?

There are problems periodically on Yandex.Market. There was one interesting case. A man came, waited 15 minutes and left. Then I wrote a review, that he waited for 3 hours, and everything was bad, put the unit, but it turned out that this was not the buyer. This is a second cousin of the buyer, which the buyer is very much asked to come here, because he did not want to go. Cuddled earlier than necessary. Plus, we had a slight delay here - the goods were accepted - and now he left a review and didn’t remove it. We have 50 quintuple reviews hanging there and 1 unit was at that time.

The second time there was a problem with the delivery - I don’t even know, it’s our fault or the transport company –– the goods didn’t arrive to the person on time, but we always try to get in touch with each other, explain our position, apologize, somehow even invest in this materially (I I hope now none of our customers are looking at it :)), because we do not want to have bad reviews and always try to have good reviews. But not bought in any way, but sincere, that is, if something is wrong, there will always be some kind of discount for the next package, a bonus, a gift, in general, something.

M: You try to pamper your customers somehow, entertain them. Even that chip, when the user places an order on the site, a video window pops up with a record of certain names. Instead of a thank-you text thank you for your purchase, this is a video. And do you have any more chips that you attract and indulge buyers?

BUT: Mash, look, the video does not pop up on the site. If anyone makes pop-ups on the site, I'll tear off that person’s arms. And if the pop-up chatiki - also tear off his legs. It is simply impossible. That's horrible. We have an online chat, but it does not pop up. He just hangs, and if someone wants, he can write to it himself. Do you want to open, you do not want to open.

We welcome personalization. These are videos recorded for 50 people with different names. But we will record them again. And they work. People are just in shock: "How do you know my name? When did you write it down?"

Video recorded for buyers named Anton

Secondly, when you call us, we are sitting special robozhinawhich immediately greets you by name, says where you called, sees your order number and immediately answers: "Hello, Anatoly." By the way, I once communicated with Wasserman. Wasserman oh-oh-oh-me-e-unit-een-oh-oh-oh-oh-ovo-ori-it-it :) Dyadechka good, but speaks slowly. I did not believe it. Anatoly Wasserman. Really? Yes. The conversation with him is recorded. Although not. Well we do not store this anything! We are not operators.

Mailings we practically do not use. There are SMS notifications for people. If you pay the order quickly, we put the tea. We can put a lot of tea as a gift. Sometimes we have an action, we can still put something as a gift (like all kinds of socks).

The most simple registration. It is enough to log in via "VKontakte", and not to be engaged in any kind of trouble, such as, enter then, enter this. Next "VKontakte" one repost gives you a discount immediately. Make a repost and get a 3 percent discount.

And the general concept we have a little bit eplovsky. That is, it is better not to promise and redo it. “Underpromise and overdeliver” - like so called. We do not say anything about the fact that you will have additional discounts. But you made an order and received a letter from which you learned that you have an additional discount. And the discount we have is not for some kind of volume, orders incomprehensible. And just - they made one order, got a discount. Made a second order, received a second discount. The third - the third, etc. So it grows for a while. People really like it. And they can buy from us for a not very large amount, but, having received a substantial discount, having made 4-5 purchases, they are already essentially tied to us. Because, having bought 5 times in one place and having gained a good experience, you, most likely, you will go there also in the sixth, you just will not look for anything on the side.

M: Andrey, you have marked the VKontakte group as one of the main promotion channels. Tell me, do you use competition as a promotion method? And if so, what are the results?

BUT: Yes, we have contests, but here I will immediately introduce a small adjustment - I personally do not treat this as a promotion with a capital letter. I am not a supporter of a business relationship.

Our customers are first of all living people. Somewhere these are our friends directly, some are friends of friends, some are ideologically close people. Because going on hikes - it requires a certain direction of thought, a certain life attitude. I am not ready in public to just earn money and use it. Therefore, I am not ready to move forward, considering them as some kind of gray mass.

But since all of this is fun and interesting for ourselves, yes, we do contests. Max periodically post guessing gamewhere he puts a photo from some trip, some strange station. And guess what it is. Who guesses, that usually does not promise anything, but very often some prizes are given.

There were contests where people downloaded photos, but we had problems with conducting, because it turns out that only random contests are allowed on VKontakte. I can’t say that I liked this photo, but this one didn’t. Just by chance. Then it was the only way, now something may have changed.

And another interesting point: we have a group "Equipment from 10 rubles!"where we try to exhibit different goods. Now we have put up a 12% discount in the store for a bargaining. And see how much it goes. Before that, we put out money. Minus 2,000 rubles to the order. How much will you win it? As a result, for 1800-1900 rubles they were bought and, taking into account the marginality, it is still a plus.In addition, it is interesting, unusual and memorable.

And recently, Max came up with a completely crazy idea. He borrowed it can not tell anyone. Anti-competition. Wins the one whose comment has collected the least amount of likes. There was something like 50-60 reposts, hundreds of comments, which in general is not bad, people remembered it.


