Virtual Reality in Marketing: Examples of 20 Companies

The article deals with examples of the use of virtual reality technology, augmented reality and mixed reality in advertising.

Their main difference is that BP is essentially a new, completely artificial world, and the DR brings non-existent fragments to the real world. For example, Oculus Rift is a virtual reality, and Pokémon Go is an augmented reality.

The virtual reality

Let's look at examples of the use of virtual reality in advertising:

1. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola - advertising geniuses. Invented by the company artist Haddon Sandblom, the image of Santa Claus became recognizable and beloved around the world. The use of virtual reality has not bypassed Coca-Cola: in 2015, the inhabitants of Poland had the opportunity to feel themselves behind the wheel of reindeer sleigh thanks to using Oculus Rift.

2. McDonald's

In the winter of 2016, Happy Googles was launched in Sweden, similar to McDonald's Google CardBoard. Points are collected from a cardboard box from "Happy Meela", and as a toy to her is the game Slope Stars, in which you need to collect stars, while skiing.

3. Volvo

In 2014, the Volvo concern presented a teaser for the Volvo Reality project - a test drive of a car using virtual reality technology. The launch of the application was timed to the release of the new model XC90 SUV.

4. Patron

The Patrón brand has been producing premium tequila since 1989. In 2015, they launched the movie The Art of Patrón, which tells about the stages of production of tequila.

5. Merrel

To support the launch of a new line of hiking shoes, Merrel offered customers to go on a virtual trip to the mountains.

6. Marriott

And Marriott offered the whole “teleport” to the newlyweds, transferring them to Hawaii or to London.

7. Pullman

With the help of BP, Pullman transferred visitors to the Paris airport to his hotel room:

8. Samsung

In its advertising, the Galaxy S7 has not bypassed virtual reality and Samsung:

9. Clash of clans

In 2015, a panoramic video of the strategic game Clash of Clans appeared on YouTube:

10. Topshop

In 2014, Topshop launched a live broadcast from the fashion show London Fashion Week in one of its London stores using the Oculus Rift.

Augmented Reality

In addition to virtual reality, the so-called augmented reality is used in advertising.

1. Timberland

In a shopping center in Poland, Timberland, using a virtual fitting room, offered buyers to try on any thing without going into the store:

2. Coca-Cola

Interactive Advertising Bureau created advertising for Coca-Cola using augmented reality, which turns a can of cola into a player:

3. Heineken

Heineken also addressed the topic of the combination of drinks and music:

4. Pepsi

Blippar has developed for the limited version of Pepsi soda, timed to the holding of the "Super Cup" such advertising using mixed reality technologies:

5. Pokemon Go

A review of augmented reality would be incomplete without mentioning Pokemon Go, one of the most popular and discussed applications. Advertisement from the creators looked like this:

Mixed reality

Representative of the so-called "mixed reality" (mixed reality) was the development of Microsoft - glasses HoloLens, combining the features of augmented and virtual realities.

Mixed reality in Actiongram with star "Star Trek" George Takei

For HoloLens there are many other applications, for example:

1. Fragments

Feel like a real detective with Fragments: your home is a crime scene that you must uncover. Collect evidence, solve puzzles, interrogate witnesses.

2. HoloTour

HoloTour application will allow you to travel without leaving home. It includes a personal guide named Melissa, who will tell you about what you see.

3. RoboRaid

RoboRaid is a first-person shooter in which you have to repel the attacks of robots. Each room turns into a unique map of hostilities.

4. HoloStudio

The HoloStudio application is a 3D constructor that works with holograms. The project you have created can be saved and printed using a 3D printer.

5. Young Conker

Each level of the Young Conker game varies depending on the decor of the room in which you play - the characters interact with the interior. Also, the main character knows what is in the game and breaks the fourth wall and reacts to you.

Forward to the future

The development of technology is now taking place with cosmic speed, and what seemed possible only in fictional cyberpunk worlds, comes into real life, including in advertising. How effective do you consider the use of such technologies, do you plan to use them? Write in the comments.

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