How to solve problems in sales that marketers blame

Almost every organization had such a story: at the planning meeting, management and employees looked for those responsible for the failure of the sales plan. And in almost every company, the marketing department was ever guilty. The management of the company and the sellers hung all the dogs on marketing, and they fought back. They say that our work is not about selling at all, or rather about selling, but not about us. From this article, you will find out if the typical allegations against marketers are true and how to solve the problems they are accused of.

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How sellers complain about marketers

Charges to marketers by sellers is a typical situation for most companies. Salesmen constantly think that while they pull out another deal with their teeth, marketers play “Farm Frenzy” in social networks and correspond with friends. In turn, marketers think that salespeople can’t talk normally with a customer and persuade him to buy something, therefore they negate all their efforts in SMM, branding and product positioning.

Charges to sellers are worthy of separate material, and typical sales charges against marketing specialists are listed below:

  • They don't give us leads at all.
  • They give us old leads.
  • They give us cold leads.
  • They give us untargeted and unqualified leads.
  • They are generally busy not clear what.

These charges deserve detailed attention.

Not enough leads

Is it true that marketers are responsible for ensuring that the sales department receives a sufficient number of leads? Yes, definitely. If during a meeting you are accused of having no leads, this means that the marketing department and the sales department have different views on the required number of leads, as well as on the definition of the target lead.

A lead is an active action of a potential consumer, creating conditions or initiating interaction with the seller. Leads can be called registration, subscriptions, calls, emails, visits to the office, etc.

Marketers can solve this problem by working hand in hand with sellers. The sales team must determine what can be considered the target qualified lead. Also, sellers and marketers must agree on how many leads are necessary to fulfill the sales plan. After that, each unit will be responsible for its front work. The management of the company will have the opportunity to follow at what stage the sales are stalled: during lead generation or lead processing.

Old leads and cold leads

Lida become outdated when the potential consumer has changed needs. For example, yesterday a reader could subscribe to your comprehensive internet marketing newsletter. And today, he has already decided that he will attract customers exclusively through contextual advertising, as he was convinced of the effectiveness of this tool.

Lida remain cold, if a potential client did not have time to realize their needs. For example, if a customer joined your group on Facebook yesterday, this does not mean that he is ready to buy your product today.

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Do sellers have the right to blame marketers for getting old and cold leads? Yes, except when the leads become obsolete and cool down due to the fault of salespeople.

To avoid these charges, marketers must accompany the lead and transfer it to the sales department hot. This primarily refers to the leads, which are generated through some Internet channels: social networks, newsletters, webinars.

For example, a potential customer who joined a public or subscribed to the newsletter, in most cases is not yet ready to buy. He lacks engagement: the very abstract indicator, which is difficult to explain and measure, but which no one else can be engaged in raising except for marketers. New publications, letters, comments, questions and answers, "likes" - and now the potential client is ready to ask questions to the sellers and listen to the answers to them. He is involved.

Unqualified leads

- Yes, they do not even know what we sell!

- They ask children's questions that we have no time to answer.

- These customers have not yet matured to our products.

If seylzy during the planning meetings talk about this, then you generate unqualified leads. For example, if a customer contacts the sales department and asks to promote the site by position, this is an unqualified lead. Can marketers be blamed for this problem? Yes of course.

If salespeople will be engaged in an educational program, explaining common truths to potential customers, they will not have time to sell. They will spend efforts on users who do not need the company's product.

To solve this problem, the marketing department should raise customer awareness, educate and train him. Integrated efforts involve studying the needs and level of consumer knowledge, conducting training seminars and focus groups, creating educational content. These activities increase lead qualifications and increase sales.

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Marketers do not understand what they do and in vain eat their bread

- No matter how I go, they "Vkontakte" hang. How to sell with them?

- We don’t need a marketing department for sales, they are idlers there.

- They buy expensive and unnecessary banners and get kickbacks.

- Our products are too expensive, nobody will buy this. Let marketers review prices.

Are such allegations fair? Not. But in large organizations, marketers will always be considered idlers who play in the Farm Frenzy. However, you can try to fix it.

First of all, the head of the company and the salespeople should know that marketers have such a job: to sit all day on Vkontakte, Facebook and Odnoklassniki. If you are accused of hanging up in social networks, then you are doing your job. Feel free to remind your colleagues that you generate leads by talking to Vkontakte, and the sellers process them.

Secondly, plan your marketing budgets. Choose the best distribution channels and attract customers. Justify why you are spending money on banners, contextual advertising, or advertorials in the New York Times or Vedomosti.

Third, convince salespeople that dumping is a bad idea. If your product cost half the price, everyone could be a seller. In the end, offer to deduct a commission from the price. You do work without a commission for the transaction.

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Act proactively

Do not wait for you to be accused of disrupting the sales plan. Marketing is not an exact science. But you have to work on the result, generating a certain number of leads and ensuring their quality. Also, you will have to put colleagues before the fact: you are sitting on Vkontakte during working hours and nothing else. If sellers get the right amount of quality leads, you also have time to play in the Farm Frenzy. After all, you need to learn the experience of gamification.

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