Be above link buying: enjoy the long-term benefits of content marketing

Content marketing gives you more than just natural inbound links. It develops your brand, which in the long term will provide you with a number of links that you could not even dream of without using the development strategy and promotion of a site built on high-quality content.

No matter how strange it may sound, but giving up excessive attention to incoming links will end up with more “right” links — natural ones from reputable resources. True, with time.

High-quality content marketing guarantees your site the growth of the natural link mass. Increasing the number of resources that link to you will give you four additional benefits that can be considered useful side-effects of content marketing. Use these advantages to dramatically reduce the cost of external search engine optimization, or even reduce them to zero.

  1. Content Marketing and Increasing Targeted Traffic

Create up-to-date and interesting content on your site, to which popular resources will link. This will increase your site traffic and improve behavioral factors (for example, the rate of pages viewed per visitor). High-quality and interesting content posted on other platforms, reputable in your industry, increases the number of "direct" visits to your resource.

After implementing the Penguin algorithm by Google, think about increasing the natural link mass. Most likely, the introduction of a similar algorithm should be expected soon in Yandex.

How to find resources and post interesting content on them:

  • First, assessing the resource, pay attention to the activity of its audience. Look at the number of RSS subscribers, statistics system indicators, the number and quality of comments. If readers actively discuss published materials and share links to them on social networks, the site can be considered authoritative.
  • Secondly, study the needs of the selected resource before starting work. Cooperate with the administration of the site you like to understand what materials its audience will appreciate. Enter into correspondence with the editors, try to reveal the true details of the resource.
  • Finally, engage professional copywriters with expertise in your field. If you have the expertise, work closely on the text with the involved copywriter. Remember that people will not read the text for the sake of "beautiful words in the only correct order," they need expert opinion on this particular subject, they need information. Give them new knowledge, satisfy their needs - and the material will not only be read by a large number of people, but will probably give a significant number of repubitions.
  1. Take advantage of social networks

Social networks are one of the easiest search tools for contacting your target audience. Networks allow you not only to quickly distribute content, but also help to adapt it to the needs of small communities of potential customers, the existence of which you did not even realize.

You will significantly increase the credibility of your business if you manage to constantly create content that users will share with each other on social networks.

How to adapt content to social networks:

  • Use the sharing buttons on social networks on each page of your site. But do not overdo it - just place the icons of several networks, the most popular among the representatives of your target group.
  • Think about how your content will look like in the news feeds of social network users. Use "selling" headings and description meta tags to increase the number of links to your site from online resources.
  • The most popular social networks display illustrations to the materials in the news feeds. Therefore, pay attention to photos and infographics, which you illustrate your content.

In addition, take advantage of targeted advertising to network users.

  1. Create conditions for immediate conversion.

Quality content not only tells potential clients about your business, but also increases conversion. Website conversion is an act of user confidence. Naturally, high-quality and useful content increases trust, and, consequently, conversion.

However, the increase in conversion needs to be thought of separately. How to create conditions for increasing conversion?

Give the user the opportunity to take a step towards your company on every page of the site.

  • Make sure that readers of your blog or site can easily subscribe to RSS or email newsletter.
  • Collect the email addresses of your readers, providing them access to exclusive content after registering on the site.
  • Use calls to action when publishing visual or textual content. For example, include a call to action in the infographic.
  1. Encourage brand support by users.

Each text you create is an opportunity to draw new people into the orbit of your company and make them part of your audience. The growing number of subscribers and active readers increases the likelihood that your content will be shared.

When Internet users share your content, they not only support and distribute what you are talking about, but also form and strengthen your company's brand. A strong brand provides an increase in the number of customers and sales.

How to encourage users supporting your brand:

  • Do not limit yourself to reading comments on your articles and reviews. Always reply to every reader, even if he has just written “Thank you” or “Author’s Joor”.
  • Provide readers the ability to quickly and easily comment on the material or subscribe to updates. Do not force him to fill out long forms, specify unnecessary data for you, use “human” captcha (better to spend more time to delete spam comments than to lose the useful and necessary captcha through the fault).
  • Let the reader community participate in the creation of your content. A person who has made efforts to create something will willingly share the results of his work with friends. Are you still trying to understand what content your readers are interested in? Let them tell you about it. Dialogue with your readers.
  • Publish user-generated content (for example, product reviews or product specifications), questions from users. Even a negative comment from a user can be turned to his advantage (although this topic is for a separate article).


    Long-term marketing strategy

    Avoid losing the relevance of campaigns for the purchase of a large number of links with low-quality donors. These links tend to fall out of the index several months after being posted, and in order to keep — and moreover increase — your search traffic, you have to spend more and more on the reference budget. This is a reference needle. This is running in a circle. By the way, a large number of purchased links threaten your site with sanctions after the introduction of the Google Penguin algorithm.

    Use a long-term marketing strategy that will always work for you. Remember the benefits of content marketing if you are interested in not just external links, but website traffic, conversion rate and development of your business. The main goal of the marketing strategy, which does not depend on changes in search algorithms, is to make your company visible and useful for consumers, as well as to stand out from the organizations procuring links to HS and writing texts for robots.

    Unique and user-friendly content is an effective way to increase brand awareness and credibility. Thus, the use of content marketing ensures the long-term success of your business.

    Watch the video: Content Marketing Strategy: Owning vs Renting Your Content Marketing (February 2020).


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