5 principles to create attracting content

Traditional advertising should to distract us to be effective. She interrupts our favorite series, prevents us from finding the right article in a newspaper or magazine, annoying pop-up windows and bright banners on web pages.

Under these conditions, the huge benefits are those entrepreneurs who can attract, but not Divert customers. Companies that have realized this have the opportunity to influence the audience much more effectively. They create appealing content that simultaneously gives readers useful information and promotes products. Content that blurs the boundaries between informing customers and promoting products and services is one of the key trends in e-commerce today and in the foreseeable future.

The role of pulling content in your marketing strategy

Attracting content is necessarily high quality and useful for potential consumers. He gives people information that “hooks” them and makes them share it with friends.

Quality materials are constantly working for you. Thanks to them, you get links from social networks and reputable sites, comments and questions from potential customers, good content draws attention to your brand and forms communities of consumers. But how to create high-quality content that will increase the recognition of your brand?

We propose to consider the five principles of creating high-quality materials that will increase the effectiveness of promoting your business on the Internet.

Item number 1. Your content should be associated with your brand.

High-quality attracting content should fit your marketing strategy and help implement it. If your texts are not related to your brand, they will not be able to engage the audience in your company's orbit. So create content that talks about your brand, explains your mission, and highlights your daily activities.

Your content should be simple and understandable to the target audience. In this case, he will find a response among consumers who will recognize your brand.

Item number 2. Create content constantly

High-quality advertising content always remains relevant. However, you should not maintain the popularity of your brand, from time to time releasing new content. You will achieve maximum results if you turn your content platform into a platform that is constantly being developed and updated.

Item number 3. Use different media channels.

The Internet gives you virtually unlimited opportunities for content distribution. Use different platforms and ways of presenting information to engage the audience in social interaction. The German network of building hypermarkets Hornbach created the short film "Infinite House" in order to "infect" potential customers with the idea of ​​improving their housing. The film won the prestigious Clio Awards in 2011.

This film is a vivid demonstration of the benefits of social interaction with customers. He talks very nicely about friendship, good relations with neighbors and tolerance towards each other, which are positioned as the core values ​​of the Hornbach hypermarket chain. The video brings consumers closer to the brand and helps them feel involved in the core ideas of their business.

Item number 4. Inspire people

Remember: content can inspire an audience. By inspiring people, you increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Quality material links meaningful and important values ​​to people with your brand.

The Levi's advertising video illustrates this idea well. In this video, the brand successfully shows the young independent people who make up the core of the Levi's consumer community that the company has common values ​​with its customers.

This video provides emotional resonance between the advertiser and the audience. It is noteworthy that Levi's was not afraid to take a non-standard step. Few people expected to hear from the business organization the philosophical words "Your life is your life, do not let it put you on the shoulder blade ..."

Item number 5. Push off from the daily experience of the audience

Many of the best marketing ideas are related to everyday experience. Everyone loves to chat and joke with friends, everyone has their own idea of ​​beauty. Look for ideas for creating conversion content in everyday life.

See how Swedish furniture giant IKEA realized its promise “to provide the best sleep for everyone.” The company asked well-known musical groups to record modern cover versions of classic lullaby songs. IKEA used these lullabies to promote their collections of beds and mattresses.

The furniture giant distributed recorded lullabies via iTunes as a separate album, the cover of which resembled the IKEA logo. Listening to these musical compositions, people now recall IKEA.

Tell the story - and you will interest the audience

The best advertising starts with a good idea that provides the conditions for social interaction with your audience.

Tell people the legend. Attractive content is always associated with the experience and life of ordinary people. It attracts everyone because of its sociality. And his strength is measured by the extent to which he broadens people's perception of themselves.

An adapted translation of the article by Frank Margard 5 Strategies for Creating Magnetic Online Content.

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