How and why to use Google+ Hangouts

In the article “Marketing with the help of video content” we told that the top 100 brands from the list of the best companies in the world in 2012, according to Interbrand, invested 4.3 billion US dollars in the creation of video content from 2006 to 2012. At the same time, more than half of the created clips did not receive 1000 views.

Users upload videos to YouTube daily for 12 years. It is not surprising that the audience does not notice corporate content - it enthusiastically watches various jokes, failes, crashes and cute cats. Brands burn through multibillion-dollar budgets, focusing on video-making technologies, its quality, acting and directing line-up. However, they forget about marketing, so they lose to unknown vasya1988 and jkl; asdf, who manage to turn on the smartphone in time and put the filmed seal on the network.

However, Google has created for marketers an excellent commercial video production tool, the effectiveness of which far exceeds the multibillion-dollar investment in an invitation to the main role of Justin Bieber. Moreover, this tool is free and interactive. This is Google+ Hangouts - Hangouts.

Using Hangouts, you can organize a discussion with the participation of 10 people, and also invite an unlimited number of viewers who can ask questions and comment on the conversation in real time. The hangout is automatically uploaded to your brand’s YouTube page, after which anyone can watch it. In addition, you can broadcast the meeting on your website live. To do this, simply insert the HTML code on the page of your resource.

It is necessary to emphasize once again that Google+ Hangouts is an absolutely free tool. Therefore, having mastered it, you will face a serious problem - where to spend the millions intended to create high-budget videos with Bieber in the lead role.

By correctly using Google+ Hangouts, you can expect the following results:

  • Attracting the attention of new users to your brand, as well as more intensive interaction with existing consumers.
  • Increased Google Authorship Rank.
  • Getting an inexhaustible source of content ideas.
  • Accurately define the expectations and moods of your audience, their opinions about your brand, products and level of service.
  • The ability to make your marketing campaign sincere.

Some brands have already rated the effectiveness of Google Hangouts. For example, the marketing agency MarketingSherpa increased the attendance of its resource by 200-300 "unique people" per month only due to the regular broadcast of video calls. In addition, visitors to the company's website began to spend an average of three minutes on a video page, whereas on pages with text content they spend an average of 30 seconds.

Imagine how much more effective the progress of project promotion will be if you use Google+ Hangouts to showcase all new products, broadcast customer feedback and other marketing activities.

How Brands Use Google+ Hangouts

Business projects use Google Hangouts almost since the launch of this service. Brands record and broadcast interviews, communicate with the audience in a "question-answer" format, hold conferences and arrange live performances, publish guides, conduct training, and even taste chocolate.

Below you will find some more examples of creating branded content using Google+ Hangouts. You will also learn what marketing problems this content has solved.

Task 1. Enhance customer opportunities and get loyal subscribers

Hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas uses Internet technology to expand its audience. This is not surprising, since one of the team leaders William Adams ( works as a creative director at Intel.

“Our fans in cyberspace are teaming up with fans in New York,” shouted live during a hangout during which the band’s concert in Central Park was broadcast. The group called this online event "Hangout Behind the Scenes".

A video report about this event will allow you to better understand the possibilities of Google+ Hangouts:

Other musicians are also actively using Google+ Hangouts to introduce their work to the audience. For example, the Artists in the Plus community has more than 1.1 million subscribers. It uses Google Hangouts to enable young independent performers to speak live to the public.

One of the most successful stories using Google+ Hangouts is with singer Taylor Swift. The country music singer used Google Hangouts to announce a new album and present one of the compilation tracks. When the Taylor Swift album went on sale on iTunes, the song presented ranked first in the iTunes ranking in just 50 minutes. This is a record result for the entire history of the resource. Can you explain it by announcing a song on Google+ Hangouts? Of course.

Video content helps to convey tone, posture, facial expression, which is very important for effective communication. As you know, a person perceives non-verbal information much faster, and not speech. Therefore, Google Hangouts can be used to stimulate sales.

Taylor Swift used the information channel for the announcement of the new album, available to most of her fans. She allowed fans to feel involved in the birth of new hits. A sense of belonging creates loyalty, which translates into sales. That is why the single Taylor Swift took the first position in the ranking of iTunes for 50 minutes.

Task 2. Increase Authorship Rank

The New York Times organized a public discussion on reforming the healthcare industry through Google Hangouts. By organizing a series of themed hangouts with famous athletes, movie stars and pop stars, politicians, the New York Times received many loyal followers.

After the Supreme Court upheld Barack Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” (the so-called Obamacare), the New York Times was the first major American publication to discuss health system reform with 10 experts live. The audience could follow the hangout in the New York Times profile on Google+, in one of the sections on the newspaper’s website or on YouTube.

