Nine things to help you expand your audience.

Guaranteed to increase the traffic from the natural issue to you in these conditions will only help the implementation of the model in which customer loyalty is formed before the time of purchase. The main tool here is content. Corporate blog - a field for the implementation of ideas. What to do to ensure that your audience has grown?

1. Study the content of competitors

To represent the steps you need to take to get more traffic in a niche, it is important for you to understand what steps your competitors are taking in the same direction. How many materials are published daily, weekly, monthly in blogs of your main competitors? What are they writing about? Your task is, naturally, to do everything much better. Useful content on unique topics of interest to your target audience is your “detuning” from competitors in content marketing.

2. Increase the number of blog posts.

If you published one article per day, make an effort to publish two or three articles per day without compromising the quality of materials. Think about what you need to do. Attract another copywriter who is ready to dive into the topic and issue articles of decent level? Not so much.

3. Publish blog content at the same time.

Encourage your audience to see new articles on your blog every day at the same time. If the content you are creating is interesting to the target audience, then it is during these hours that you will see attendance spikes.

4. Keep active in social networks

Do not forget to publish in your groups announcements on the materials published in your blog. This will provide you with improved social cues.

5. Constantly work on improving the quality of your content.

The fact that the texts you publish on the web should be perfect in all respects, of course: stylistic literacy and the absence of spelling errors are things that must be present a priori in branded content.

But when we say "quality", we mean first of all "expertise." A simple example. You want to buy a car of a certain brand and are looking for information on the Internet to establish yourself in your decision or to change it. What text would you like to read on this issue - an objective, full of valuable information material from a person who has been driving this brand’s car for the fifth year, but written with a bunch of spelling mistakes, or a smooth text that repeats the banality already written earlier 5567 copywriters? In my opinion, the answer is obvious. Most people do not pay attention to errors, if the material gives them really useful information. Such materials have all chances to get a large number of "likes".

The editor will help to increase the formal quality of the texts. To improve the quality of expertise - only a professional copywriter who understands what material collection is, that is, preferably with experience in journalism. Therefore, provide your copywriters with the opportunity to communicate in working order with any of your specialists who can help create an expert-level article.

6. Create content for authoritative sites on topics

Do not forget that thematic sites with high traffic can be a source of increasing the awareness of your brand on the Internet. Try to create for them "breakthrough" articles that can provide a surge of audience interest to you.

7. Try to expand the scope of your blog.

You have the task to increase the amount of traffic and the interest of the audience to you for a short period of time (say, two or three months). You will use the most proven method - increasing the content published on your blog. There is one "but" - in any niche there is a ceiling. Narrow subject matter may become an obstacle to attracting a wider audience (but you also have reason to believe that part of this wider audience can be converted into customers). What to do? As an option - to expand the subject and see what it will give you over time. For example, you are selling automotive parts and accessories. Why not start creating okolotematichesky content: expert advice on a variety of issues that arise in people; recommendations on how to identify, when buying a used car, important details that have changed during the operation; educational materials - about, for example, how the first cars were made at the Ford plant (if you offer spare parts for cars of this brand). What will give you such content? An audience already familiar with you from such materials will remember exactly about you if you hooked it with your content when the time comes. Such materials increase your brand awareness.

8. Try to create content with viral potential.

Generating content with the potential for self-replication is an incredibly difficult thing. For a very simple reason - it is impossible to predict what people will like. Will the material receive a large number of likes, tweets, whether there will be multiple reposts? You can only assume, based on the understanding that your Central Asia is of interest. From our own experience, we say that we have had everything: and when "shot" articles written in haste, to which we did not pin special hopes; and when the materials that we carefully prepared, planning to get a wide response, passed almost unnoticed. We will tell you what is most popular online:

  1. List articles (listing specific problem tips)
  2. Infographics
  3. Video instructions
  4. Articles that broadcast a unique experience (something that others do not say)

9. Pay attention to e-mail

The newsletter remains one of the most effective content marketing tools to help you retain your audience, inform them about important events in your company, in the industry, acquaint them with expert opinions on issues of interest to them, and suggest squeezing the most interesting things from your blog lately. We already wrote in this article about the mistakes that should be avoided when writing a corporate e-mail list.

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