5 Secrets of Frequent and Effective Twitter Content

People often wonder how some Twitter users manage to publish quality content on a regular basis. After all, it seems almost impossible to maintain a high frequency of posting without sacrificing their quality. In fact, everything is not so difficult: it takes only desire and experience.

People often wonder how some Twitter users manage to publish quality content on a regular basis. After all, it seems almost impossible to maintain a high frequency of posting without sacrificing their quality. In fact, everything is not so difficult: it takes only desire and experience.

In this article we will look at a number of effective methods, thanks to which you will be able to please your subscribers with new and interesting posts almost every hour.

Why is the high frequency of posting tweets so important

Joel Gascoigne, the author of the Bufferapp blog, posts 15 (!) Twitter posts a day, each of which is very popular among his readers. He believes that this number of tweets is optimal: you can post posts every hour at peak times and every 2 hours at regular times. Let's find out what the benefits of regular tweet posting are.

1. You can expand your social circle

Twitter is a great place to start dating. Here you can find new employees, partners and even friends with whom you will be inseparable for the rest of your life. However, this requires constant activity. Make your Twitter profile publicly accessible, and then anyone will be able to comment or share your tweets. As a result, you will never be bored on Twitter. You will be able to express your opinion on any issue, and there will definitely be people who come to support the conversation.

2. You can constantly learn something new and improve.

Actively participating in discussions on Twitter and posting content that gives rise to new discussions, you will learn a lot of useful and interesting things for yourself. After all, this social network is used by many experts of various profiles. Constantly publishing and sharing tweets, you will increase your chances of meeting with outstanding experts.

Thanks to Twitter, you can surround yourself with people who will inspire you to new achievements and fill your mind with useful thoughts and knowledge. As a result, you can discover your hidden potential and perform actions that previously seemed impossible to you.

3. You can get the most out of reading.

In deciding to carefully study a specific issue, many of us are immersed in reading dozens of articles and books. Thus, we act as passive readers, that is, we simply accumulate knowledge. Twitter can make the reading process more productive:

  • You can share your impressions about the book or article with your subscribers;
  • You can discuss specific content with your subscribers;
  • A book or article may inspire you to post new posts.

4. You can earn an expert reputation.

Choose several topics that you are well versed in, start publishing and sharing relevant tweets, and over time you will be able to earn a reputation as an expert in these fields. Crowds of people will start to contact you for advice on issues that you most often devote to your tweets. However, it is important to remember one rule: before sharing the content of other bloggers, be sure to read it yourself in order to be able to answer all the questions of your readers.

5. You will have a whole army of loyal friends and associates

Social platforms, including Twitter, are endowed with incredible strength and power. Unfortunately, many of us underestimate their potential. After all, many people managed to find a job and even start a business thanks to Twitter. All this would have been impossible without the support and participation of their subscribers.

How to increase the frequency of posting high-quality tweets

As mentioned at the beginning of our article, Joel Gascoigne recommends publishing 15 quality tweets daily. Do not exceed this figure - readers do not like excessive obsession.

So, with the number of tweets, we decided. What about their quality? Where to look for content that will be delighted by all readers, or at least most of them? These are the questions that most Twitter users ask.

The following are recommendations that will help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

1. Be picky to use the unlimited potential of RSS feeds.

Many users have a difficult relationship with RSS feeds. The fact is that they receive a huge amount of news, without really having time to read them. The reason for this problem lies in the fact that they subscribe to too many blogs. Hence the conclusion: be picky by subscribing to blogs. And then only high-quality content will be sent to your RSS feed, which you can immediately share with your subscribers. But there is another problem: how to distinguish quality blogs from mediocre? Here are some recommendations:

  • Always keep a hand on the pulse: use Twitter, read various blogs and follow the news so as not to miss interesting content.
  • If you come across a great article, go to the home page of the original blog and read the last few posts.
  • If you are convinced that this blog deserves your trust and attention and does not post too often / rarely, feel free to subscribe to it.
  • Try to avoid too voluminous posts - they will only overload your RSS reader.

2. Use delayed reading services.

Quite often we come across very interesting content, but due to lack of time we cannot read it immediately. “I will read it later” - you think to yourself, without even bothering to add a link to the “Favorites”. Thus, you are depriving yourself of the mass of useful and necessary information. However, now you no longer have to lament the “lost” content - all thanks to the deferred reading services. The most common services in this category are Pocket, Instapaper, and Readability. Despite the differences in design, functionality and fonts, one thing unites them: they allow you to read interesting materials at any time convenient for you.

What does the Pocket service look like on a smartphone (source)

Despite the obvious convenience of such services, many people doubt their usefulness. They believe that the saved content quickly loses its relevance, and they worry that, while reading old materials, they may miss new ones. In this case, we can only advise one thing: pay more attention not to the novelty of the content, but to its quality. And, of course, do not forget to regularly read all the materials that you have saved. Otherwise, they will accumulate day after day, and then you will have to "rake the rubble."

3. Synchronize data using the IFTTT service.

The IFTTT service appeared on the network relatively recently, but has already managed to gain the trust of advanced Internet users. The abbreviation IFTTT stands for IF THIS THAN THAT and translated from English means "If you do this, you will get something."

IFTTT allows you to synchronize two different services. The first of them is conventionally called "activator", and the second - "action". You have the ability to create different algorithms: for example, if you put “tweets added to favorites” as an activator, and as an action “send to Evernote”, then all selected tweets will immediately be sent to Evernote notebook. Thus, the IFTTT service saves you from unnecessary actions and saves your time.

4. Create Twitter Lists

By creating lists on Twitter, you can constantly follow updates from users who regularly publish the most relevant content. If you follow hundreds of Twitter pages, of course, you will not be able to view all new tweets. Lists allow you to filter information and receive updates only from those users who are of interest to you at the moment.

5. Be more attentive and you will definitely find great content.

In fact, the search for quality content is not so difficult. It can be found at almost every step. All that is required of you is to be more attentive and receptive in order not to miss interesting information and not to forget to share it with others. Always be on the lookout for you can encounter high-quality content in completely unexpected situations:

  • While reading a book;
  • Watching a movie or program;
  • Chatting with a friend;
  • Checking email, etc.

Instead of conclusion

If you are new to Twitter, then the goal to publish 15 tweets per day is likely to be transcendental. Therefore, act slowly, gradually increasing your pace. Leo Babauta, the author of the ZenHabits blog, gives the following recommendation to everyone who has taken on a new business: “If you have set yourself a specific task, and it’s difficult for you to start it, try to simplify it: complete it within just one minute. Even if it seems difficult to you, reduce the time to 20 seconds. As a result, the task will become so simple that you cannot say no. The most important thing is to take the first step. ”

In view of the above, we can recommend that you start by publishing one tweet per day over the next week. Then, you can increase this number to 3, 5, 7, etc.

Start using delayed reading services. If they seemed to be effective, then try to master the IFTTT service to see if it is suitable for realizing your goals. Only through trial and error will you be able to choose the most effective methods that will help you become a Twitter star.

Translation and adaptation of the material by Joel Gascoigne My 5 secrets to great content 15 times a day.

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