Google+: the most important settings and tools to promote your business

The social network Google+ appeared on the Internet relatively recently - about 2.5 years ago, but, despite such a short period of existence, the number of its users has already exceeded 500 million. An impressive figure, isn't it? Nevertheless, many companies are still skeptical about this social network, considering it to be not effective enough.

Why are entrepreneurs so disliked poor Google+? The fact is that many of them do not understand all the amazing functions that this social network has. How is it usually? Businessmen register their company on Google+, fill out its profile at best by 30%, post posts a couple of times a week and, without getting visible results, they conclude: “It’s not good.” It also happens that they do not register at all on Google+, having heard from their friends that using this social network is a waste of time.

In fact, this is just a myth that has no relation to reality. By creating a corporate page on Google+, you can divide your audience into different groups (“circles”), share articles, links, photos and videos with them, hold video calls, etc. In addition, a Google+ account will significantly improve the position of your brand in issuing Google, increase the click rate of your ads in Google AdWords and, in general, make your company more visible in this search engine, which is known to be the largest and most popular in the entire network. . Moreover, all this is absolutely free!

As you can see, Google+ can greatly benefit your business. But this will happen only if you not only understand all its useful functions, but also begin to apply them in practice. How to do this, we will explain further.

First step: set up your account

Before you post your first post on Google+, you should pay due attention to your account settings. You must fill out all the information about your company that Google requests. Remember that fully completed profiles / pages are more popular with online users than partially filled out.

If you have not yet created your corporate page on Google+, it is not too late to do so. Follow this link and you will see that this procedure is very simple and does not take much time.

If your company already has a Google+ account, sign in and immediately go to the "About Me" tab. Scroll down to check if you have completed all of its sections (History, Contact Information, Links). If one of them is empty, then your audience may have a distrustful attitude towards your company.

The "About Me" tab should contain current information about your brand. Look at this page through the eyes of your current or potential subscribers. Want them to rate your company based on this information? If not, then it's time to start editing it.

However, it is still not recommended to completely copy the information from your corporate website and paste it into your Google+ page. Try to show a little bit of creativity so that people who have viewed your account once, immediately want to subscribe to it. If you do not know where to start, use the following tips.

1) Section "History"

This section of the "About Me" tab consists of three components: the subtitle ("Briefly"), the main text ("Briefly about yourself") and additional information ("Reasons for pride").

  • Subtitle should consist of one or two sentences that summarize the nature of your business. You can insert main keywords into it. For example, in the corporate account of Texterra in this section it is written: website promotion on the Internet, integrated Internet marketing, content marketing.
  • Main text talks about your company in more detail. It should contain at least 2-3 paragraphs. Include information about what your company is doing, what it has achieved, how many years it has been operating in the market. The main text may also contain links to sections of your website. Again, do not forget about the keywords needed to optimize your page in search results.
  • Additional Information must contain information about your achievements. Here I immediately want to quote Ivan Dorn's famous song: don't be shy, gentlemen! Tell all about your merits. Do not be shy, but do not exaggerate. Let people know what you have achieved and how good you are in your business.

Consider for example the corporate page of the fashion brand H & M:

As you can see, its administrators have taken into account all the above rules, when filling out the "History" section. The section "In a nutshell" consists of only one brief but accurate sentence: "Fashion and quality at the best price." This phrase contains all the necessary keywords ("mod", "quality", "best price") that improve the company's visibility in Google search results.

Section "Briefly about yourself" contains a brief history of the company. It also mentions the names of famous designers who collaborate with this brand - Roberto Cavalli, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney. All this is done in order to increase the credibility of the company in the eyes of potential subscribers.

The administrators of the page also included in this section rules for posting and commenting on posts. They warn that moderators carefully check the content of the page and delete all information that is not relevant to the topic.

For some reason, the company did not fill out the "Reasons for Pride" section.

2) Section "Contact Information"

It must contain the legal address of your company, as well as its telephone numbers. Here you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Just copy the necessary information from your site and paste it into this section. By the way, this is the only section of Google+, in which copy-paste is allowed.

3) Section "Links"

With this section, you can introduce your subscribers to the virtual world of your company. Include links to your website, blog and pages on popular social networks. Here you can also refer to the newsletter subscription page or special offers of your company.

See how the links are decorated on the official page of National Geographic Russia magazine:

4) Cover

The cover of your Google+ account must be branded. Natural landscapes, cats, flowers - all this is allowed only on your personal page, but not on the corporate page (unless these symbols reflect the concept of your brand).

Put on the cover a high-quality photo of your company or pictures of your products, so that, looking at it, readers will immediately recognize your brand. A good addition to the branded cover will be your company's corporate logo.

Check out the official Coca-Cola Google+ account:

As you can see, the administrators of the page created the original cover: they put in one place not one photo, but a whole collage, which, of course, shows the brand drink itself from all angles, as well as the satisfied faces of fans of popular soda.

4 important tools that increase the performance of your Google+ account

Now that you have made all the important settings on your corporate Google+ page, it's time to move on to learning the basic tools that will help you get the most out of this social network. In fact, a lot of them. Consider the most important.

Note: Each of these tools is used to achieve a specific goal. So ask yourself the question: “What do I want to change on my Google+ page?” and choose the appropriate tool based on your answer.