Jennifer Preston, editor of the social media section of the New York Times, praised the functionality and flexibility of Google+ Hangouts after this event. She noted the ease of use of the service and wide opportunities for expanding social ties.

Organizing a hangout with experts and celebrities draws the attention of the audience to your brand and helps build an active consumer community. Moreover, Google Hangouts increase your website’s organic ranking and increase its search traffic. According to the marketing company Netmark, the number of “+1” pages is among the five most important factors for ranking resources at Google. Using the Google+ Hangouts service, you can quickly get a lot of “+1” and subscribers.

Task 3. Generating content ideas

The Breast Cancer Answers (BCA) resource uses Google Hangouts to organize communication with your audience in a question-answer format. This resource is dedicated to breast cancer - one of the most common cancers. BCA collaborates with Wirebuzz, a video content marketing company.

Weekly, BCA and Wirebuzz organize a hangout with an expert, during which resource subscribers receive professional answers to their questions. Thanks to the participation in the video show of reputable medical experts, the site gets a lot of natural links. It is referred to as ordinary users of social networks and bloggers, as well as reputable industry resources. This increases the visibility of BCA in the search and the number of direct clicks.

The Google Hangouts service brought the BCA site 6.3 million views in 12 months. In addition, user questions have become a storehouse of content ideas. After all, each question asked can be turned into not only a video discussion, but also make a great article, guide, or other type of content out of it.

Check out one of the BCA video shows:

Task 4. Determine the expectations and moods of the audience

Dell organizes regular video shows about its products and computer related issues. During these online events, the audience asks questions to Dell’s customer service specialists and sales managers. This helps the company to get feedback from consumers.

Connie Bensin, Dell's director of digital marketing and social media, points out that brands should use different channels to interact with the audience. Ms. Bensen considers Google+ Hangouts as one of the most effective social channels for communicating with consumers.

Task 5. Creating an image of an open and sincere company

Google Hangouts allows companies to establish themselves as open and sincere towards the consumer business. This task can be implemented in various ways. For example, Google itself uses its service for a variety of purposes, even to find employees. In particular, Google organizes video calls that allow job seekers to look at the work of a particular regional division of the company from the inside. Below you can find an example of such a meeting:

Say, Google makes sense to organize such meetings, because the company supports the work of 70 offices in 40 countries of the world? Small businesses are also actively using Google+ Hangouts to demonstrate their openness. For example, the Moving Mind Studio trio from Montreal shoots sketches that attract millions of viewers on YouTube. Trio members tried to communicate with the audience live, using Google Hangouts.

“We liked the idea of ​​talking directly to the audience,” said Brandon Calder, a participant in Moving Mind Studio. “In the sketches we play roles, and video calls allow us to be ourselves and communicate with the audience on our own behalf,” the artist continues.

The hangout of the trio with fans received over 200 comments, including reviews and impressions of the audience about the individual sketches of the team.

How to effectively use Google+ Hangouts

The following guidelines will help you effectively use Google Hangouts:

  • Keep track of audience reach and video call performance with Google+ Ripples. It allows you to find out who shared your publication with friends, what comments were left by users to the “shared” content, what language is spoken by users who share your content. The Google+ Ripples feature helps you identify key followers and how their audience responds to your posts.
  • Use YouTube Analytics to track important metrics for the effectiveness of your video calls, including the number of views, demographic data of the audience, traffic sources and others.
  • Optimize the video you upload to YouTube. To do this, include keywords in the video title, a brief description, tags, and the name of the file. Also create a sitemap for video content for Google to index.
  • Announce video calls using social networks. Notify me about your upcoming meeting with expert from members of your Google+ circles, friends on Facebook and Vkontakte, followers on Twitter. You can also advertise the planned event for a fee.
  • Provide high quality video. The success of a video call largely depends on the quality of the picture and sound. No, do not rush to call James Cameron. It is much cheaper to buy a good video camera that allows you to shoot video in HD format, as well as a good microphone.

So, video is an effective tool for content marketing, which allows activating the audience and receiving feedback from it. And the Hangouts Google+ service is one of the most convenient video content distribution tools. It allows you to quickly and free to organize the broadcast of a press conference or video call live, as well as automatically upload recordings to the brand’s page on YouTube. Google Hangouts can also be used for internal events - meetings, interviews with job seekers, negotiations with partners, trainings and webinars.

Many large and small companies are already actively using Google+ Hangouts to increase marketing effectiveness. Perhaps your business is one of them? Share your experiences in the comments.

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