10 tips for creating content that people will share

Good internet marketers know the price of high-quality content: it is due to it increasing brand awareness on the web, it is he who attracts targeted traffic to sites. The dream of many marketers is to launch content with powerful viral potential on the Web. To create something unsurpassed - something that will interest a huge number of people, something that will spread across the Web at the speed of a virus thanks to its super-usefulness, super-attractiveness or superfan. In short, to create content that is simply impossible not to share. What will help to do this? Perhaps these are the ten tips:

1. Determine your target audience and always know for sure from now on what it needs.

Do not be taken as a single text until the personified image of its representative appears in your head. If this does not happen, your content can “shoot” only by accident. In content marketing, you should not make a "childish" mistake by creating content "for everyone", which actually means "for no one." Write for a specific group of people united by certain interests. It’s hard to imagine how you can encourage a person to share information on social networks that doesn’t touch him at all, since it’s not addressed to him.

All you need to do to clearly understand who belongs to your target audience is to ask a few simple questions:

  • Who! Who are your company's products or services targeting - mothers raising a child at home, students, retirees, people who have been married for more than twenty years, marketing professionals, engineers, programmers or musicians?
  • What? What information does your target audience need? What exactly can you create to satisfy its need for information?
  • When? Do you know what time of day your target audience goes to the Internet? Publish blog content keeping in mind this time frame.
  • Where? Where do they live, work and have fun? Those who live in Kaluga, as a rule, do not need a list of the best restaurants in Paris.
  • Why? Why does your audience go online? Are they looking for specific information? Do they constantly hang on Facebook? Do you want specific entertainment or their activity online related to work?
  • How? How does your target audience go online? Using a computer, smartphone or tablet? Make sure it’s convenient for them to view content on your site.

2. Attract attention with headlines.

The first impression is of great importance. And in content, it starts with a headline. If your content is not read due to gray headers, then it doesn't matter how good it is. There are several ways to attract people's attention to the article already in the title. Here are some of them:

  • The headline promises that something new can be learned from the article: All that you have long wanted to know about women, but did not dare to ask.
  • The headline uses numbers: 7 reasons why 90 women out of 100 prefer brunettes.
  • In the title is a question that stimulates curiosity: What women prefer to wear gray?
  • The title tells how to do something: How to become a Jedi in content marketing.

3. Be original

Virtually any topic of interest to you on the Internet has already been said about infinitely many. Do you have a chance to say something new? There is always a chance. But if a general topic correlates with "what’s this such ", then you go the wrong way. Write on such topics only if you are sure that you can say something new about this subject. In today's Internet, where there are so many different content that the level of information noise exceeds the limit , writing on a general topic is the same as answering the questions "what is a smartphone?" or "what is a button?"

Think better about how you can complement the endless internet conversation of the marketers with the audience. Do you have a unique experience in certain issues? Are you better able to analyze? Do you often give accurate forecasts based on the analysis of well-known information? Can you give a lot of interesting life examples on a topic? Do you have a great style? Do you write with humor? Do you know how to open the topic in an unusual perspective? All this is very important! The details are of paramount importance - it is in them that the main thing is hidden, because people often like not even what you are saying, but how you do it.

4. Do not be afraid of bulk materials.

Do not believe it when they say that the younger generation is lazy and is not able to continuously focus on the text in which there are "many letters". The truth is different: people in the modern world value their time and will not spend it on content that only takes it away from them. But they will read the material with interest, if it is useful and interesting to them, no matter how large it is.

Indeed, a number of studies have shown that large forms in content marketing, the creation of which the authors approached, while working in depth on the issue and presenting the material at an excellent level of quality, today generate more interest among the audience than short ones. Such materials are often shared on social networks and blogs.

5. Arouse emotions

People very often share the content that makes them emotionally. Moreover, the fact that causes positive feelings are divided much more often than what causes negative. In more detail about what kind of emotional message in the content encourages people to share it with friends, we wrote in this article.

6. Follow the trends

You should daily monitor the market in which you work - this will help you create relevant content. People are interested in new things, they want to find out something interesting first - satisfy this need of your audience, and it will respond to you in return.

7. Increase the share of visual content on your site.

The human brain is designed so that it processes visual information faster. Therefore, people often prefer to watch a video on a specific topic than read an article. With this in mind, create more videos and diversify your text content with visual inserts: graphs, pictures, interesting photos, diagrams, etc.

8. Create content that solves people's problems.

Content that solves people's problems is perceived by them as useful. It may not be very interesting to write about how to eliminate the blockage in the sink, but if it is useful for your target audience, it’s worth writing. If you sell clothes, share ideas on a blog about what accessories you can add to one or another wardrobe. If you are trading with compost - create an infographic about when, how and what plants are best planted in the garden.

In a word, talk about the problems that people face in everyday life and in their work - and if someone finds your content useful, he will definitely share it with those who are puzzled by the same problems.

9. Give information so that you want to consume it.

The modern world is a world in which the consumption of information has exceeded all imaginable volumes. We even eat two or three times a day, and we consume information constantly and often in large portions. And in such a world, not the one who gives people useful information wins, but the one who gives people useful information that is convenient and pleasant to consume. Here are some tips:

  • Already from the title of your material, people should understand what the text will be talking about.
  • Arrange the composition correctly. And pay special attention to breaking down the text into small semantic blocks with subtitles.
  • Use the lists in the articles - they organize, organize information, so that it is easier to perceive and remember.
  • Write in short paragraphs.
  • Be concise and precise, trying to express one thought in one sentence, not three or four.
  • Write in simple language. Your vocabulary can be impressive, but if you abuse the "specific" vocabulary for most people, your text will simply not be understandable to the average reader.
  • Use illustrations in the materials.
  • Try research data and statistics, all the volume and containing a lot of digital indicators information to submit in the form of infographics - in this form it is easier to present the reader with complex data, and most importantly - the material will be much more interesting to people.

10. Experiment

Recipes in content marketing is a very conditional thing. You can, following the advice of professionals, create something cool, but you can - well, you never know, the stars did not agree - something very mediocre. From this point of view, the best advice that can only be given: learn as much as possible new and experiment. Great ideas do not come suddenly, but in the process.


Creating content that people want to share with others is hard and sometimes routine work. But it pays off when your traffic reaches a qualitatively new level of growth. Use these ten recommendations to give your audience content that is hard not to share.

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