Why copywriters do not like Ilyahov


My name is Sergey Korol, I am an editor and commercial writer.

I have been writing text for money since 2006. During this time, I managed to work with different companies: from small startups with Facebook instead of the site to Yandex and Russian Post. I have a blog of average popularity, sometimes they even call to speak at profile conferences. In short, I am an ordinary editor, of which there are hundreds and thousands.

I am happy to follow the activities of my colleagues: I read books and blogs, listen to speeches, am in communities on social networks. And I notice that everywhere the controversy flares up between the two professional groups of copywriters. For simplicity, I will call the group the old and the new schools.

I refer to the old school of professionals who have been working for a long time and write selling texts.In the new school I will write down Maxim Ilyakhov and his students: graduates of the school of editors and subscribers of the Glavred mailing list.

It seems that there is a strong ideological contradiction between the old and the new school, it even comes down to insults. The former accuse the latter of sectarianism and excessive regulation of the language. The second states: selling copywriting is quackery, which will soon go into oblivion.

I think I understand why Maxim Ilyakhov is so annoyed by representatives of the old school of copywriting.

1. Method is more important than personal style.

Marketing copywriters sell their experience, unique style. They declare: I write in a unique, tasty, interesting way
few can.
In the new school they write the same way, in the info-style. The text is often not visible to the author. It is not clear, this is the text of Maxim Ilyakhov or a skilled subscriber of his newsletter.

The old school can be understood: if the style is unimportant, then why ask for money? If both the master and the student write the same, then the economical customer will most likely go to the student. And how can a master explain his huge fees?

Information style and Illyakhov method is not suitable for everyone. For many, it causes rejection. Rewrite text several times? Edit the already prepared and published material? Ease away in the details, swear with the illustrator about the pictures? It is much more comfortable to work as before, especially if the customer does not object. You have a name, subscribers in social networks put likes.

And Ilyahahovtsy have a pyramid of professionalism.

2. The Pyramid of Professionalism

Do you want to be a selling professional copywriter? Name yourself and get started. At best, finish some courses.At the head of the info style is Maxim Ilyakhov. He alone knows how canonical. You did not study at the school of editors, but do you consider yourself a copywriter in info style? Look askance at you. Even the definition of stop words in the Bureau is considered their invention.

Among Ilyakhovtsev popular model editor and students, a real pyramid of professionalism. Glavred is always Maxim, less often - his best students. All others write and rewrite under their leadership.

The manual is usually tough, in the style: “I will rape you several times, and you will say“ More, more! “”. This is hardly suitable for uncles with two Mercedes. Will some guy teach me how to?

A new school cannot be built in "from above," only from below. This is similar to emigration by a refugee. We'll have to rent a tiny apartment, relearn, work for little money under external supervision. And maybe in years you will break out into people. Or maybe not.

3. Examples of work - forward

Sales copywriters usually declare: "My texts bring millions! Sorry, I can not show you examples and I will not name customers - I promised to keep everything secret"Maxim responds: "I created a promotional page for Dodo-Pizza, and the number of applications has doubled." Work examples? You are welcome!

Sadly, but a fact - representatives of the old school boast nothing special. Most often they talk about their achievements without reference. Most of their products are books and courses in the style of "I earned millions on how to teach other people to make millions."

Less commonly the site lists the logos of different companies (like Peter Panda, for example). But it is not clear who all these guys are, what task they solved for them. "Rollton" here why? Did you work or eat?

I also noticed that large, well-known companies rarely come to copywriters for text. If I'm wrong, correct me in the comments.

4. Use is more important than selling text.

"Texts for trade presentations should be emotional. They should have enough" lubrication "to" push through "selling arguments and instructions into the reader's brain" - by God, I did not invent it.The informational style states: the text should have a benefit for the reader. The reader will see the meaning and will himself conclude: he needs to buy, click or read.

It seems that the selling text came to the Internet from the shaggy nineties, when the first copywriters began to adapt the bad Western slogans "under the soviet mentality." Now more and more people feel only rejection to him. Ate!

On the other hand, I see more and more self-made editors in the info-style. They catch up with the text for dozens of "Glavred," torment customers with Camp talks, but they still write disgustingly.

So it turns out the dinosaur battle with soulless cyborgs.

5. Multiwriter copywriter

In the old school it’s taken like this: the copywriter comes up with the idea and writes the text, and then sends it to the customer in the dock-file.Ilyakhovets can also make up a website, set up a newsletter, and draw a poster.

Everyone knows "Glavred" Maxim Ilyakhov. But few people know that he personally programmed its main part. Well, yes, I wrote the code directly on regular expressions. In addition, he can, for example, create a magazine design. And then for him to write redpolitiku.

Making big, important things in one piece is not shaking the microphone at a conference (I'm talking to myself now). Such work can really bring millions of rubles, and honestly earned.

I have never seen selling multi-copy copywriters. Perhaps I do not know well the professionals in this environment - I will be glad if you show me worthy things that they have done entirely.


I don’t want the reader to come up with the following conclusion: selling copywriters are charlatans, Ilyakhovtsy are knights in shining armor.

The criteria above apply to a true professional in any environment: from selling copywriting to the painter finisher. The main thing - to realize them for yourself and accept, in part or in full.

Otherwise, there is nothing to do in the profession.

Editorial note: It would be unfair if they did not add Denis Kaplunov's otvetku. We give it without abbreviations, in the author's edition.

Denis Kaplunov's answer to the article

I sit in the restaurant "Katyusha" on Nevsky, waiting for an order and write about it.

Remark 1

In martial arts and other martial schools there is an excellent saying: "It is not a style or a school that wins, but a master."

Remark 2

I do not understand the association of the "old" and "new" schools. Yes, this is the opinion of the author (and well done, that expresses it openly) - but this is just the opinion of the author.

There are no schools, for the text is not primary. First comes the product, the audience and the task of the text. And only then the author makes a decision - what tools to operate in this or that case.

Take the audience of managers of construction companies - there is one approach. And this is pure b2b.

Let's look at the audience of the organizers of educational events - this is a completely different client audience.

Remark 3

Any published article should be viewed not through the prism of the first emotion, but with the help of the good old technique (which people will live as long as they live). "Five why" - often enough and three "why?"

First we ask the question "Why is this article written?". Everyone responds to himself on the basis of what opinion he has. The next step is to ask "Why?" already to the thought formulated in the answer. And so to do, until you reach the thought, which by definition does not need "why?"

Remark 4

Personally, I love it when authors do not engage in provocations, but share their new discoveries. For example, I now love the technique of the title and subtitle under the code name "MS Title" (the model is shown in the picture).

It does not fit under any bearded tactics, but performs all the functions of the header, provided that the desired target is sent to it.

Wrote about this in his latest book, "Neurocopwriting."

And, as you can see, the illustration is designer, handles with handles - this is our illustrator (5 years of art school + 5 years of academic education).

Why be a multi-gun? You can attract talents from other spheres and help the client to solve a common task.

After all, we do not show off, and help the client. This is holy.

Therefore, let's better develop the market - only everyone will benefit from it.


Now an interesting question - you read so much text (and it was not abandoned). And I didn’t rule him, but simply wrote what I think - with my brain, my heart and the politeness instilled from childhood.

Why did this happen? That was the first reason.

And while you start having fun with the rest of “why,” I will attack the delicious beetroot soup, enticing “coat” with a lightly salted North Sea fish and the invigorating drink “Triple Citrus”.

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