6 errors that reduce the effectiveness of e-mailing

Newsletters are a great way to acquire and retain your company's fame among potential and loyal customers. Many sites use mailing lists, and users have long been accustomed to this and are happy to subscribe to the materials of interest. However, not all mailing lists are equally successful. It often happens that at one company the number of subscribers is constantly growing, while for the second one (absolutely the same in terms of parameters) it remains the same or, worse, decreases. Why is this happening? Most likely the author of unsuccessful mailings makes one of the following errors.

1. Too rare mailings

In principle, the frequency of mailing does not matter if you offer your readers useful content. However, this theory does not apply to situations where you send newsletters so rarely that your readers forget about the existence of your company in between letters.

Make a schedule that you can stick to all the time. If you do not meet the deadline, it is better to send the newsletter a little later, rather than remain silent.

2. Your mailing is too long and difficult to understand.

Your company's mailings don't have to be too voluminous. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. As a rule, they view mailings during a coffee break, being in the subway or as a pleasant way to get distracted while carrying out work tasks. Therefore, their reading should not be time consuming.

Include several stories in your newsletters, but combine them so that the reader can decide whether to skim one of the stories or read the newsletter completely.

3. There is no interesting or useful information in your newsletters.

This problem may seem more complicated than it actually is. Everyone has it. Once again: everyone has it. There are many interesting stories and tips that you can share with subscribers. The most important thing is to present them from the right angle, so that your newsletters have their own zest.

Newsletter stories should actively help your readers. Thus, you will increase your credibility and become a reliable source of information, and your potential customers will have another reason to contact you.

4. Boring headers

Newsletter headers should act as alluring signposts that draw attention to your stories. Most of your subscribers are likely to skim through the newsletter, moving from one headline to another, to decide whether to spend their time reading the message further.

Make a list of sources for formulating awesome headlines so you can come up with incredibly compelling titles for your articles. Avoid abstruse phrases and include verbs in the headings to add dynamics to the stories that are contained in the lists.

5. The disordered design of mailings

The words that you use when composing texts are of great importance, but the way they are presented can also have a decisive influence on the success of the distribution. The content of your posts should be visually appealing. Keep in mind that by using too many different font styles and sizes, you can alienate your readers.

Aim for a simple design using only a few styles and font sizes on an ongoing basis. Do not forget to also use images. Thus, it will be easier for your subscribers to read your messages, and they will not need to look for the "Unsubscribe" button.

6. You do not promote your mailings.

If you want to increase the number of your subscribers, you have to show people how much they are missing out on. Traditionally, handouts were distributed in print. However, nowadays, when everyone has moved on to consuming online content, you can share your mailings through various virtual platforms.

Create a subscription form to your newsletter on your website and share your newsletters on social networks to attract new subscribers.


Make your campaigns impressive, interesting and worthy of being subscribed to. And then the influx of new traffic you provided.

P.S. Do you use mailings? How often do you send them and how do you keep them up to date?

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