8 creative ways to return unsubscribers

No matter how interesting and useful your newsletter is, there are always people who want to unsubscribe from it. This is normal. No need to get upset and blame yourself for all mortal sins. But to return the ex-subscribers try is certainly worth it. Do you think it will not work? Do not want to impose and spoil your reputation? Believe me, there are a lot of ways to do this painlessly, and in some cases even with a benefit for the user. It is about them and will be discussed further. So, meet 8 creative autoresponders, after receiving which users will think, but do they need to unsubscribe at all? Be sure to read to the end, because emails at number 7 and 8 - so far the best I've seen in my life.

1. New Look

Let's start with the simplest. Instead of immediately unsubscribing the person from the list, the New Look online store sends him a letter asking him to confirm his action. What if this user unsubscribed by mistake? Accidentally pressed the unsubscribe button or read the word incorrectly. Anything can happen.

"We are sorry that you are leaving us. Do you really want us to delete your email from the subscriber database? Yes, I do. No, I changed my mind."

2. Megaplan

The reply from the Megaplan company’s mailing list can be divided into two stages. At the first stage, the subscriber clicks on the "Unsubscribe" button and sees the following window in front of him:

In it, he is offered to read previous releases of the newsletter (so that he is aware of his mistake and change his mind), give a link to the renewal of the subscription, and, like in all standard letters of this kind, ask why he decided to unsubscribe.

At the same moment, a letter arrives at the subscriber’s post, in which he is again offered to read all the issues of the mailing list and subscribe, if he suddenly unsubscribed by mistake:

Despite the fact that the user receives as many as two messages on behalf of the company, this does not complicate the process of unsubscribing. In fact, it occurs immediately after clicking on the "Unsubscribe" button, and the above messages are used to return the users who have changed their minds or unsubscribed by mistake.

3. Bubigator

If you are looking for great examples of "returning" emails, I advise you to subscribe to mailings of all known couponers. These guys know a lot about this business, since the lion's share of their revenue comes from the purchases of their subscribers. Look at the autoresponder of the domestic coupon "Bubigator". He is simply superb! Easy and unobtrusive communication style, a large proportion of humor and an offer to take part in the drawing of the gift with free delivery in Russia - not everyone will be able to resist.

4. Topshop

Sometimes it happens that the user generally likes your newsletter, but he is not happy with too frequent emails or just some of her headings. In this case, it is a wise decision not to unsubscribe him at once, but to send a letter in which he can choose the preferred frequency of distribution and topics that interest him. This is exactly what foreign online clothing store Topshop does. Want to select only topics that interest you? Yes, I would like to receive information about this and that. You do not want? OK, we will miss you.

5. Molodost.bz

You have listed all the benefits that your newsletter gives, asked your user to re-subscribe, and he did not listen to you? So you were not emotional enough and persuasive. Pay attention to the e-mail notifying of the reply, from the company "Business Youth". That's what I understand! Head, emotions and - attention - as many as 4 calls to renew subscription.

6. Office

In principle, the autoresponder from the company of a foreign company Office is nothing special (a simple description of the benefits and the "Unsubscribe" button), but it still entered this material. Why? Because of the social network buttons. If you look closely, none of the above companies urged subscribers to join her in social networks. And very vain. It may be much more convenient for the user to follow you right there, rather than using a mailing list

7. Groupon

Well, now two promised winners. And the first of them is the American discount service Groupon, which in its e-mail offers to punish Derrick (the leading mailing list) for not doing his job. The text of the letter reads: "You have unsubscribed. We are sorry that you are leaving ... how strong? See this guy? This is Derrick. And he thought you like receiving his newsletter." And then comes the button that says "Punish Derrick." What happens if you press it? See the next video.

8. Hubspot

The second of the two best emails I've ever met online is owned by Hubspot, an Internet marketing company. The letter consists of a large headline, small text, social networking buttons and video.

Of course, the main thing here is the video, and soon you will see for yourself. But first, let's look at what is written here.

"The changes you made have been saved. We already miss the close relationship that we had between us. Maybe give us a second chance? Join us."

Everything is done correctly, with a bit of humor. There are buttons of social networks. The only thing that surprised me is that there is no "Renew subscription" button. How can users subscribe to you again after watching this awesome video? Ah, you have not seen him yet. Corrected:

For those who do not know English, I attach a free translation:

"Okay, I get it. You no longer want to receive my newsletter. This is normal ... I really tried to share with you only the most useful information ... And I know that you opened my letters, and even know which links clicked ... Damn, it sounds like I'm a maniac, watching you ... No, I didn't climb your Facebook page, I just ... Well, forget what I said, just forget ... No warning, I just didn't expect ... Remember my webinar? It was great ... Maybe if I had changed, everything would have been different? Give me a chance ... Well, okay, I you don't need your email. You can chat on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ... We can just stay friends, right? No serious feelings. Just friends. "


Above, we looked at 8 creative ways that you can use to return your subscribers. It is not necessary to copy them completely, you can simply draw an idea and transform it into something of your own. I'm sure you might get even better.

P.S. Which email you liked the most? I have already expressed my opinion, now it's your turn.

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