Office Tour

BUT: It was originally planned to rent a room closer to the subway, but there the owners thought for a very long time whether they wanted to give us the room and eventually decided that they wanted two small ones twice as expensive. We did not agree. Found this. Such a small nuance is the diversification of assets. That is, you see, there are pictures everywhere. And the owner is engaged primarily in printing. He had free money, and he decided to buy such property for himself.

Here is our working room. The office here is about 20-25 squares. Honestly, I do not remember already. The main thing is high ceilings - there is room to grow. Beautiful women who came to me from England (points to a picture on the wall). Who suddenly does not understand this Pink Floyd Back Catalog. Albums Pink Floyd. When I was in England and I was sad, bored, I bought them on the wall.

This is all we have enough to work in Russia, near and far abroad: Israel, Germany, even America was, Singapore, it seems, was Japan, Australia several times. This office is enough.

What can be observed here. First of all, there is a safe that was left to us from friends, in which we store half a bottle of vodka and some different remnants. Did not dare to throw out. Secondly, we have a couple of jobs that are needed for receiving goods. When the goods arrive in the morning, we have such a wonderful scanner (now it is not included, unfortunately), with which we can all quickly pickle and understand that this tent goes in one order, and here these pants are in another order. And print it all out.

Orders are collected here on these shelves, and during working hours it all breaks. Here you need to look for more space - build up the top or something else. Here the goods are collected and sorted to those that go to the post office. Those that go to pickup, lie on top. And there are some things that have not been taken for a year. We call, and they do not take them. And they are already paid, that's what's most interesting. That is, throwing too bad.

Something is put right here. Here we have paperwork (shows on the inscription on the shelf), with which you can understand what kind of shelf. This is a shelf for goods that will be sent by courier or collected by the company "SEDEK", with which we are mainly working for deliveries in Russia and, if there is such an opportunity, it will be better than Pochta.Russii.

Here all documentation and a lot of everything. But actually this is not a bunch. This is a virtual provider. That is, the work shop is built so that we work with suppliers. We take directly the latest versions of equipment from the warehouse or they are brought to us.

Suppose there is an office that sits where the devils are. And send her far away, and we cannot visit her, because she is 500 km away. Or a thousand. How it's done? The product comes to us, falls on the shelves, and our computer system believes that it is not with us, but with the supplier. And when an order is received for something, it is kind of ordered from us remotely, but in fact you take it from the shelf and shift it to another. Here in this format it works.

What else can you tell? Let us ask you questions, and I will tell you. There is a lot of everything, you have to poke your finger.

M: There really is a lot of things. I, frankly, run up my eyes. In general, I basically know little about tourist equipment ... But the general principle of operation is clear. The office works for you from how many to how many?

BUT: Now we have a person to come to 10. And up to 7 works. Previously, we did this: physically, we worked somewhere from 12 o'clock. Because the first half of the day is devoted to the delivery of current orders. That is, it is delivered, checked, assembled, reassembled, packaged. Here we have a little tea. Behind the bottles lies tea, puerchik. This is needed as a reward. If the person with us pays the order within 24 hours. If it’s just good, or suddenly we’ve just gotten it right, then tea is reported there as a present. This is a trifle, but it is a good anchor - a person remembers: "Ah, here is this tea shop. Exactly."

We used to give socks. We already had a discount system, but it was like this: “Peter Ivanov wants a discount on socks. What price should he draw? Well, let's get 25 rubles.” Now everything is automated. And in those moments we gave people socks as a gift. We thought that socks are a thing: for yourself, for a brother, for a father, for a friend. Now we have mostly tea.

And we use the "thank you-video" as a gift. The idea was born long ago, back in 2013. When we shot a big good treshka on the Patriarch's Ponds. The house and the gate itself went out onto the Patriarch's Ponds. We organized music concerts there. After 3 years, the owner of this apartment made an order with me, not knowing that our online store was created in his apartment, and even people came there. We just sat on the sofa. Some kind of carpet hung there. And filmed. Maxim opened the list of 50 most popular names: 25 female and 25 male. And we just sat down and wrote them down.

M: Online you are already quite popular, and as for offline, is it planned to open a retail store?

BUT: About the "quite popular" I do not know. Enough for what? Well, I have enough for life. On the "Mercedes" is not making. Therefore, there is room to grow. If we talk about offline, we have an acquaintance who has worked in other stores on this topic, including physical ones, including quite large ones. He said this: I am telling everyone about you, nobody knows about you. Only every fifth knows about you. From our point of view, this is 20% offline. 20% of people know about us, and this is normal. Not every one of my friends knows about those stores where I’m buying something for the 7th year. And not everyone knows about these stores, but 20% know about us!

About the physical store, I love them. I was a seller, I like to communicate with people. I can show them, tell, touch this, touch this. Something to wear a man, look. Much more features. It is possible to better satisfy the human need and, in the end, this is why we are needed. To meet the needs of others for other people's money. Fair.

The problem is that it is impossible to save the current assortment and open a store where all this would be. In order for us to open the current store, this store must be larger than the largest leading store of the largest of our partners. Which is simply unrealistic. Because if we are so big, why do we need these partners, we can ourselves, apparently, then produce everything. Therefore, this project is likely to remain in the field of online commerce.

