60+ manual filters to keep order in your email inbox

Dozens of unread emails, lost important messages and annoying email annoy you and steal your time. You may even be thinking about a new mail, the address of which can be given only to the most important contacts. Do not rush to radical solutions. It is enough to put things in the mail once and add manual filters to sort correspondence and fight spam.

Why do we need filters

Mail services use default anti-spam filters. They are quite effective: Gmail filters almost do not miss spam, and Mail.ru filters often delay even the necessary messages. However, the default protection is powerless against automatic mailing from the services and resources that you use and to which you yourself subscribed.

Social networks, payment systems, forums, network services send you dozens of letters. They distract you and litter your box. You do not dare to send them to spam, because you are afraid of missing something important. With the help of filters you can automatically place such messages in separate tabs or folders.

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How to set up filters

If you use the Gmail mail service, select the Settings menu.

After that, select the "Create a new filter" menu in the "Filters" tab.

Specify the filtering options and select the option "Create a filter in accordance with this request."

After that, specify actions with messages corresponding to the selected parameters. For example, you can mark messages with the word "survey" in the subject line with the label "Polls" and automatically place them on the tab "Promotions".

If you use Yandex.Mail, select the option "Rules for processing letters" in the settings menu.

Click the "Create Rule" button.

Specify filtering rules, select actions with emails and click the "Create a rule" button.

If you are using the Mail.ru box, select the "Filters and forwarding" option from the "Settings" menu.

Specify the filtering conditions and select the action with the letters. Please note that Mail.ru does not support filtering by the content of words in the message body.

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Filters for automatic messages

As noted above, you probably get a lot of emails that are sent automatically. You can collect them in a separate folder and view once a week. Automatic messages are conveniently filtered by the content of words and phrases in the body of the letter. Use the following filters:

  1. Version with pictures.
  2. Cancel subscription.
  3. Unsubscribe.
  4. Unsubscribe in one click.
  5. Disable mailing.
  6. Stop receiving updates.
  7. Follow this link.
  8. Go to the site.
  9. Open in browser.
  10. View in browser.
  11. Web version of this letter.
  12. Personal Area.
  13. No pictures are displayed.
  14. No text is displayed.
  15. Displayed incorrectly.
  16. You have received this email.
  17. You are subscribed.
  18. You are subscribed.
  19. Because it is signed.
  20. You are using.
  21. Please do not reply to this email.
  22. If you no longer want to receive letters.
  23. To remove an address from the list.
  24. Update your feed settings.
  25. Update contact information.
  26. Add us to your address book.
  27. Customize notifications.
  28. Sell-out.
  29. A discount.
  30. For subscribers.
  31. Allow me to introduce.
  32. Take the money.
  33. Sincerely, administration.
  34. Join now.
  35. Went on sale.
  36. They went on sale.
  37. Shopping in our online store.
  38. If this message came to you by mistake.
  39. Join us in social networks.
  40. Through pro.subscribe.ru.
  41. Via GetResponse.com.
  42. Through Unisender.
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You can also filter posts from social networks. To do this, use the filtering conditions for email addresses. Add the following addresses to the filters:

  1. @ notify.vk.com.
  2. @ twitter.com.
  3. @ facebookmail.com.
  4. @ odnoklassniki.ru.
  5. @ plus.google.com.
  6. @ pinterest.com.
  7. @ linkedin.com.
  8. @ instagram.com.

Add the following to email address filters:

  1. info @.
  2. admin @.
  3. noreply @.
  4. no-reply @.
  5. bezotveta @.
  6. sender @.
  7. mail @.
  8. forum @.
  9. subscribe @.

You can also filter out some non-personalized emails. These filters will help you:

  1. Dear subscriber.
  2. Webmaster.
  3. Admin.
  4. Director.
  5. Accountant.
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Under the proposed filters will fall not only automatic mailing or spam emails. Therefore, do not select the automatic placement of messages in the Spam folder. Create separate folders or tabs for filtered messages and review them regularly. Adjusting filters, check up, whether correspondents important for you get under them. To do this, use the automatic prompts.

You can also create a separate folder for priority letters, including the email addresses of the boss, the most important clients and the loan officer.

Filters help ...

... maintain order in the electronic box. With their help, you can sort letters by priority. Gmail and Yandex.Mail mail services allow you to filter letters by words and phrases in the message body, in the message subject, as well as by sender and recipient email addresses. Mail.ru service supports all of the listed options except filtering by phrases in the body of the letter.

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