Why educators succeed in content marketing

In the process of building a team to implement content marketing strategies, brands and agencies often face the problem of a shortage of qualified personnel. Business almost always needs editors, content strategists, and copywriters. However, experts with relevant specialization and expertise enter the labor market quite rarely. To solve the problem of shortage of personnel, some brands rely on journalists. They rightly assume that a person who can write for offline editions will be able to restructure and write effectively for online publications. However, the number of professional journalists in the labor market is also limited. But business should not despair. Practice confirms that teachers are often the best members of the teams working in the field of content marketing.

Content marketing is a pedagogical discipline.

Content marketing involves training potential and existing customers. And who, if not the teacher, knows that in order to successfully master the material, the student must first get rid of the wrong beliefs. Therefore, former teachers do an excellent job with the task of destroying the client’s familiar worldview. By preparing the consumer, teachers can use the content to teach them new patterns of behavior. They manage the needs of the audience and form a request for information, products and ways to interact with the company.

The next time you increase the number of content marketing team, hire a specialist with pedagogical education. He compensates for the lack of experience in business with other knowledge and skills that are important for successful interaction with customers. Teachers in most cases become successful content marketers for a number of reasons, the main ones are listed below.

1. Teachers can explain

Most educators can explain well. The explanation is among the most important didactic methods. It is important that teachers are able to explain complex phenomena with words that even a child can understand. Believe me, it is more difficult to explain to the first grader why autumn is coming after the summer than to explain to the consumer the correlation between the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve and the rates of currencies of developing countries.

Teachers have the ability to empathize, which is very important for effective explanation. An empathic specialist picks up how well the audience understands his words. Therefore, he can quickly make the necessary changes to the content marketing strategy. In addition, teachers can quickly answer questions from the audience. They instantly explain why the snow falls in winter or what the clock frequency of the gaming PC processor should be. They also know how to use questions from students or clients to increase the effectiveness of the learning process.

2. Teachers can plan

If we talk about domestic teachers, they have to plan more than to teach. Each teacher who has worked at school for at least a year masterfully knows how to make a lesson outline. It is a sin not to use this planning skill when composing a content plan or editorial calendar.

What is very important, teachers do an excellent job of creating study plans for the week, month, quarter, or school year. Having obtained such a specialist, a brand or agency will forever get rid of the problem with the conditional name “I don’t know what to write about.” In addition, teachers are able to control the implementation of plans. Therefore, business, hiring a teacher, practically gets rid of the problem of non-compliance with the terms.

3. Teachers know how to do research.

Teachers are proficient in various methods of pedagogical research, including observation, experiment, interviewing, questioning, focus groups, etc. Should I talk about the value of research in content marketing?

It is important that teachers are able not only to obtain the necessary information, but also to use it for making and implementing decisions. Therefore, brands that have teachers on staff always know how to use current market trends in the interests of business.

4. Teachers know the price of a system approach.

Professional marketers are often guilty of searching for brilliant ideas, golden copywriting formulas, trouble-free recipes for creating slaughter headers, etc. Teachers do not waste time on such nonsense. They are well aware that the student will not solve the quadratic equation until he masters the course of arithmetic.

Therefore, teachers create solid long-term content plans and fulfill them by rolling up their sleeves. They do not expect quick results, but they can capitalize on marketing efforts. Over time, they demonstrate an exponential growth in attendance, transactions, or other metrics, while their colleagues without teacher education continue to look for magical formulas.

5. Teachers learn quickly

At school, each of you must have come across a situation where a physics teacher replaced a Russian language teacher. Well, what problems can a physicist have if only a dictation is needed? The most interesting thing is that later a grateful Russian teacher should thank a colleague and conduct a physics lesson instead. And it does not matter that high school students are just studying something about the oscillating circuit and the spectrum of resonant frequencies. The teacher will master the necessary information during the break.

The ability to quickly learn is indispensable in content marketing. Imagine a content strategist planning a marketing campaign for a new customer. The marketer must understand the features of his business and product and become an expert in a new field. Very often, this is only possible for a specialist with pedagogical education.

6. Teachers are accustomed to battles for attention.

The main task of the marketer is to involve the potential consumer in the interaction with the brand and motivate him to perform certain actions. The main task of the teacher is to captivate the student and inspire him with the idea of ​​self-study of the subject. Teachers working in the field of content marketing are well aware that the audience does not want to listen to intrusive advertising and a boring transfer of the qualities of the goods. Clients and students react to uninteresting information almost equally. The first ones close the site, and the second ones switch attention to the fly flying under the ceiling.

Good teachers can manage the attention of the audience. For this, it is enough for them to interest the student or client in the subject of the conversation. In fact, this is where the work of the teacher and the marketer ends. Interested, consumers and students will ask questions themselves, look for the right information and perform useful actions.

7. Teachers create strong emotional connections.

Usually, people warmly remember their school years and enjoy going to alumni meetings. Many adult uncles and aunts dream to return to the past and again sit at the school desk. Believe me, this is the merit of the teachers, at least some of them. Good teachers teach and educate children so that they always consider school years as the best time of life. They emotionally associate students with each other and with themselves, and these connections persist for decades.

Emotional connections between the brand and consumers are key success factors in content marketing. They provide loyalty to the audience, for which many companies are ready to give a lot. Therefore, consider yourself lucky if there is a teacher in your company who is able to work with the emotions of the audience.

Content, training and successful marketing

Audience education is one of the most important components of content marketing. Therefore, forming a team of marketers, be sure to include specialists with pedagogical education and teaching experience. They know how to explain complex phenomena in simple language, plan marketing campaigns, explore and inspire the audience. Teachers can create emotional connections between your business and customers.

By the way, teachers work at Texterra. And they do not just work, but they do an excellent job even with the most difficult tasks. Does your company have vacancies for teachers?

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