We knead memory: how not to forget about work

Have you come from vacation and forgot your password to enter Windows? Or, worse, a pin from a bank card? Missed an important meeting because forgot to put a reminder on a smartphone?

Sometimes it seems to me that all the petty problems that sneak up to small business owners and nullify their most thoughtful plans appear solely because of our inability to remember things. Memory is a very complicated thing, because under a microscope it cannot be made out, and, accordingly, one cannot find the nodule that causes dips in it. However, there is no doubt that the improvement of human memory can increase the efficiency of our work and expand our capabilities.

The first sign of memory deterioration is that you start repeating your mistakes. And this is unattainable luxury for you. There are several tricks that can be used to improve memory. Many people complain of a bad memory, but few understand that a good memory is not an innate skill, but an acquired one. It can be developed with simple exercises. If you have the same memory problems as all other busy businessmen, then try the 10 ways listed below to improve memory - perhaps they will help not only you personally, but your entire business.

Identify the main problem

First, you need to identify the root cause of memory impairment. There are many of them - for example, a low-calorie diet can lead to memory lapses (do not sit for weeks on one carrot - except for acquiring an orange skin tone, it will not bring anything interesting). Low activity can also cause problems with the preservation of information in memory (do not lie for weeks on the couch, it is necessary to leave a place in the memory, at least for the program guide). But one of the most common causes of memory problems is depression (or personal crisis). The human brain must be properly regulated by hormones and glands in order to work with maximum efficiency, and when depressed, all this is disturbed. What is the conclusion? That's right, treating hormonal imbalances and eliminating the symptoms of depression can significantly improve memory. So they forgot about the dreary autumn evenings, cheered up - and go ahead, help out their memory and their work!

Think in images

Another very effective strategy involves using visualization and thinking in images to memorize important facts, details and information. Our vision is one of the most powerful feelings in the body, and the facts and data are so easily forgotten because they are not fixed in our memory as an image. Instead of remembering a shopping list, for example, you can imagine every single thing you need to purchase. Going through this list in your memory, imagine exactly the thing, not its name. The same method can be used in the conduct of business - imagine the faces of your clients, the places you need to visit, and a visual representation of the tasks you need to perform.

Understand how memory and alcohol are related

Slipped, fell, woke up, gypsum? I remember nothing in the morning after a fun night? Familiar case! The relationship between memory quality and alcohol consumption is among the first things you need to understand. You might not be surprised to learn that alcohol abuse is one of the main causes of memory impairment. Even after your liver has processed alcohol, and it has been removed from the body, residual barbiturates will negatively affect your ability to remember things. However, attention! On the other hand, one shot or a glass of alcohol can actually improve your memory, eliminating distractions and allowing you to focus more fully on a specific task (only the DPS officers do not tell it - they will not appreciate it).

Improve your physical health

Diet, nutrition and physical activity are very closely related to brain functions. If you have problems with memory, you should think about the benefits of exercise in your daily life. Do not be surprised when you realize that people who do exercises for twenty minutes every morning remember tasks and information much better than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Break the information apart

An excellent technique that can help you remember numeric data is grouping or “fragmentation” of information. Grouping a sequence of numbers into easily remembered fragments is the very technique that mathematicians use at competitions to memorize the value of pi. If you can’t remember any phone number, divide the seven digits into groups of two and three characters. Come up with some kind of relationship that will help you remember these groups of numbers separately.

Stop being distracted

Lack of attention is one of the most powerful enemies of successfully memorizing information. If you find it difficult to memorize some things during the day, then perhaps your brain is constantly distracted. When someone gives you important information, try to focus on the words that speak to you. Try to repeat the information about yourself - it will help you focus even better. Just do not start repeating everything out loud, and others may misunderstand you.

Play educational games

One of the best ways to improve memory is to play games that make your mind work. Crosswords and puzzles perfectly develop memory. Digital crosswords (sudoku) also help to improve the brain's ability to maintain long sequences of numbers. Attention! The fifth GTA memory does not develop, put the joystick!

Set aside the gadgets and grab the books

In addition to the joystick, set aside everything else. The active use of electronic devices is another cause of memory problems. The fact is that all our numerous gadgets - smartphones, tablet computers and laptops - eliminate the need to think actively (we wrote about it in detail in our article “9 amazing facts about mobile marketing”) - they cannot be blamed for this - they , in order to create everything to do for you - but as a result, our brain works less during the day. Give up surfing the Internet in the evenings in favor of reading or developing games, and you will notice significant improvements in your memory.

Spatial memory

Another way that magicians easily memorize a bunch of information is spatial memory. This is when we associate the thing that needs to be remembered with some place or space. This is one of the reasons why teachers place students in certain places when they get acquainted with a new class. Seeing the same person in the same place every day, the teacher remembers the name of the student more easily. You can remember the name of a colleague, remembering the place where you met him. You may remember that you need to pick up the parcel at the post office, representing the building of the mail in the form of a large cardboard box. Well, or vice versa - as you like.

Train your brain like any other muscle.

Despite the fact that, technically, your brain is not a muscle, you still need to “pump up” it regularly so that it continues to work efficiently. Each time, solving the tasks that train your mind, you improve the brain's ability to memorize information. The proverb "repetition is the mother of learning" is very suitable for optimizing memory performance.

These ten techniques will help you improve your brain's ability to store a large amount of information, use your memory "to the fullest", and give a long-awaited impetus to the development of your business.

All remember? Well done! You see, it is already working!

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