Periodically, there are suggestions: let's open the point with samples somewhere in Abkhazia. And we will send, carry ... But for now, probably so.

M: And when choosing an assortment, do you have any criteria by which you choose a product? Or is it based on like / dislike?

BUT: And we do not have them at all. We take absolutely everything that suppliers give, and if we don’t like it, we talk about it in videos. That is, there are videos, where the goods - shit. And the rugs burst under my ass. And we do not hide it. We do not promote it: "Oh, what a bad rug!" You can just watch another video, compare it with this. Call, ask me on the phone, in the end. And during the day I usually call back.

We do not mind telling that the product is bad, because there are many good ones.

M: Does your personal experience help in choosing?

BUT: Of course. I myself always try to walk in my own. There was a period of time when I had all the clothes and everything, everything, everything was exclusively shop. And if I'm going to go on a regular campaign, or my friends are going, and something needs to be replaced, first of all I try to solve it with the help of the goods that we have. Accordingly, since I use them myself, I myself can tell you about them in detail. Products in many ways typical. For example, here is this sleeping bag (shows) - they are all about the same. Therefore, if I have at least one such sleeping bag, I use it and know what kind of material and all its nuances, then I also know how the other model will behave, knowing its nuances.

M: In a past interview with Texterra, you said that your expectations were not fully met. Has anything changed at the moment?

BUT: At that moment they were not completely justified, because, roughly speaking, there was not enough money to live on. And this was connected not only with the store, but also with the costs. Now I have a little differently built costs. Now I take on less social responsibilities than I took then. This is the first. And secondly, it became better with incomes. Well, I probably learned to manage money better. And in general everything is somehow more cheerful, it became more joyful. At that moment, 2 years ago, all these crises, then we were in the darkest ass. Now it is somehow better. And there are more people coming to us. And, by and large, I have a more positive outlook. A couple of years ago we had thoughts about whether to close. Periodically, they probably occur in anyone who does not go straight up the hill, where 100% marginality. Few of these.

Now I do not want to close. Now I want to work. And, in general, I see the light :)

M: To summarize, Andrew, what channels in the dissemination of information do you consider the strongest? Where would you like to go? Just a summary of some kind.

BUT: The overall result ... The coolest thing is that you take responsibility for your life in your hands when you start doing something like that. And, in fact, I think it is not so important whether you work for your uncle or not. If you are basically satisfied with what you are doing, you are socially useful and adequate, this is already good. But here you take responsibility not only for yourself, but also for employees, for people who live with you. And for partners, because if you mow, then he, too, on the head flies in the end. This is very important and very cool.

I would like to move to increase everything in all directions. Deepen, expand. There have been attempts to enter adjacent to the project hikes. I didn’t like it at all - to drive people for money. There was an idea to rent equipment - they also turned out to be barriers. It seems to me that in the format in which we exist, this is quite optimal.

There is such a well-known rule - 20 to 80. That only 20% of efforts bring 80% of results. I think that the figures are godlessly lying, but the general idea is this: a small percentage of important work brings a great result, and everything else is optional and accessory. It cannot be refused, but it does not bear the main fruits.

Accordingly, in our case, the main fruits, it seems to me, bring YouTube and Yandex.Market. On Yandex.Market, the part of our positions that we submitted there is no longer represented by anyone or represented by some left-wing stores with a half-star rating. When we hung out on Yandex.Market, about 40 people came to us, probably with 5-star reviews from old customers. Yandex said: "It can not be. These are all bots," and left only 2 or 3 reviews. We quarreled with them for a long time, I tried to convey to them: "It is illogical, guys, you have arbitrariness: you want - post, you want - do not post." In the end, we missed the reviews. I think “Market” is cool because I myself look at the “Market” products, if I doubt, I read reviews there. Youtube is also awesome.

Well, the most important is probably word of mouth. It really works. Люди про нас рассказывают: "Я купил вот штуку, там есть ролик, и можно посмотреть. Ребята адекватные вроде". Потом человек гуглит, смотрит, что да, действительно есть ролики, да, действительно то же самое написано на "Яндекс.Маркете", и к нам приходят. Сарафанное радио, "Маркет" и YouTube - это три основных столпа. Четвертый, помогающий - это "ВКонтакте". А всякие там рассылки, баннеры и вот это все - дополнительное. От этого не нужно отказываться, но серьезного профита нам оно тоже не приносит.

М: Андрей, спасибо вам большое…

А: Мария, пожалуйста :)

М: За то, что уделили нам время. I was very pleased to talk with you. You have a huge, great luck, prosperity, advancement and all the best.

BUT: Thank you very much. Hope to see you again.

M: Me too.

As a bonus

Andrei agreed to review the Tatonka backpack for us in order to demonstrate his work. Video review - at the end of the interview.

P. S.

Watch the video: PRODUCTS YOU NEED TO START AN ONLINE STORE! (March 2020).


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