6 reasons why your customers should not create content on their own

As you know, blogging is a great tool for business promotion. And if you are reading this post, then most likely, one way or another, use it to achieve your marketing goals.

You probably consider yourself a successful marketer or SEO-specialist, but sometimes customers think that they are smarter than you, and they begin to take inappropriate initiative. These are the so-called “upstart clients” who do not allow you to safely do your job. "I will write this text myself", "I am an employee of this company, so I can write better about it", "I am well versed in this subject" - these are some of the typical phrases that they use.

However, there is one problem - most of these people simply overestimate their capabilities. You understand this very well and feel uncomfortable. On the one hand, you know for sure that this task is beyond their power. On the other hand, you do not want to spoil relations with your clients, so you cannot tell them the truth. How to be?

Employees of the American Content Equals Money company, which specializes in content creation, are convinced that customers should never (except in rare cases) write their own content. And we completely agree with them. Below are 6 reasons that argue this point.

1. 99% of customers do not know how to write.

For you, this is an obvious fact, but, of course, you cannot directly state this to your customers. Of course, you can casually recommend them special literature or articles on copywriting, but will this change the situation? Many people, despite the presence of academic degrees, excellent communication skills and general erudition, simply do not know how to write texts correctly.

2. Even if clients can write, they rarely understand the specifics of web content.

If your client is able to write stories or articles for magazines, this does not mean that he will be able to fill websites and blogs with content. After all, the texts published on the Internet should not only have aesthetic value, but also bring financial profit. Of course, if a person is endowed with writing talent, he will always be able to learn how to write texts for Internet resources. However, this will take time, and, as you know, time is money!

3. Customers can not look at the situation from the outside.

Each of us has ever had to write texts about ourselves - whether it be a school essay on the topic “A story about ourselves” or a cover letter when looking for a job. Admit it is not the easiest task. You can spend many hours writing such texts, but never write anything worthwhile. What is the reason? The fact is that people can not cast aside emotions when it comes to their life or person. In addition, a person cannot be completely objective when he writes about himself: some may exaggerate their virtues and downplay the shortcomings and vice versa.

Another thing is to entrust the compilation of content to a third-party specialist. He will no longer be emotionally involved in the situation, since he will write about another person. In addition, the text will be more objective, since the specialist will see the big picture, and not just its fragment.

4. Customers have no extra time.

Many professionals who are well versed in their business, make the decision to create a blog in which you can share your professional secrets. They are confident that none of their assistants will cope with this task, so they charge this burden on themselves. However, after a while they realize that they have taken on too much.

Do not forget that the day is only 24 hours. If you are busy all day with work or business, then you hardly have time to keep your blog, unless you completely give up sleep and personal life. But who is ready for such sacrifices? And are they worth it?

Instead of complicating your life, it is better to entrust the matter to specialists. Composing content is their professional responsibility, so they always have time to do this task.

5. Customers have to redo much.

If you are an employee of an SEO agency, you know that this is true. You probably faced a similar situation:

Customer: "I want to fill the blog with optimized content."
Agency: "Great, let's get down to work!"
Customer: "But I want to write texts myself, because I know my company better."
Agency: "Ah ... well, what do you know about SEO?"
Customer: "Nothing. I'll just write the text, and you optimize it."
Agency: "But these two processes are connected with each other. It is impossible to separate the text from ..."
Customer: "Do not worry! I am sure you can handle it. After all, you are real experts!"
Agency: "… "

Many clients believe that SEO is a magic wand - you should wave it in front of ready-made text and you can enjoy incredible results. However, in such situations, employees of SEO agencies have to perform additional work, tinkering with the text, and, accordingly, spend much more time. And some of them are even forced to listen to customer discontent or argue with them. That is why we always advocate that SEO agencies compose texts themselves or collaborate with copyright agencies.

6. Ultimately, customers spend a lot more time and money.

It is difficult to understand what customers are guided by, deciding to write texts independently. Perhaps they think they understand the topic better, or they want to save money. But as practice shows, their initiative costs them dearly, because, as a result, they spend more time and money on creating high-quality content. As popular wisdom says, the miser pays twice.

When it comes to content compilation and search engine optimization, the best that customers can do is to completely entrust these tasks to professionals. Then they will not have to regret time and money wasted.


So, we hope that now you are sure that content composing is the prerogative of professional copywriters and SEO specialists. The next time you meet an extremely self-confident client, weigh the pros and cons before allowing him to take the initiative. Of course, it will not be easy for you to convince him that he is right, but, as they say, trying is not torture.

Did you manage to stop the excessive initiative of clients? What tools did you use for this? Share your experience with us..

Translation and adaptation of Ben Richardson's material. 7 Reasons Why Your Own Content.

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