1) Purpose: publish content regularly, but with minimal time.

Tool: Bufferapp

Regular posting is one of the main conditions for promoting your company using Google+. If you publish content on your page only a couple of times a week, you can not hope for good results. You must share new information with your subscribers several times a day.

At the same time, you should not clog your account with excessive advertising. Try to observe the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule:

  • 20% of your posts must be related to information about your company (for example, links to new blog posts, corporate news, product features, etc.);
  • 80% of your posts should link to interesting news relevant to your target audience and industry.

There are many tools that allow you to facilitate the process of managing content on Google+. One of the most popular among them is the Bufferapp application. It is so easy to use that it can be used even by people who are far from social media or beginners who do not understand all their intricacies.

Consider the main advantages of this application:

  • Ability to use for free

The Bufferapp application has a free version, which is endowed with all the features of the full version, but with some limitations. For example, you can post using it only 10 posts per day. However, with the free version you can sync your accounts on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • The ability to create your own schedule of posting

The Bufferapp application allows you to choose the day and exact time of posting your posts. The whole process is carried out automatically. You set the schedule, create a post, select the social network in which you want to post it (in this case Google+), and click the Buffer button. Now you can do other things, or even go to sleep. The application will independently place the desired content at the time you set and on your chosen social network:

  • Browser extension feature

The Bufferapp app will allow you to extend the functionality of popular Internet browsers, be it Google Chrome or Firefox. As soon as you install it into your browser, you will have the "Buffer" button, thanks to which you can quickly and easily post your posts on Google+. For example, you can easily share with your subscribers the page you are currently viewing.

The Bufferapp app also has a feature "highlight and publish", thanks to which it compares favorably with other tools for managing content in social media. Its essence is as follows: you select a sentence or paragraph that interests you, and it automatically appears in the application window. It remains only to click on the "Buffer" button and voila! The selection immediately appears on your Google+ page.

As you can see, the Bufferapp app is just a godsend for Google+ users who want to save their time. However, it has one drawback - the application is available only in English. In principle, there is nothing terrible. Surely in your team there is a person who knows English at least at a basic level. If not, you can use free translators and dictionaries that are full of internet.

2) Goal: make text posts more visible

Tool: keyboard and tips below

Did you know that Google+ allows formatting of text that you post on your pages? Selecting some words with special characters from two sides, you can change their style. Practice shows that posts with selected text are of more interest to the audience than regular posts.

So, you have the opportunity to combine three formatting styles in your publications:

  1. Bold. Use footnote characters (*) around a word or phrase that you want to make bold. And then the phrase * new post * will appear on your page as new post.
  2. Italic. If you insert underscores (_) around a word or phrase, they will acquire an italic: _new post_ = new post.
  3. Text strikethrough. If you insert hyphens around a word or phrase, they will be crossed out: -new post- = new post.

3) Purpose: to follow the history of the distribution of their posts

Tool: Google+ Ripples

Google+ has a built-in tool, Ripples ("Echo"), with which you can find out who shared your posts and commented on them. However, you can only use it if your post is available to all Google+ users, and not just to a limited circle of people. Therefore, select the option "For all" when you post a particular post.

Imagine that you published a new post, and after about a week you wanted to check how popular it was. To do this, simply click on the arrow located in the upper right corner of the post and select the lowest item "View echo" (highlighted in red frame):

You can view the echoes of not only your own, but also of other people's posts, provided that they are publicly available. The sequence of actions in this case will be the same as in the case with your own posts. Consider, for example, one of the posts published in the Erudi community:

Now look at how interesting the distribution scheme for this record is:

Under the scheme there is a schedule of the distribution of the record, as well as some statistical data: the most cited tapes, the average length of the chain, the languages ​​of users who shared the post, and many others:

4) Objective: to expand the network of business contacts

Tool: Recommended Users website

Google+ has a People tab, thanks to which you can find useful contacts. In the "Who to add" section, you will first of all see people you can know, since you have common acquaintances. In the "Recommended" section you will be offered interesting pages in different categories (fashion, music, photography, etc.). For example, in the category "Fashion" you can find pages of famous designers, models, fashion magazines, etc .:

All this is wonderful, but what if you need to find pages of specific specialists, for example, in the field of web design? In this case, you can not do without the help of the Recommended Users site. On its main page there are 26 different categories (bloggers, photographers, journalists, authors and copywriters, graphic designers, etc.), from which you can choose the one that interests you most:

For example, if you select the "Bloggers" category, you will be presented with a list of the most popular Internet bloggers:

Unfortunately, Recommended Users is a foreign site. Therefore, you will again need knowledge of basic vocabulary of the English language or the assistance of a translator, as is the case with the Bufferapp application.

Google+ account: why not

We hope that after reading our article, your attitude towards Google+ will change for the better. If you still do not believe in the effectiveness of this social network, you can start using it just for the sake of interest, to see if it will benefit your business - no financial investments will be required for this. In addition, you do not have to spend a lot of time managing your Google+ page, because there are applications that automatically post content, such as Bufferapp.

To appreciate all the benefits of using Google+, you should post regularly and use all the available features of this social network. But even with this condition, you should not expect immediate results. You will need at least several months of continuous activity on Google+ to notice significant progress.

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