8 factors to consider when creating a landing page

The landing page is the first page that potential customers see by following the link to your site. It is she who forms their first impression of the company and has a decisive influence on the level of conversion. Internet marketers are aware of this and are actively using this tool in promoting their business. However, in many cases they do not achieve the expected results. Why?

One of the main reasons for this is that they concentrate only on the appearance of the landing page to the detriment of other equally important factors. Of course, you can not neglect the design, but also put it above all is also not recommended. After all, in order for the landing to be successful, it is not enough to draw a beautiful picture. It is necessary to work it out from all sides, while adhering to a common strategy.

Practice shows that design is an important, but not decisive factor for attracting customers. To see this, just look at the blog of Seth Godin, a famous American writer and speaker. The design of the landing page of his site can hardly be called outstanding. However, the author receives hundreds of comments from an enthusiastic audience.

So, what factors other than design should be taken into account when creating an effective landing page? Let's look at the main ones.

1. Target audience

The features of your landing page will directly depend on your target audience (or purchasing person). Who are your marketing efforts for? What actions do you want to push them? It is important to know. After all, you do not sit in the first bus that came across without having any idea about its route, is it? In the same way, you should not create a landing page without understanding your potential customers and their needs.

How to understand your audience? To do this, you must answer the following questions:

  • What does my ideal client look like?
  • What does the customer who does not want to buy my products look like?
  • What interests my target audience?
  • How do my potential customers find my content: using search engines, social media or some other marketing channel?
  • Do they use mobile devices or desktops for this?

This data will help you draw in your head an image of a potential client, which will significantly increase the targeting of your landing page and, as a result, its effectiveness.

2. Product

The success of your business largely depends on how well you understand your product. Surely, you are faced with sellers who wanted to sell you products without knowing anything about their advantages and real characteristics. Of course, you understood that their main goal was to make you fork out. However, no normal person would buy a “cat in a bag.”

The same goes for your landing page. Only your sincere confidence in the quality and benefits of your product will be able to convince potential customers to make a purchase. And this feeling can be acquired only in one way - by thoroughly understanding your product and examining the proposals of competitors.

Why do you think so many people buy luxury brands clothes and cosmetics despite their transcendental prices? The fact is that these companies understand not only the market in which they operate, but also the features of their products. First of all, they convinced themselves that their product, beyond any doubt, surpasses its counterparts. Therefore, it is easy for them to convince potential customers of the need to make a purchase.

Conclusion: never be lazy to tell potential customers about the benefits of your product, even if it seems to you that they already know everything about it.

3. Problem + Solution

You must clearly understand what you want to achieve with your landing page. This will help you correctly formulate the problem of your potential customers and offer them the best solution.

Suppose your landing goal is to sell a new model of a lightweight, thin mobile phone. Who may need such a gadget? Probably those who are tired of wearing a “brick” in the pocket of their jeans and want to get something more elegant. So the problem surfaced. It remains only to offer its effective solution.

Or another example. Suppose you want to increase the number of subscribers to your copywriting newsletter. What problems may worry people who fall on such a landing? The inability to write commercial texts, ignorance of all the subtleties of this profession. This means that it is necessary to focus on this.

Unfortunately, many businessmen do not bother about defining the problem of their target audience, but simply listlessly list the characteristics of their products. Do not make their mistakes. Beat right on target. Show how your product can be useful to your potential customers, and they will respond with gratitude.

4. Text

The text of the landing page, above all, must be reliable. Do not deceive your customers, keep your promises. It is not necessary to offer customers a free product or service, and then demand 1000 rubles from them on the next page. Avoid tricky marketing gimmicks, such as fade-in advertising.

The second important characteristic of a landing text should be its brevity. It is not necessary to enter into the stupor of the users who came to the page with long ornate sentences. The basic message should be simple and easy to understand.

One of the most common mistakes of creators of text for landing pages is that they try to show inappropriate creativity. As a result, the visitor cannot understand what is generally offered on this page and what actions are required of him. Remember: Landings should not be filled with creativity, they should clearly describe the benefits of a particular offer and lead the user to perform a targeted action.

5. Design

And only now, when the first four factors were described, can we proceed to design. So, what should be considered when developing this important element of landing?

First, the fact that it should look neat. A page overflowing with graphical elements can simply confuse the user and prevent them from understanding its meaning. And here, believe me, no call to action will save, even the most bright and seductive.

Secondly, let it sound trite for many, but when designing a design it is very important to avoid images from publicly available photobanks and use only high-quality images. Otherwise, your landing page will seem cheap and unreliable.

And finally, thirdly, special attention should be paid to the call to action. The call button should be bright enough and noticeable, since it is this one that determines whether a potential customer will make a purchase or ignore your offer.

6. Call to action

A call to action informs visitors of your site about the possibility to perform certain actions. The most common calls to action include: buying goods, getting free gifts (for example, catalogs or e-books), asking for more information, watching videos, etc. As a rule, the call to action is activated when you press a special button in which it is enclosed.

What should be the call to action?

In a call to action, there should not be pompous adjectives with a value of excellence, for example: wonderful, best, delightful, etc. Because of them, it seems that you are trying to fool your product to customers by hook or by crook.

Another blunder in creating a call to action is insufficient honesty. We have already spoken about this a little higher, but let me repeat it once more. If you offer a free product to website visitors, do not in any way demand money from them on the next page. Thus, you will not only frustrate the deal, but also get a disgruntled client who is not too lazy to tell everyone about his negative experience.

In addition, your call to action should be noticeable. Place it in a prominent position - preferably in the "first screen" area. And try not to use the word "send" in it - according to numerous A / B tests, it significantly lowers the conversion level.

7. Results

You should carefully consider what results you are aiming for. It's about statistics. Thanks to the data collected, you can find out which methods work and which do not. Determine for yourself what results you expect from the landing page (for example, 5 quality leads with 500 people per day traffic), then compare these figures with the actual results you achieved. If they do not suit you, then it is time to revise the design and other aspects of your landing page.

8. Social significance

The phrase that money makes the world go round has never been more relevant than it is now. Take, for example, the Internet: it has become a kind of market square, where you can buy anything, if you have a tight wallet. You can buy likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter and even reviews about your company. But do not rush to rejoice, because customers are far from stupid: they immediately feel the falsity and insincerity. And this means that artificial "likes" and fake reviews can play a cruel joke with you - customers will no longer trust you.

When it comes to feedback, it is especially important to be frank. Never brag about earning millions when you barely make ends meet. Sooner or later, people will realize that you are a real deceiver, and they will definitely share this discovery with their friends. Try to avoid lying in any form. Do not make loud statements if you are not able to confirm them with real facts.

It has long been known that people's love is impossible to buy. It can only be earned - sincerity, hard work and talent. Take, for example, Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber. Whatever feelings you have for him - envy, sympathy or hostility - the fact remains: his fans (or, to be more precise, fans) simply loved him. Just look at any photo from his concerts. Look at these enthusiastic faces of the fans: can such emotions be faked?

Instead of conclusion

After reading this article, you probably understand that the design of the landing page and its content content are equally important. Keep this fact in mind in the process of creating a landing page. Once you have completed your work, look at your landing page with an impartial look and honestly answer the following question: is it convincing enough? If you have any doubts, try to analyze your mistakes and understand what factors you have not paid due attention.

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