I do not want to wait six months! How to accelerate the receipt of traffic, if you have just started to engage in content marketing?

You have recently launched a blog. They wrote a couple of dozens of high-quality expert articles. Created groups in social networks. They spoiled the beautiful and bright form of subscription to the newsletter. And as there was no traffic and no. What to do?

In fact, you have two options for solving this problem:

  1. Continue to work on your site, following the recommendations of search engines, write interesting and useful materials, be active in social networks and wait patiently. After such actions, the traffic will appear exactly, but not immediately. As a rule, more or less weighty results appear after six months.
  2. Perform all of the above steps and try other, faster ways. For example, create viral content or start interacting with leading experts in your field.

I think I will not miss if I assume that you are more interested in the second option, because you already read this article. Guess what? Then here's a couple of links to articles about viral content - tyk and tyk. But about the interaction with the experts let's talk in more detail.

general information

The method that will be discussed in this article is as follows: you find outstanding experts in your field, successful bloggers and just people who have a large audience of readers, and ask them to share your content on their sites. Wait a minute to spit, that's not all :) This is not a guest posting, which has recently ceased to be legal, and not a waste of time. This method is free (yes, this is possible even in RuNet, imagine) and can really give a good impetus to the development of your online business, especially at first. All you need to do is follow our instructions and believe in your success. Forgive me for the banality, but the one who believes that “the method is crap, but okay, so be it, I will try,” is unlikely to achieve anything worthwhile.

Step number 1. Make a list of influential people

Usually this step is not difficult. After all, those who have come to Internet marketing can count the sites that are close to them on the subject (not in the sense that they are few, but that they are well known to everyone). “These guys are really cool, they are not yet better in our field,” “But these are our direct competitors, but their blog is really smart,” and so on. If you can not do this, it is very, very bad. This means that you have not conducted or conducted an incomplete audit of your site. And how do you plan to move on the Internet without knowing your colleagues in the niche? Well, let's say you know the experts of your niche, but even that is not enough.

Your list should include only those bloggers who meet the following two conditions:

  1. These people should have your target audience and relevant topics.. This means that bloggers who write about website promotion do not need to offer content with tips for freelancers, and a leading blog on cooking has articles about cars. Yes, of course, among your Central Asia, there may also be young women housewives, only one misfortune - a normal adequate blogger would never refer to an article that is not suitable for him on the subject, and even from some little-known site.
  2. These people should benefit from your content.. As we have repeatedly said in our blog, there are no miracles in Internet marketing. You can’t start your blog today and get recognized by an outstanding blogger tomorrow. Those experts to whom you are planning to write, spent a lot of time and effort to build a relationship with your audience, and certainly will not waste your time if you offer them weak, uninteresting, or even just no outstanding content. So remember: your materials must be of the highest quality. They must be so good that the blogger himself wants to share them (in order to get traffic and natural links).

As soon as you understand and realize the two previous points, you can start drawing up a list. Since you will be accessing a large number of people, it is very important to record and store all the data in one place in order not to get confused and do not accidentally make a mistake. To do this, I recommend that you use the following table (for example, on our subject "Internet marketing"):

As soon as you have compiled a list of the necessary and, most importantly, suitable people, you can proceed to the next step.

Step number 2. We begin to interact

Before we proceed to the description of this step, answer one question - why do you create content? I hope your answer will be roughly the following - "to grow your business", "increase the number of clients / profit". If you said something similar, great - in the essence of content marketing, you figured out thoroughly.

And besides that, what else pushes you to write high-quality materials? Okay, I will not torment you. In 99% of cases, bloggers are driven by another feeling - they like to be useful and receive thanks for their work.

Every blogger likes his content to have an impact on readers.

We will use this simple feature of the human body at the stage of rapprochement with experts. Go through the best articles of bloggers from your list and leave comments for them (and not just “thank you for the article” or “dude, you rule”, but normal meaningful phrases with your real photo and name). Join their groups in social networks. Share their articles on your pages.

The minimum you must do:

  • Become a follower of these people on Twitter, Facebook and Vkontakte
  • Write at least two personal tweets
  • Write at least two meaningful comments on their blog.
  • At least two times share their articles on their pages on social networks

All your actions must be entered in the table.

Despite the fact that you have to do a lot, I recommend that you do not limit yourself to the number of bloggers. Let it be 50-100 people (if you have such a number of experts in your niche). The more you flash on the Internet, the better.

Step number 3. We write a competent email

After you have done all of the above, you can move on to the most important thing - writing a personal email with a small, completely non-burdensome request. And here, the main thing is not to hurry. The outcome of all your actions will depend on how this letter is composed. Ideally, your message should contain the following elements (for example, on our subject "Internet marketing"):

Please note that there is no direct link to this article. The author offers the blogger the freedom to choose: if interested, I will send a link; if not - well, no big deal. This technique is very effective. You do not poke your nose with your “great content”, but give a person the right to make a decision himself. And if he responds to your email and asks for a link, psychologically you will win - after all, he asked you about it!

What else should be noted in this letter is a competent description of the essence of the proposal. "Valuable article", "Such information is nowhere on the Internet", "No one will disclose it, but I will reveal it here." Did you get the impression that the material is really exclusive? I dare to suggest that yes.

Step number 4. We answer all comments

After you send out your letters, the answers will fall down. Someone will refuse your proposal, someone will agree, someone stupidly loses his favor. Of the 50 people can agree only 10 or even 5, but even this result can be considered excellent. 5 ideological leaders, the best representatives of the niche, drew attention to you and agreed to help (not without benefit for themselves, of course). This is commendable, but you should not relax.

As soon as bloggers publish your content, you should track and respond to everything comments to them. Active discussion of articles is an incentive that forces users to return to the site time after time. Plus, this is a great way to start a direct interaction with your target audience.

Do not underestimate the power of comments, especially when you are just at the beginning of your journey.

Step number 5. We continue to grow

So, the bloggers published your articles, you responded to all the comments to them, received attention from your target audience, increased traffic - it seemed to be a hat, you achieved what you wanted, you can finish with this ... No! It's only the beginning!

Did the bloggers post your Facebook content? You can benefit from it even more. Tell about this significant event on your Facebook page and do not forget to put a link to the name of the blogger. Thanks to the latest update of the algorithm, this action will give you access to its subscribers.

Comment on articles on popular thematic blogs and, if possible, give them links to their most powerful materials. Have you heard of such a reception? Of course yes. Applied? And here the answer is not so clear. Now I will show you by my example how it works and why it is really worth doing.

A couple of days ago I came across a material called “29 free services for every internet marketer” on Siliconrus, a very popular site in runet. I ran over it with my eyes - I did not find anything interesting for myself. But the topmost comment caught me:

Judging by the number of likes of a comment, this material was not particularly useful to users, so I did not hesitate to advise my own, which objectively is more useful:

Since the comment was added, the article gained 210 views, and this figure continues to grow. Not bad for a five minute action, right? And most importantly, judging by the web browser, people actually read this article and even follow other links.

All these minor actions are important. With them, you not only accelerate the process of increasing traffic, but also increase your credibility, brand recognition, start word of mouth, in the end. If you will create expert unique content (unique not in terms of testing in Advego Plagiatus, but in terms of its novelty and usefulness for readers) and being active on all channels to attract customers, you will succeed much faster than most of your competitors. And in less than a year, ideological leaders themselves will write to you and seek advice.

Watch the video: Creative Ways to Build a Brand - Gary Vaynerchuk Client Consultation (April 2020).


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