What content marketers can learn from mom

Probably, your mother is not very well versed in content marketing. You may even have to explain to her how to find the right site or send an email to a friend. However, you can use my mom's tips to increase the effectiveness of content marketing. Even if she gave them when you did not know anything about the Internet and dreamed of becoming an astronaut or actress.

10 mother's tips that help in content marketing

1. Do not lie and do not show off

Today, many people blame their parents for joking that they raised them to be honest. They say that in modern society this quality is harmful: it prevents you from building a career, trading, and making money. In fact, most people are proud if they can remain themselves and not lie.

How to use mother's advice in content marketing: the ability to be yourself and be honest refers to the critical qualities for a content marketer. The specialist must remain honest when creating content and speaking to the audience on behalf of the brand. If you forget the advice of your mother and, for example, you undeservedly praise a product or business, consumers will very quickly notice a falsehood. As rightly noted by marketers of one bank, honest to be profitable.

2. Speak like a human being

  • Mom, give me the money, please, we are driving the boys to the boutique, we will buy the walrus!
  • Here, take it. Learn to speak humanly, please.

In childhood, you probably did not pay attention to the comments of parents, continuing to look for "spikes", to burn "castrets" and play with the boys in "war". Everything changed when you became a content marketer.

How to use mother's advice in content marketing: use the words your target audience uses. Avoid complex terms, professional slang, abbreviations and abbreviations that are not understandable to a wide audience. However, do not go below the level that separates the competent cultural specialist from the student.

3. Do the cleaning in the room

Many have heard from mom the phrase "you will not go for a walk until you clean the room." In childhood, these words may seem to be a manifestation of despotism: all children play football for a long time and steal green apples from a neighbor who needs this cleaning. In fact, my mother's advice is very helpful in the work of a content marketer.

How to use mother's advice in content marketing: psychologists have proven that disorder in the workplace disorganizes thinking. What kind of planning and implementation of marketing campaigns can we talk about if you can't think logically? Maintain order in the workplace, it disciplines you and increases your efficiency.

4. Eat more porridge and fresh fruit.

Real moms and grandmothers complete the secret courses of the nutritional police. On the courses they are taught that children must eat the first and second, and only then get compote, fruit and sweets. Your audience consists of adults who themselves know what they have. However, you can follow the content ration of your consumers.

How to use mother's advice in content marketing: follow the content of the audience as your mother and grandmother watched your diet. Try to ensure that readers regularly receive the main components of a healthy content diet: product information, consumer guides, reviews and ratings, answers to questions, and news.

5. Watch your clothes, be careful.

From the point of view of normal mothers and grandmothers, clothing is the second most important component of child care after eating. The child should be well fed, and then warm and clean to wear. If your parents taught you to follow clothes and dress beautifully, you can succeed in content marketing.

How to use mother's advice in content marketing: the expression "meet on clothes" is true for marketing. Of course, this is not about the color of the tie, but about the ability to impress the audience. Pay attention to the visual appeal and readability of the content. This is necessary to attract the attention of users and encourage them to consume your content.

6. Draw, Lepi, Sing and Dance

Most mothers try to introduce their children to creativity. Parents feel that creative activity has a positive effect on the development of the baby. You are lucky if your mother formed a sense of beauty through the efforts of your mother.

How to use mother's advice in content marketing: high art is unlikely to benefit in content marketing. But the ability to work with different types of content is one of the mandatory skills of a marketer. Offer your audience texts, videos, illustrations, podcasts, infographics. This greatly increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

7. Do not waste your time.

Such advice is usually given by fathers to sons. A real man should be responsible for his words, speak less and do more. This is good advice for a future content marketer.

How to use papin's advice in content marketing: some marketers pay too much attention to the form, forgetting about the content. Publish informative texts, not meaningless sets of beautiful phrases. Shoot the video, even if you do not have Hollywood budgets. Create visual content without waiting for the moment when you can hire a cool designer. Audiences need ideas, useful information and practical advice. The external attractiveness of the site and content are important, but they lose their meaning if there is no meaning in flowery phrases surrounded by ruches.

8. Plan time

Moms teach children to pay attention to lessons, housework, sports. It develops responsibility and planning skills in the child. Useful skills for content marketer, right?

How to use mother's advice in content marketing: plan your marketing campaigns. Set goals, determine the necessary resources to achieve them, choose the appropriate tools. Content marketing is not the indiscriminate creation and publication of content. This marketing approach brings success only when the marketer knows where he is going.

9. Do not sit all the time in front of the TV, walk more and play football

Mothers know that walking in the fresh air and exercise help a child grow healthy. Exercise improves the performance of an adult, as the content marketer should remember.

How to use mother's advice in content marketing: you yourself know very well what to do. Start right away, get up from the table and move around.

10. Do not have a hundred rubles, and have a hundred friends

All moms advise their children to be friends with good boys and girls from our entrance. The ability to be friends is an excellent quality for a content marketer.

How to use mother's advice in content marketing: Learn to work in a team. Marketing campaigns, content strategists, editors, copywriters, designers, programmers, optimizers and other specialists participate in the implementation of the content marketing campaign. Therefore, you will have to step over your introversion and sociopathy and communicate with colleagues. Not just communicate, but jointly solve work tasks.

A little pathetics in the end

Masters of martial arts do not stop training around the clock. They develop useful skills and qualities, even when washing the floor or eating. Zen masters do not seek revelations in books. They learn from the surrounding reality. Content marketers should take an example from the wise men and warriors. And you should start by trying to understand and accept the advice of parents, which can be applied even when solving specific work tasks.

Do you remember the advice of parents during work?

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