16 reasons to become an expert

For many years, search engines have allowed online business owners to earn decent money on the Internet. And for this you did not need to be an expert. It was enough to simply purchase the reference mass and enter as many keywords as possible into the texts. And voila. The site is already in the top. Of course, such methods could not lead to anything good - in the top results of the issue, low-grade companies were more and more often located, possessing neither expertise nor high-quality products, but really good brands were trudging somewhere below.

Fortunately, those days are over. Traditional SEO has died, and a new, more effective method of promotion has come to replace it - content marketing (you can read about it in detail in our series of articles “Why content marketing is a new SEO”). But that's not all. According to many experts, in the next few years even more significant changes are expected in the field of Internet marketing. And in order not to suffer from them, now you need to become an expert. Do not believe? Then we suggest you read a list of reasons why it is worth doing.

Why should you become an expert?

  1. Search engines shift focus to quality.. The colossal changes that have occurred over the past few years in search engine algorithms are directed in one direction - towards better content. And over time, this trend will only continue to increase.
  2. People are not interested in your opinion if you are not an expert. Whose advice would you rather listen to: an experienced doctor who has many years of work experience and a dozen certificates, or a young intern who is just learning the basics of a doctorate? The answer is obvious.
  3. You will understand your business better.. A thorough knowledge of all the nuances of the business is the foundation of an effective business.
  4. It will be easier to create great content.. The key to creating great content is providing information or approaches that are new to readers. If you possess baboutthe greater the amount of knowledge than visitors to your site, this process is greatly simplified.
  5. You will be able to more accurately predict future changes in your market.. Together with competence, you gain deeper knowledge of the key players in your industry and the actions they can take. Of course, you are not able to predict all the events, but as an expert you can better prepare for the changes.
  6. Communities will form around you. The reason is simple: genuine experts always attract attention.
  7. People will want to work on your team.. The reputation of an expert tends to attract smart and motivated employees who can make a huge contribution to your company.
  8. People will have a desire to purchase goods and services from you. Having a deep knowledge in your field, you gain a reputation as a person who inspires confidence. And when it comes to the acquisition of goods and services, your candidacy will seem the most attractive to buyers. This is especially true for those cases where you are not only an expert, but also possess high moral qualities.
  9. Media representatives will want to interview you. Experts attract the attention of journalists, and this is another way to increase popularity.
  10. Owners of other media will be interested in your text being placed on their resources.. Are you interested in the possibility of publishing guest posts on popular sites? It will be much easier for you to achieve your goal if you are considered an expert who is exceptionally well versed in his subject matter.
  11. Other experts will want to meet you and start a joint collaboration.. Thus, you will have access to their audience.
  12. It will be easier for you to increase the number of your subscribers in social networks. Visitors to your site themselves will want to find out the address of your profiles on social networks and join the number of your subscribers. Of course, you will significantly speed up this process if you consciously work on it.
  13. Your posts will receive more comments.. People will want to share their thoughts with you and connect with you.
  14. Your publications will be shared on other sites. Contrary to the opinion of many people, natural incoming links are still a key factor in improving search results.
  15. Share your content on social networks.. Due to the greater number of tweets, plus signs and likes, your publication will be scattered daily throughout the network.
  16. Experts make more money. Money is the deciding factor for a business owner. People will pay more for your products and services if you are a recognized authority in your field.

Conclusion: either you become an expert, or your online business is doomed.

How to do it?

Examine your subject thoroughly. Tell us about your business in an interesting and accessible language. Reach out to readers what benefits they will get from working with you. And stop wasting your time trying to pretend that you understand the subject you are writing about.

Become authentic an expert to earn the trust of others and start earning real money.

Translation and adaptation of material by Erica Enge 21 Reasons You Must Become an Expert.



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