Content marketing revolution has already begun

Content marketing did not appear yesterday, but the development of search technology has led to the fact that it is currently experiencing the most rapid growth in its entire history. The disappearance of barriers to information, caused by the development of the Internet as a whole and search technology in particular, is the main cause of “tectonic” changes in the industry.

In the past, before the advent of the network, business faced three obstacles in trying to publish content in popular publications:

  • The willingness of the audience to respond to information, its credibility. Even a large business had to publish materials exclusively in business publications and specialized media in order for clients to believe the data presented. Today, you just have to create quality content to inspire consumer confidence. The resource on which the material is published plays, in fact, a secondary role.
  • Lack of talent. Large corporations and small businesses faced with the inability to create and publish high-quality materials, since most journalists sought to work exclusively in independent publications. Today, writers, journalists, editors are willing to help representatives of any industry to produce high-quality information materials. Moreover, the majority of new jobs for journalists already appear not in the media, but in business structures or agencies that provide services to companies — look at journalist vacancies, for example, at HH. Journalistic work on business has ceased to be considered a violation of professional ethics.
  • Technology. Creating your own media required huge investments before the advent of the Internet. Today you can start publishing content on a personal business blog, spending only 5 minutes to create it. Using a free blogging platform, you can easily become a publisher.

So, content marketing has changed a lot under the influence of the Internet. However, it is 2013 that will be the date of the beginning of the content marketing revolution. In other words, global changes in content marketing are just beginning.

Below are three events in January of this year that signal the beginning of a large-scale transformation of the industry.

The term "content marketing" has become the dominant industry search query in the foreign segment of the Internet.

A few years ago, English-speaking users of search engines used about 20 different key phrases synonymous to content marketing (for example, "articles promotion") with the same frequency. And only at the beginning of 2013 the search query “content marketing” became dominant, while the competition for this request is constantly growing, the average rate in Google Adwords (targeting only the UK and the USA) for this request reaches $ 30 per transition and is almost it does not fall below 20. That, naturally, speaks of the fierce competition in the still young content marketing market, and the competition - of the demand for content marketing services. At the same time, what is interesting, since 2004, the frequency of the query search marketing falls, and the frequency of the query content marketing is growing. In January 2013, the graphics are as close as possible to each other.

In runet, the search phrase "content marketing" is still inferior in popularity to queries related to search promotion, search engine optimization, content creation, etc. According to the service, users are at times more often using copywriting, seo-optimization, articles promotion, compared with the phrase “content marketing”. However, this situation will change as new and new examples of successful implementation of content marketing strategies appear. Well, the growth dynamics of the content marketing request is, of course, impressive. Obviously, the demand for content marketing services in Russia is only at the start.

Please note that in the English segment of the Internet, the search query "content marketing" came close in terms of frequency of use to the phrase "search marketing." In runet, the phrase "search engine optimization" still remains almost ten times more frequent than the query "content marketing."

Why is the growing popularity of the search phrase "content marketing" on the English-language Internet positive for the industry? Specialists in online business promotion are gradually approaching a consensus in the use of terms. Russian-speaking users of search engines will also use the query "content marketing" more often than other phrases. Even the short and easy to use in the search word "SEO", in general, will lose its relevance. Why?

Let's stop at this and talk separately. In fact, it seems that seo is just an abbreviation: search engine optimization. Will there be search engine optimization? Yes, it will be - this is obvious. But abbreviations (like any other words) have that semantic meaning that we put in them. Under the abbreviation seo is covered not only the "search optimization", but also the methods by which it was achieved. Methods are changing - terminology should also change. And why the methods should change, we have repeatedly written, for example here.

McMurry and TMG have merged to form the largest content marketing agency in the US

Another - and quite important - indicator of the "maturity" of the market are mergers and acquisitions. Here, too, content marketing has it all - already - ok.

In early January of this year, the investment company Wicks Group secured the merger of leading American content marketing agencies McMurry and TMG. The organization formed as a result of the transaction will become the largest player in the US market for content marketing. This is probably not the last merger in the industry - large players will absorb small firms, consolidating resources and technologies in their hands.

The Russian content marketing market is also doomed to take the path of consolidation and consolidation. For example, over the year we have tripled in all key indicators :-)

How content marketing won the guru of the PR industry Richard Edelman

In early January 2013, well-known PR specialist Richard Edelman wrote in his blog: “I have always remained an opponent of blurring the boundaries between advertising and PR. Now I am ready to change my position. I still think that the main task of a business is to work Journalists and bloggers wanted to write about it. But I recognize the emergence of a new, vital industry, whose main goal is to create high-quality content and talk about the business on its behalf. " You say - what we care about some kind of Edelman? And if I add to this that Richard Edelman is the same dude who founded the biggest company in the field of Public Relations, with 66 offices in different countries and more than 4,500 employees worldwide. BUT?

As can be seen from the message, Mr. Edelman talks about corporate storytelling and content marketing. He also notes that "advertising becomes more effective if you can say something important to the client with its help." Yes, yes, yes, we are talking about the intrinsic value of information transmitted on behalf of the brand.

Are employees of a PR agency the best specialists in the development of corporate media and the creation of large volumes of high-quality content? This question remains open. But many companies working in the field of PR, will engage in content marketing in the near future, it is a fact - whether you like it or not.

Future content marketing

So, January 2013 was marked by three events that can be compared with the signal shot of the Aurora during the famous events of 1917. They were the beginning of a revolution in the content marketing industry. What awaits this industry in the near future? Let's take a closer look.

  • Market consolidation will occur not only through the merger of content marketing agencies. Large businesses will actively invest in the purchase and creation of their own online media and newsrooms that work to improve the quality and quantity of information transmitted through the web.
  • The industry will face chaos and confusion when all experts in the field of advertising, SEO, SMM, etc. decide that from now on they are engaged exclusively in content marketing. However, the competition will put everything in its place - only strong and professional players with competence in creating and distributing content will remain on the content marketing market.
  • The shortage of qualified personnel in the field of content marketing will increase even more.
  • The last point requires repetition - the shortage of qualified personnel will further increase.

Content marketing will lead the promotion of business on the Internet and offline to a new level. High-quality and informative articles, reviews, presentations and videos will be the main tool to attract and retain customers.

Are you ready for a change?

Thanks to Joe Pulicci for the stuff. 3 Critical Content Marketing Trends that Signal Big Industry Changes Ahead - we got something from there.

Watch the video: The Digital Marketing Revolution Has Only Just Begun. BCG (October 2019).

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