How to choose a content marketing agency: seven tips for business

You are probably interested in the results of research in the field of content marketing, if you use information materials to promote your business on the Internet. Information obtained by researchers helps to assess the market situation, as well as determine the direction of the Internet marketing market in general and the creation and distribution of content in particular.

In this regard, you will be interested to get acquainted with the results of the study “B2B content marketing in 2013: benchmarks for success, budgets, trends” (2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends), published by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs in October 2012 . In particular, in this paper you can find information on the market for outsourcing content creation. Note the following information:

  • 54% of companies outsourcing content production plan to increase investment in the creation of information and marketing materials in the near future. This is good news for businesses, as high-quality content is a truly effective means of promoting projects online. Of course, this news can not please the content agencies.
  • 56% of brands create the content they need on their own, while at the end of 2011 this figure was 38%. At the same time, the share of companies that completely outsource the creation of content has decreased from 4% to 1% over the year. Thus, Western businesses increasingly prefer to maintain their own editions, rather than delegating content creation to contractors.

However, content marketing agencies can not worry - they will not remain without orders. This is confirmed by data on the greatest difficulties faced by brands that implement content marketing strategies on their own. Here they are:

  • 64% of companies consider the need to create large volumes of content to be the biggest challenge.
  • 52% of brands consider the main problem is the need to create content that engages the audience in interaction with the business.
  • 45% of businessmen believe the main difficulty is the need to create diverse content.
  • Finally, 33% of companies consider the inability to measure the effectiveness of content marketing as a challenge. By the way, we touched on this topic in previous publications, for example, here.

Companies turn to content agencies to cope with these difficulties. After all, professional content marketers just specialize in creating content in large volumes. They know how to engage the audience in a conversion scenario. Naturally, agencies create diverse content and are able to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Feel free to contact the content agency if you are planning an information and marketing campaign. You can completely outsource the content marketing of a business, as well as delegate the execution of part of the work to contractors. And the tips below will help you choose worthy partners.

1. Make sure the content agency is professional

Your partners should understand the essence of content marketing and the principles of ranking sites in search engines. They should have a successful experience of promoting websites in the natural delivery of search engines, in planning and implementing content marketing strategies, and, of course, in creating diverse content.

Examine the agency’s track record, see examples of completed projects. Compare the product of a potential contractor with your ideas about the perfect content.

2. Consider whether you like this or that content agency.

You should be sympathetic to the contractor so that your cooperation will be successful. Seriously. If you hear something like “what is necessary - yes, we do” at the other end of the wire, dialing the number of the selected agency, then you are unlikely to work together. And if the conversation with the agency managers seems pleasant to you, then you are most likely to find what you were looking for. To understand your compatibility with potential partners, ask yourself two questions:

  • Can I work with these guys for several months or years, so that neither of us has the desire to strangle the other?
  • Will these guys pass the beer test? Will I enjoy socializing with them if I invite to a bar or a party?

In other words, communication with partners should not cause you discomfort. Communication is the essence of any business. Technology is important, but without communication nothing good will come of it. Successful content marketing is impossible without complete immersion in the client's business. You will have to communicate very much - especially at the project launch stage.

3. Check if the agency is able to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign on the Internet.

Content marketing has long grown from short pants to a new-fashioned way to promote projects, for which it is not a pity to spend a small part of the advertising budget on the principle of "everyone does - and I do." It has become an independent marketing direction, requiring significant investments. This raises the question of measuring the effectiveness of these investments. In addition, the business needs to compare the effectiveness of content marketing with other ways to promote a business.

In short, if an agency cannot measure the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns, choose another partner. And to see if your potential partner can evaluate the success of content marketing, ask them to tell you about the results of your possible collaboration. How to measure them? Look for answers to this question in our previous publication.

4. Evaluate if you are not talking with a shoemaker without shoes.

Content marketing agencies should promote their own business using information materials. Check out your potential partner's corporate blog. When is the latest material published? What are the rankings of the agency's website for competitive key entries? What is the quality of content on the site of the agency you selected? What types of content the agency itself uses (about the types of content we created this infographic). What is the activity of the agency in social networks? What is the attendance, including organic, of the agency site? What is the reputation of the market? Answering these questions will help you recognize a shoemaker without shoes.

5. Assess the agency's ability to increase targeted traffic to your site.

As they say, you can build a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, but if no road leads to it, you will not have guests. The Internet is like Las Vegas in this matter - the best site with the highest quality content is worthless without traffic. So ask your potential partners how they plan to increase the traffic to your resource - at the expense of which channels. Please note content marketing involves getting most of the traffic from organic search results. This does not mean that the agency should abandon contextual advertising, promotion in social networks and blogs or a media advertising campaign. The agency should have competencies in all channels to receive traffic.

6. Take a look at the kitchen content.

Be sure to meet the key employees of the content agencies that will promote your business. Can they understand the nuances of your activities? Will they understand the value of your brand and assess its market position? Specific agency employees will create content that speaks on behalf of your business. Make sure that these people will find the right information and be able to operate it correctly.

7. Make sure you don’t have to additionally search for search engine optimization specialists.

High search results and targeted traffic is one of the results of content marketing. Your resource must, among other things, comply with the technical requirements of Yandex and Google in order to get to the top of these search engines. You have to agree that it’s convenient if the staff of the content agencies fill in their own meta tags, make internal linking, provide monitoring of resource positions and start working to improve the ranking of the site in search results. In short, choose an agency that has SEO specialists.

Using the above tips, you will be able to choose a professional agency that meets the requirements of your business. This will allow you to forget about such problems as the need to create large volumes of content and engage the audience in interaction with the business. But most brands are facing them, as noted above.

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