In RuNet a little more than 35,000 normal customers. What to do with the rest?

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Sometimes it seems to me that something strange happens in the digital environment: everything mixes, but is not stirred (as in a James Bond cocktail). And something just spills past the glass.

Recently at the conference an old colleague approached me with a question about content. Already a classic question, by the way, it takes second place in my ranking after a question about the uniqueness of product descriptions.

How to prove to the client that it is necessary to write "human" texts, if a) the client wants to be in the TOP and b) all competitors from TOP on the websites have SEO-keys on them full of keys.

That is, the content may be the king, but it seems that search engines still do not know.

Honestly, I advise you to do as competitors. That is, close your eyes to "humanity" and send all the texts to the fullest, as the SEO officer will say.

Horror, yes?

Not at all. Logics. Let's go through the chain of reasoning, and you will agree with me. She is short, go far.

  • This is a production company, the product they have utterly boring - metal structures.
  • This is B2B, that is, wholesale deliveries. This means that the topic “how to use” and “something with your own hands there” also virtually disappears. Interesting content to do about it. Prices, specifications, news.
  • Most importantly: it is not known what the site brings to the client. There is a suspicion that he does not know at all why he needs a website.
  • Channels do not monitor at all. Even if there are more calls coming from the site, they won't notice it. Well, only if suddenly the number of calls grows 10-20 times.
  • But the TOP client is able to check. And there are competitors.
  • Conclusion: not in the horse feed. Too much mountain needs to be moved for the same money.

This client is not ready for internet at all. Let her get her TOP and be happy. (And even if it will be a personalized TOP on the low-frequency request - he will be happy anyway).

If, before starting the development of the site, all customers passed the test on the topic of "Internet marketing" ... oh, how fun everything would be for everyone.

This is a parallel universe.

This question (how to prove to the client) is asked to me at almost every event.


No, of course you can and need to prove. We want sites to respond to people's needs, not robots' algorithms. But you will have to rely on statistics (which is virtually non-existent) and sales dynamics in offline (which is not shown to you - not from harm, but because they do not always know how to count it. Well, or from harm).

I know that now all advanced SEOs and Internet marketers will begin to prove that everything is not so bad that everything can be considered, and their customers are not at all like that.

Good, good, don't worry like that. Your customers are the right ones. Just a few of them. If you mix, without shaking, the right customers will be a small olive on the edge of a huge glass of other, uninteresting and unpromising customers, who are screened out in serious agencies at the KP stage.

Glass size

The world is running out of available IP addresses. Back in 2012, every 60 seconds, 571 websites were created. The other day (November 5, 2015) the number of domains in the RU zone exceeded 5 million.

At the same time, SEO companies from the TOP-100 in the Runet Rating (2014) together have a total of 21,424 clients. By the way, about as many domains grow in the RU zone in 1 (one!) Month.

The companies from the second echelon, on average, have no more than 60-80 clients for whom it is not a shame. (According to the Rating Runet for 2014). That is, the range of another 8-10 thousand projects. In total, there will be more than 35,000 (round up all assumptions in plus).

Of the five million, you must immediately subtract half - dead and non-commercial sites. Another half of the remaining half - seoshnye doorways, carousel sites, exchange and monetizator projects. And even if you divide the remainder in half again, it will be more than 35+ thousand sites whose owners have at least understood something about Internet marketing.

And all the rest still have to prove that the quality of the site and meaningful actions to promote in fact will help their business.

Recently we were told that "Digital died". For these customers, he was not born yet.

(The calculations are more than rough, but even if I was mistaken for 100-200 thousand ...)

Positive drop

Let's put onion instead of olives in a cocktail: a portion of common sense. By the way, the onion is a signal for the bartender: the client has good taste.

So, we think positively.

First of all, this is an excellent foundation for the future: there will be enough work for all and for a long time.

Secondly, this is an opportunity: see how many customers you can completely wash out (in a good way) brains and lay the right ideas about Internet marketing. At first it will be difficult, but then - no resistance!

How to deal with these customers? Exam at the start.

Blunt instruction to survey a potential customer

  • Why do you need a website?
  • Oh, are you sure? Hurray, we go further.
  • Who are you interested in as a client? The decision maker, his IT specialist, purchaser, manager ...
  • Or maybe a few different ones? You think it happens often.

For each type of customer:

  • How quickly does your client decide?
  • How well is he aware of your product?
  • Can a sale (or other final action) ever occur on the Internet?
  • If not - what action can we get from your client on the Internet?
    • Introductory stage (find out if this product is suitable for me).
    • The choice of the artist / seller (and let us send you the price).
    • Decision making (send KP and call, discuss).
    • Final action (make an appointment).
  • What can we do with it later?

The most important:

  • How do we know that the site has helped you with sales? Let's see.
  • Maybe it is easier to make a business card site, and the main part of the work on attracting clients to conduct outside the site (SMM, content marketing, newsletters)?
  • Or is it better for you to call around sleeping clients?

Here you lose 80% of interlocutors :)

Bad habit, probably, is to start from the basics. Immediately it became difficult and boring, right?

It would be more interesting to write an article about how important unique texts are in the product catalog, or how to convince a customer that he needs selling texts. Answers: not important and no way. But there are always nuances.

P.S. If on this list to examine your work projects, how many will pass through a sieve? Do you know your customers well?

The material was prepared by Katerina Eroshina,
Mad Seal Editor

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