Radio advertising: how to stand out in white noise

I like to write scripts for commercials on the radio. But, when I send a response from a resume to a vacancy, in response I often get some ridiculous conditions for cooperation. A couple of times she ran into rudeness if she wanted to change these conditions in her favor.

Recently, during the next debate about the conditions, the client explained everything:

Now we are closely cooperating with them, on acceptable terms, and I am pleased to receive such feedback from managers:

In general, colleagues, sharing experiences.

The guide will not be very short, but informative.

Buckle up, drove.

The most important thing

The first thing you need to clearly understand is that the radio commercial has timekeeping. He, and only he will determine the length of the text. Here in these, even 10 seconds, you need to invest the maximum amount of information. And make it interesting.

If you like to spread your thoughts on paper - the creation of radio advertising is not for you.

Site // help to stay in the framework. I sometimes write immediately in it.

Main - go ahead!

The listener must clearly understand what you want from him. At the beginning of the video, at least tezisno voice:

  • Who! Company name;
  • What? What offers;
  • What for? Why does the listener need it?

In the song, in the verses, in the dialogue - at least do some back flips, and carry the information.

Without distinct TZ - result xs

Applicable to all life aspects. Feel free to ask to fill out the brief. Save time, nerves. Himself and the customer. Well, it's true that you write, having only such information available:

I asked to complete the TZ. At that work stopped. And then it turns out: "Furniture of Russia to you in the new year" ...

What a brief, such and creative

What you need to know to make a high-quality video:

  • Company name. How literally to call her in the video. Not legal LLC "Kalinka", but actual - "Funeral Bureau" Red Tree ";
  • Sphere activities. They will write you "Ripe melons": discounts on the whole range of 70% ". And you think out, this is a vegetable shop, or intimate;
  • Roller timing. Every second of the air is money. Specify how many seconds the customer is willing to pay;
  • Target audiencefor which the movie is designed. I think there is no need for explanations here: under what type of Central Asia we write, we choose this style;
  • What you need to tellwhat to focus on. Time is short, the customer knows better what he wants to highlight first. Maybe the action starts, or the time has changed;
  • Wishes to voice: m or f, maybe - timbre, mood;
  • Wishes to style: strictly, comically, informatively, "to the song", dialogue, in verses, etc .;
  • Address, telephone, website: ask to indicate in the TOR only those coordinates that should be mentioned in the video. If in the city of the customer the name of streets and districts is colloquially abbreviated and he needs it - let him indicate
  • Company Hours. Especially for food service and shops. Not useful - not scary, but if it is needed and not - to ask again for a long time;
  • Organization website. Or a source in the network where you can get more information.
The law on advertising. Learn and use. There are some points that must be indicated in the video, and moments that should be avoided. Be sure to read. Every author, copywriter, journalist, not to mention marketers, PR managers, etc. - Any person who is at least somehow connected with advertising is obliged to know the Federal Law "On Advertising". In order not to be substituted by yourself and not to substitute the customer.

That should be enough to create a good movie. But there are special cases. Additional questions arise - ask right away. No need to hope for the Russian "maybe", and then rewrite with the thought: "Bliiin, how I felt."

Now about the creative

For myself, I have long taken the rule: not sure - do not write. This applies to both facts and expressions. Do you think that the sentence is crooked, too common or some other not so? And there is. The thought crept in - replace.

In order to avoid the effect of "recreacted" - do not need extra frills. "Learning English is not wrapping up your fur in your underpants." I assure you, the client will not appreciate. When choosing between a red crocodile flying across a purple sky and a simple informative video, the client will usually choose the second one.

Although, personally, I sometimes add my "red crocodiles" to the letter with the assignment. Well, to support the spiritual impulse. Happens, coordinate them. But all the same, in the proposed options, there should always be at least one that is fully suitable for all TK items.

One video - one product

Do not try to cram hats, honey and bees into one roller. The listener should be clear what you are advertising, and what is required of him as a result. "The School of Foreign Languages ​​invites you to English and German courses. We are also looking for a cleaner." Miserly pays, but to sense - no.

Psychological fact: people remember the last sentence. And then, if it is clear to them. Will the language school get new customers? Hardly. Only if very, very hot. But the cleaner, most likely, will find.

Naturally, in places it is not necessary to change anything either. Need to do two separate video. Then there will be a sense.

Simplicity is the key to success

Promotional video should be written in simple language. Sparkle vocabulary elsewhere. The listener should think only about how he needs the proposed product. And not about what is affiliated or transcendence.

Customer. Is always. Right

Even when not right.

If the client has done this in such a way that he spoiled the text, it’s necessary to say that the garbage should be obtained immediately. I always fight for every comma. Especially if she is sure that she is in her place. There are adequate changes, which is already there. But if you see how the customer digs a hole for himself, be sure to tell about it. And justify.

As a rule, all people are adequate. Worthily explain - add respect to yourself. And trust. If you do not understand - tell me straight, the impact of advertising will be small. And you are not to blame.

Adjust to customer style

How long can not agree on the text of one customer? Ask to throw the videos, which he had already agreed. As a rule, novice customers hardly find fault with good texts. There are changes, but 99.9% say. But the "full" customers - they can and "turn from the gate" to give. Just because…

And such, just, you need to ask carefully: what do they like? Be sure to do the same style, but better. Then you will be trusted, and in the future it will be easier to work, and loyalty to your texts will be formed.

Poems and songs

Before you start reading further, return to the item about creative. Here everything that is written in it is 100% applicable. A plus:

  • Cuts the ear - rewrite! I repeat, but this is really important;
  • Rhythm. There are not many poetic sizes. Choose which one you are writing this time and follow it. To line to line. Udatenets to udvenetsu. If you write a lot of (recognized by the audience) poems with a "broken" size - please write here. But if you haven’t noticed any talent for irregularities in rhythm, then the text will most likely be clumsy. Correct. And count the rhythm! Make sure that he is everywhere under the stress;
  • Rhyme. I will not teach versification. It will take miles of letters. Just remember that there is Google, which you can ask, with which the right word rhymes. Do not rhyme the same words between you and make sure that your rhyme does not spoil the rhythm. For the rest there is a lot of teaching materials;
  • Songs. If you take a finished melody and impose new words on it, sing them under the included melody before sending it to the customer. See if the lines are flat. Are there too long or too short phrases, whether emotions are everywhere. Remember - if you do, then do well. "Aby like" let others do.


The scourge of many authors. It doesn't matter what you write. It is necessary that the same words do not stand together. Practically to any phrase you can find a similar in meaning, but excluding a tautology. At the same time, in radio advertising it is allowed to repeat the name of the organization, main activity or address with the phone. To improve memorization. Just do not overdo it.

Prescribe roles

You write the script. Write down where the action takes place, what is heard in the background, what voices the characters say. If you decide that the video is read by the President’s voice, indicate this. The client himself should not guess what you meant.

For each participant in the dialogue, list the emotions with which he speaks. Each voice - timbre and intonation. If the client decides to do otherwise, let him. But you must present your vision completely. You get paid for it.

Number of options

Here strictly by agreement. Personally, I always have several scenarios in my head, and I send everything to the customer. We are sure that we hit the target - send one. The main thing, I repeat: among your movie options there should always be at least one that fully corresponds to the TK.


Do not be afraid to communicate with customers. Congratulate them on holidays, share emotions about work. Be positive, then your work will be more fruitful, and orders - more. People enjoy working with those with whom they are comfortable to communicate. Create this comfort for them!

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