7 useful skills that you acquire when blogging

Endless sitting at the computer, sleepless nights, work on weekends ... Blogging requires many sacrifices from us. Fortunately, they are not in vain: at the exit, we get a insanely interesting blog with excellent posts that attracts hundreds and even thousands of readers. But that is not all.

Blogging gives us many other benefits that we don’t even guess.

By blogging, we acquire a number of amazing skills that we can use in other areas of our lives. Thanks to them, we are getting better, both professionally and humanly. What kind of skills are we talking about? You will find the answer to this question in our post.

1) Writing skills

Let's start with the most obvious. The main task of bloggers is to create posts regularly. And not anyhow, but high-quality and interesting. Therefore, sooner or later, they become masters of the pen.

By blogging, you gradually learn to state your thoughts clearly and clearly. You also come up with new, creative ways to deliver content to interest your readers.

That is why your writing skills become better every day. Do not believe? Then take a look at your first posts and compare them with those you are writing now. Surely, you will feel a huge difference.

Blogging also helps you to create your own author's style - humorous, sarcastic, business, etc. Whatever they may be, it reflects your individuality and sets you apart from thousands of other bloggers.

2) Time planning skills

Blogging can be compared to an accelerated time management course. You must find time for your permanent job (if any), family, planning and creating posts, answering readers' letters, etc. You may even have to do several things at the same time, for example, pick up photos for your post and cook dinner for your children.

The blogosphere requires you to be extremely punctual: you should post posts regularly and immediately respond to reader comments. If you hesitate, the number of your subscribers will freeze at a certain number or even begin to creep down. Blogging enhances your performance and productivity and helps you get the most out of every day.

3) Web Designer Skills

Novice bloggers usually choose one of the standard designs for their blog, embedded in Blogspot or WordPress. However, as the audience grows, they have a desire to change the design of their blog and give it a highlight, to once again emphasize its author’s style. Various design programs are being used, including Photoshop. Bloggers change the size, background, font and other parameters of the images so that they are in harmony with the overall design of the blog. Thus, they acquire basic design skills without even attending special courses.

4) Communication skills

Recently, bloggers often collaborate with various brands. They publish their guest posts, reviews, advertisements. Even if you still have not been able to communicate with businessmen, for sure, such prospects await you in the future.

The more you interact with brands and advertisers, the easier it will be for you to establish and maintain business connections.

You will learn mutually beneficial cooperation with various groups of individuals (customers, customers, readers).

Cooperating with brands, you will also master the skills of storytelling and increase your creativity, because you will have to tell original stories about companies and their products in order to interest your audience.

5) Diploma skills

Bloggers often come across disgruntled readers and even impudent trolls who leave inappropriate negative comments. Unfortunately, this can not be avoided, because by publishing posts on your blog, you share your personal opinion with the world. Someone may agree with him, someone is not, and someone just a bad mood, and he wants to pour his negative on you. The most important thing - do not fall for provocation, no matter how unpleasant the comments of readers.

At first, it will not be very simple: after all, every post is your child, you have invested a lot of time and effort in it, and then someone dares to criticize him ... And what is the first reaction of parents when someone offends their child? That's right, smash the offender in tatters. But over time, you will develop a "immunity" to various negative comments. Every disgruntled reader and troll whom you will be able to pacify will develop your ability to put out conflicts. This skill will come in handy for you both in everyday life and in business.

6) Editor Skills

It's no secret that the foundation of any successful blog is quality content. By running your blog, you have to supervise the content, like an editor who picks up materials for his magazine or newspaper. You should look for interesting and exciting information that matches the needs of your audience. In addition, you should schedule your posts and stick to them.

Proofreading posts is also one of your duties. You should carefully review the finished materials so that they do not have errors. Remember: readers do not take seriously illiterate bloggers.

7) Promotional skills in social networks

These skills are highly valued in the modern technological era. Indeed, the number of companies present on the Internet is growing exponentially.

As a blogger, you need to interact with your readers on Twitter, VKontakte, Facebook and other social networks. You also need to develop your own social media promotion strategy in order to attract as many readers to your blog.

Blogger is a jack of all trades

In fact, this list is not exhaustive. A blogger is also a psychologist who listens to the needs of his audience; a manager who organizes his daily work; A teacher who shares his knowledge with readers.

A blogger, among other things, becomes an expert in the subject to which he writes. Suppose if his blog is about copywriting, then he learns all the subtleties of this craft.

By running your blog, you will discover many hidden talents. Blogging can even become a springboard for you to learn a new specialty. For example, if you like picking up materials for your blog, why don't you become a professional editor?

In general, blogging provides endless opportunities for development in different directions. So, if you are inquisitive, hardworking, active and love to learn new skills, the blogosphere is what you need.

Translation and adaptation of material Kelly Teng 7 Surprising Skills Blogging is Teaching You

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