How to understand that your business is doomed to failure?

Why did you start your business? Well, or why are you going to do it?

Think about it. You must clearly understand why you are doing your job - otherwise, you will not move far in it.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs respond that they "just want to earn extra money on the side." Not a very specific answer, of course. I'll tell you what: if you answer this question in the same way, it will immediately become clear that you are not very serious about developing a successful business. Your business is doomed to failure.

Why don't you get any attention or support

Among the thousands of businessmen who gather at various conferences and other similar events, one can count on one's fingers those who can really impress with their knowledge and vision. Just on their faces is very easy to read expression of determination.

The most interesting thing is that some of them can be motivated by a negative event: “I do it because without my business I’ll end up on the street in just a few weeks” (by the way, many people started this way). And some of them start their careers with positive attitudes: “I know my target audience well and I understand that my product is simply necessary for it. It’s very difficult for people to live without it, I see their problems and I can offer a solution. My company can make their lives easier”.

And sometimes their motivation is even more global: "I want to open a cure for cancer. I know that I am the one who can do it. My existence has a definite goal, and that's it."

Feel the difference between these reasonable statements and vague answers of most entrepreneurs? I feel. In addition to me, this is also felt by experienced businessmen, investors and executives, for whom your inexpressive answer explains that they will waste time contacting you and your business. Rough? Perhaps this tone will be for you the first alarm bell.

Forget the passion

Very often, teachers, coaches, and even bloggers describe it as "passion," saying that "you have to find something that will carry you around, and do just that." Nonsense is all, I tell you. You do not need to start a whole mission to find your hobby to start a business. All you need is to drop most of your guilt and self-doubt ... and not to forget that you were sent to this planet in order to do exactly what you are doing now.

There are very few such people. That is why most businessmen are doomed to failure. Personally, I do not think that you were born to "earn extra money on the side." It also doesn't seem to me that you were born to buy a bunch of books, tutorials, webinars and stuff that explains how to start a business, and then just sit on your ass and do nothing. Once you find a goal for yourself, you will no longer be able to watch reality shows instead of working. You will have an incentive to get up in the morning and get your business on its feet.

No matter what your motives are - not to starve (“I need to work to pay off all mortgages”) or turn the world (“I need to invent a cure for cancer to help thousands of doomed people”), you should invest in your business at 100% if you want to succeed in it.

You are called to do it.

I know what you are thinking now. You seriously doubt that you will become the person who discovers a cure for cancer. Well, why not? Someone has to do it in the end. Do you think that for this you need a higher education or a degree? Not necessary. Start with what you have — help other people who have fallen into your situation, for example, because you have already experienced it and know how to cope. Buy a biography of one of your idols, read and do something of what this person has done in his life. Finally, give a dinner to a scientist or researcher in the field you want to find out more about what you will have to face. Write a blog post and share it. Write an annotation to your book, suggest it to the publisher. Do you doubt that anyone can just take and write a book? Yes you look, than counters are filled up today. Of course it can. If you think that your book will help others, you must write it.

I will tell you a little secret: everyone is afraid. Even the masters of the virtual pen, publishing the next entry on their blog, hear the roar of the voices of their readers in their heads. If you also hear the voice of your own insecurity in your head, saying: "I can not believe that people without experience can take and open a cure for cancer - this is nonsense!", Say thanks to him and goodbye. Raise your fifth point and start acting.

Well, for more motivation, see this video:

And to those who are sitting and thinking about where to earn an extra couple of thousand a month, I declare: your goal is not global enough. You have to start somewhere between "earning an extra couple of thousands" and "finding a cure for cancer."

For the slow-witted, I can give an exact formula. Take your initial goal ("a couple of thousand") and multiply by 10. That's where you start. Here your fifth point will not sit long!

When your stimulus disappears ...

If you lose motivation, it means only one thing: your goal is not significant enough. Understand that "to earn extra money" is not the goal. To change the world is the goal. Extra money is just a side effect of changing people's lives. And any treacherous voice, whining somewhere in the back of your head, that you cannot do this, that you are not good enough, that you always need start-up capital for success - this is exactly what stands in the way between you and greatness.

As soon as you start to get rid of this fear, or at least not to notice it, people immediately notice it. Your voice acquires shades of strength and confidence. You keep your back straight. You are not touched by inevitable criticism. When people ask you what you do, you smile. You look them straight in the eye, explaining in a couple of sentences how you change the world.

How to withstand criticism

Not the fact that the "extra couple of thousands per month" motivates you enough. But to change the world is yes, this is a big deal. For this you can try. Well, and then everything will rest only against your personal barriers to success. Be prepared for criticism - the more significant your deeds, the more opinions about them will be expressed, and not all of them will be flattering. Just remember that your ultimate goal is to help people.

To truly succeed, you must have willpower. Do not get fooled by what is popular in our society. If you have weak goals, you will not have the motivation to get started. If you are afraid of criticism, you simply can not continue. But if you have enough courage to go to a celebrity and tell you about your global goal, you will be heard. Why? Yes, because such confidence and concentration - a rarity in our days. Thousands of people turn to such people every day, and you know why you should differ from them? Yes, because now you know a little secret - all of them actually have no significant goal. And if you have one, then you stand out among the crowd. People will be captivated by your interest, and they will willingly help you achieve success. You will understand that you yourself can motivate others, regardless of their fame or merit, simply because you have a global goal and you can show with confidence how to achieve it.

So, do you pull on a person who can turn the world around and jump above his head? Of course yes. In fact, there are no external obstacles in your path. People younger than you and without education could do more than you - because they knew our little secret. The world begins to love you when you are confident, articulate your thoughts and never give up. Now you.

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