How to ensure conversion: three non-aggressive methods of managing audience behavior

Content marketing is the promotion of projects with informative and useful content for the audience. By investing in the creation of articles, reviews, presentations, infographics and other forms of content, you are counting on a specific result, right? It is desirable that these were real customers, and not just traffic.

Building a conversion script on the site helps to increase sales. The implementation of the conversion scenario is the core of your content marketing strategy. You must publish appeals on the pages of the site, in social accounts, as well as on any sites where your materials are based on your conversion scenario.

So, each publication within content marketing campaigns should include calls to action. But do not rush to fill your site with aggressive “buy now”, “subscribe and get a discount”, “order today and get a gift” and similar phrases. They annoy most people, because visitors come to the site primarily for useful information. Better use more effective ways to interact with your audience, providing the actions you need. You will find information on three such methods below.

Let your readers be the center of attention.

Practically every person is happy when he sees his name on the website or in print. He is proud if someone refers to his opinion and emphasizes the importance of his words.

Turn your readers into representatives of your business on a voluntary basis. To do this, you will need interesting content that users will want to distribute or comment on. But this is not about the form of comments at the bottom of the page.

Create a story using the Storify service that your readers can continue. This service allows you to automatically collect themed posts and comments of users of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram. By creating a story, you can add links to content published on any resource.

After publishing the story, you get the opportunity to add a Storify widget to your website or blog so that readers can see their names and comments.

Using Storify, you encourage the audience to share their opinions on issues of interest to you. Pay attention, you do not frighten people with obsessive "buy" and "subscribe". In addition, Storify allows you to use the content of your social followers, as well as any other Twitter, YouTube and Facebook users who publish content that is close to you.

Make your readers a winner.

All people love to win. Make your readers winners by gamifying your site. This encourages the audience to consume your materials and perform the actions you need - to comment on posts, specify full details during registration, etc.

Gamification (the term "gamification" is also used - tracing with English gamification) - the use of game methods for the development of non-game systems. The simplest example of gamification in the blogosphere is the use of plug-ins like "Top Commentators".

Show your imagination by playing your resource. Assign comic titles to active users (dock, megaguru, junker), implement automatic calculation of the discussion participants' rating. This approach is widely used in forums where participants get points for comments and thanks from other users.

Encourage winners and ordinary participants to be active on your site. Just do not be limited to virtual prizes. Give the best users exclusive service conditions in your company. Do not forget about the other commentators - they deserve, for example, discounts or corporate t-shirts.

Give to receive

Make it difficult for the audience to refuse. For example, invite users to post their content, if it meets the theme of your site. Instead, ask readers to register or share with friends on social networks information about your site.

For example, you can use this method, introducing the audience a new product. Offer readers a detailed guide on how to use it, illustrated with photos and videos. It is unlikely that someone will miss the opportunity to download such material for the repost.


People love to be the center of attention, win and get useful things for free. Using the methods described above, you provide them with such opportunities. And this guarantees you conversions without obsessive calls like "buy now."

Please note that the tactics reviewed do not guarantee immediate sales. They give you more. Your readers are turning into brand representatives on a voluntary basis. And this is more important than momentary benefits.

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