Myths that make it difficult to achieve results in content marketing

There are many myths associated with content marketing, and they all interfere with a sober look at the work aimed at creating and promoting content on the web. Which of the mythical ideas interfere the most? About this and talk.

Belief in wonderful results

A couple of months ago, on one resource on the Web, I came across a dialogue. A freelance ceo-specialist wrote something like the following: “Everyone says content marketing is power. Nonsense is everything. I’ve been promoting a website and tried to use content marketing. I’ve written an article. he does not, this content marketing. " "Well, at least give me a link to the article" - people ask him. Throws a link.

And it immediately becomes clear why a seo-expert who decided to use the miraculous power of content marketing in promoting a client site did not receive the results.

The article was titled "On Brick" and was a one-page compilation from the Wikipedia sections, wrapped in a solid sheet, without paragraph breakdown, with speech and grammatical errors.

Unfortunately, even if a person created not one, but fifty texts of this kind, even if he began to make them up beautifully, observing accepted formatting rules and selecting cool illustrations, even if he promoted these materials according to all the rules, promoting each of them on the web - it would not give him results. Under no circumstances will the results yield content that:

  • written without an initial in-depth study of the target audience and its interests
  • is a compilation or retelling many times already said
  • does not give the reader new information, ideas
  • not fascinating
  • does not encourage use of the recommendations
  • not credible

Strictly speaking, publishing one article on a site is not content marketing. Even if this article is great. You can not win a fight, once pushed an opponent and, standing with arms folded, arrogantly expect results - that the opponent will rise, recognize your technicality and crumble in compliments. Around us, the Network - a boundless sea of ​​information, in which every hour, everyone participating in the swimming, adds a grain of "salt" - hot, interesting information that people are reading and waiting for. One, even a beautifully written article will not make the weather - it will simply drown in a sea of ​​content that multiplies exponentially around us.

Content marketing is like a watch factory. From the very beginning, you need to understand that you are here, in the information sea, for a long time, that your task is not to write one class article or one supermaterial every three months, your task is systematic daily work on creating and promoting content that attracts your audience. and - most importantly - every day gains her trust. Only if you can solve this most difficult task in content marketing - to give people confidence in your business - you have the right to hope for results. Only a loyal audience representative can be converted into a client.

Content = content marketing

This is not true. Not just to publish texts in the blog, but to engage in a complex of works aimed at the development of the site - that's what's important today. We can not ignore the factors affecting search engine marketing on the Internet. Creating a wide semantic core and competent query processing in the texts, correct linking, constant work on improving the user characteristics of the site - without this, it is difficult to achieve the expected results.

In other words, you need to do not even content marketing, you need to do a comprehensive promotion of sites.

Weather make selling texts

Content marketing becomes completely useless if you start with a bad foundation. The foundation is quality content. This is another popular myth - that the so-called "selling" texts, that is advertising texts, work. Do not strive to create advertising content, do not strive to encourage and persuade people to buy, do not praise your brand head on, do not try to elicit a response in people with the help of articles consisting of selling slogans. It will not work: the audience is endlessly tired of “pushing”. The best advertisement is communication with your audience in a trustful manner, an attempt to understand its problems and a desire to offer help in solving them. A loyal, trusting audience is the goal of your content marketing strategy.

Easy, fast and without investment

We say that the main path of development is an investment in quality content. But we never say that you can achieve results easily and quickly. No, you need to prepare for a long, sometimes tedious job that will bear fruit not immediately, but after gaining a "critical mass" - only after at least 50 good materials are created for the site, you can begin to hope for a result. Yes, the implementation of content marketing strategy takes time and investment. But these are modern market conditions - today we can safely say that there is only one way to get leads in search marketing - the constant improvement of user characteristics of the site. And doing it at the expense of high-quality content is the most obvious way.

Lack of ideas kills content marketing

Real content marketing starts when everything is written by you. When you drew up a single content plan and wrote all the articles you’ve planned, when it seems to you that you have “completely exhausted yourself”. From this moment everything is just beginning.

When does a real business start? When the owner has satisfied his basic financial needs. After that, the decisive moment comes - the check: will he go further, will he find an inner motivation to do his thing further, or is there no longer anything to fight for? If the desire to do business in it lives on the level of an idea, it will go on, and this will already be a real business. Unable to destroy the idea. With content marketing as well - working with an audience is a global idea. If this work really becomes an idea for you, then everything will be fine - you will go further, you will understand that the shortage of topics is only a superficial problem, which is seen by those who have not dug deeper. Yes, in many subjects the circle of ideas is really limited. But on the other hand, other things are not limited: your vision of a problem, your ability to analyze, your thoughts on a given occasion — all this is individual. Only one thing is important - to constantly add something new to the sea of ​​information with your content.

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