How to search for clients on Twitter

If you regularly view the feed on Twitter, then you probably see tweets from time to time with the notes "RT", "pzhl RT", "pls help" and other symbols for retweet requests and help. Your followers use them when they want to quickly get some information or advice. You even help them when you can. But who said that only subscribers need retweets and recommendations? The Twitter account is full of strangers who can be helped. For the money, of course. In this article you will learn how to search for potential customers using the microblogging service.

How to find Twitter users who need help

No need to be a rocket scientist to guess to use the search. For example, enter in the search box the query "recommend the designer." You will receive approximately the following issue:

You will see even more tweets if you switch from the "Popular" tab to the "All" tab. Please note that there are obviously irrelevant messages in the output. Do not worry, use the advanced search function:

How to find potential customers working near you

If you are writing code, you can collaborate with customers from Sydney, Vancouver and Dubai at the same time. And if you consult people in person, do hairstyles or repair apartments, you need clients living in your area. You can find them in two ways. For example, specify the desired city in the search query using the phrase near: city name.

If you have geolocation services enabled, in the advanced search you can select the "Next to ..." option. In this case, the system will show you messages from users who are in the same region as you.

With what phrases can you quickly find potential customers

Use the following patterns of search phrases, substituting the appropriate keyword:

  • Someone can (write code, text, make repairs).
  • Lawyers (dentists, chimney sweeps), help.
  • How, how to (reinstall Windows, clean the keyboard).
  • Who knows a good driver (SEO, copywriter).
  • Who can (write the code, make a massage).
  • Problem: the site lies (the program does not work, the nanny left).
  • Where you can (have breakfast, spend the night, dance).
  • What is JSON-LD (acute pulpit, interior trim).
  • Why I can not (promote the site, lose weight).
  • Looking for (looking for) a lawyer (programmer).
  • Recommend a programmer (lawyer).
  • Requires a tractor driver (slinger).
  • Tractor driver (chimney sweep) Wellcome.
  • Normal (good, best, sane) cook (carpenter).
  • Explain how to remove the virus (add a friend to the FB).
  • Does not work (does not furychit, died) comp (moped).
  • Tell me how (download a movie, send an email).
  • Who tried (the program, services).
  • The programmer (chimney sweep) wanted (vonted, they write that way too).
  • Vacancy fitter (turner).
  • Work turner (locksmith).

What to do when you find a potential customer

There are two possible behavioral tactics. First, you can write to the user or reply to his tweet. No need to pounce on a person with a full commercial offer. Write something like "Hello, I can help." Enumerate regalia and brag about achievements will, when a potential client asks to do so.

Most likely, you will not be the only specialist who will offer their services. Therefore, pay attention to the profile: provide a link to the site, select the appropriate header, download an attractive userpic. Well, if you have many subscribers and you publish useful thematic content.

Secondly, you can choose more effective tactics. Ask your friends or acquaintances to recommend you to the user. Let your friend write something like "Here's a cool programmer, but I don’t know if he is free." By the way, you can create a pool of specialists who recommend each other to potential customers. Please note, your friends should have "pumped" profiles and be successful specialists. You will not risk your own reputation and recommend a bad programmer to people.

Do not miss the opportunity to help users find a good partner. For example, if you promote websites, you probably have familiar cool developers, copywriters, designers and other professionals. Do not be afraid to share contacts, your friends will not be taken away from you. But you will gain the reputation of a useful person. Your profile will be subscribed, and your services will be recommended.

Twitter is not one of the best platforms for finding customers ...

... but you should not ignore its possibilities. You can find people who need your services with themed keywords and hashtags. Better if you are recommended by reputable users. However, you can offer yourself. Do not forget to selflessly help people and recommend them to specialists who recommend you. This will allow you to gain credibility and increase the base of followers.

Watch the video: How to find customers on Twitter who need your business (April 2020).


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