New family of the XXI century. How marketers slept a quiet revolution

Over the past 20 years, families have changed a lot. Despite this, brands continue to use an outdated image as a blueprint: a mother happy from washing floors, a working father and a couple of sterile washed children are necessarily a boy and a girl. At the same time, an increasing part of the audience remains behind the scenes - its needs are simply not taken into account. Maybe it's time to change the point of view?

That's the end of a fairy tale

All marketing today continues to come from the boring archetype - mom, dad and two and a half statistical children per family. This is logical - such families, indeed, are still the majority, and they bring the main income to companies. But everything changes, and a visionary marketer must be fully armed.

Family is now a collective

The more developed a society becomes, the faster obsolete foundations die. If before, the family’s needs were prioritized, today parents no longer want to sacrifice everything. They require that they be considered, perceived as a person with individual needs, values ​​and aspirations. This is what is called "queer" (queer) - different, with the behavior is not what is considered to be the norm.

Being yourself is an important motivation for modern families, so it’s stupid not to take this into account in marketing campaigns. Despite this, brands continue to stamp plastic images, promoting them in their advertising. They never learned to listen to modern parents, who have nothing to do with the idyllic pictures of immaculate houses, obedient children, and plasticine breakfasts.

Sight on new normal families

Family structure today can be anything:

  • same-sex marriages (not in Russia, so far);
  • grandparents or more distant relatives;
  • nannies and caregivers;
  • single parent families.

The last one is a hit. According to the Federal State Statistics Service since 2010, about 10 marriages account for about 5 divorces, i.e. every second family falls apart. Sad but true. And it must be kept in mind.

Even if the family is full, modern parents most often work full time, getting out and sharing responsibilities with each other. They are under constant pressure, so that always satisfied images that look at them from the screen, certainly do not cause feelings of understanding and self-association.

New roles

Today, the concept of “teamwork” lies at the center of the upbringing of the modern family. For some reason, it is believed that a priori the father should work in the family - this is the norm. Did you hear the expression "working mom"? I constantly - they feel sorry for them, sympathize, it is out of the ordinary. A "working dad"? I did not hear, although every first one is he!

It is even surprising how far-sighted our state turned out to be, offering the popes the opportunity to go on leave to care for a child. And you know what? Young fathers actively use this opportunity. What is not a sign that the classical model of the family is bursting at the seams? Even before politicians it came, and advertisers are still sleeping.

Not patriarch - caring father

Former heads of the family, who brought a deer killed on a hunt, have become sensitive and are not afraid to show emotions. Procter & Gamble also joined the fight against gender stereotypes. A man is not afraid to ask for forgiveness for not helping in the family.

The slogan of Ariel powder advertising is “Why is Laundry only a mother's job? Dads #ShareTheLoad” (translated: “Why is washing the mother’s work only? Indeed, is washing and other homework really only a concern for the weaker half of the family? Why not reflect this approach in advertising? How much can you show a happy housewife in an apron with mayonnaise at the ready, who is waiting for her husband from work?

A positive shift in Russian media space was shown by Google advertising, where a young dad and his daughter are going to the sea. In the frame there is no mother (briefly at the beginning), no brother, lively emotions, the family looks real.

Great expectations

This is another factor that modern marketers and advertisers should take into account. The family, which is torn by children, cats, mortgage debts and other "delights" of life, is much more demanding of services and goods. They have no opportunity to spend precious time on low-grade service. They have no desire to use goods that do not make life easier and more comfortable. They need to get everything and preferably, not leaving the house so that the milk does not burn.

On this background, there is a niche for online technology.

Today, my grandmother visits Skype, and to meet her friends - to the forum of young mothers. According to a survey conducted by the McCann Truth Central research agency, out of 18,000 families, 47% said that modern technologies help them get more out of family life, and 67% said they use them to communicate with close family members.

Alignment on new authorities

While mothers and fathers work at work, young people are growing up under the supervision of grandmothers, educators, or favorite rock albums. Moreover, their opinion has an increasing weight in the decisions of the family, which means that through them it is possible to influence the decisions of adults.

New reality

It's not about abruptly forgetting old traditions. No, they are correct in many ways, but the fact is a fact - society is changing, and if you want to keep your company relevant to the consumer, you will have to try to reflect its real life in advertising, rather than the photo mockup.

An important key in this matter is self-awareness as part of a family. While the structure of the social unit of society is changing, the feelings for which they create a family are still important for people.

This fact should be the basis for future advertising campaigns. Brands should consider reflecting real emotions - love, loyalty, support, applying them to real images. On new roles in new families.

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