7 signs that you have found your calling

Warren Buffett almost dancing for joy, going to work. And why would Warren not dance, when only in 2013 he earned more than 12 billion! Can you imagine the hourly rate of Warren Buffett? By simple mathematical calculations we get an incredible amount: 1.5 million dollars per hour - even when he sleeps. Not life, but a dream! Of course, choosing a profession, Warren Buffett didn’t lose, making happy not only himself, but also Berkshire Hathaway. He led her to eighth place among the largest public companies.

Take a peek at Peterson’s breeder’s career in breeding rare varieties of onions, carrots and cucumbers. As a boy from a simple farming family, he dreamed of feeding the whole world. He achieved a lot and became a professor, but he still rejoices like a boy to every success. For example, a new variety of carrots with a high content of carotene, which will save millions of children in developing countries from blindness. The boy's dreams have come true - he has the best job in the world, which he will not exchange for any millions.

Cecile Pelou has worked in the fashion industry for 30 years. She collaborated with the most famous fashion designers in Paris, performed work for fashion houses Dior, Lacroix, Nina Ricci, Yves Saint Laurent and Galliano. She had a job that any fashion designer dreams of. But Cecile suddenly changed her life. She wrote a letter to Mother Teresa. “Can I be useful to you?” Asked Cecil in him. Mother Teresa’s response was brief: Come. Cecile sold her home and founded an orphanage in Nepal. She took custody of 79 children, trained about a hundred others and, in fact, brought them to the people. Cecile Pelou chose her place in life, and would not want to be in place of Warren Buffet.

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Whatever career you choose, the most important thing is for you to experience a rise in your soul when you hurry to work in the morning. At least sometimes. This is how Warren Buffett feels. Look back and remember how you started your career, think about those who worked hand in hand with you. Where are these people now? Perhaps hopelessly behind, and they can not keep up with you. But maybe not everything is so smooth. Some reduce their professional activities only to a number of attributes. As in the following dialogue:

“Is he a good specialist?”

- Oh yeah! He has a business card.

(The dialogue from the movie "Analyze it")

If this is all that can be said about you as a specialist, things are not very good.

No one knows in advance how to develop a professional career. And yet there are a number of things that can be defined as signs. Signs that you were in the right place.

1. You follow the dream

If you like accounting, go to a firm that offers financial reporting services. Do you like the law? Look for a job in the legislature. If you are an engineer - build! Do you like finance? Get a job at a bank or investment fund. If you use all the opportunities to work in the area that you like, professional success is guaranteed.

2. You are doing well

“There are a lot of things that I don’t have a clue about. And I try to stay away from this,” says Warren Buffet. Adhering to such a life principle, you will save yourself from many problems. For example, those with whom the heroine of the film "Autumn Marathon" Varvara regularly encountered, turning to her colleague Buzykin for help. For us, the phrase "a goat screamed in an inhuman voice" is only a comic episode, but it clearly shows the tragedy of a person who was out of place.

Do not worry if something does not work. Just do not take up the work that is given to you with difficulty. The matter in this case is not at all about professionalism, but about natural inclinations. When a job comes easy, moving up the career ladder occurs naturally, without undue stress.

3. You are constantly in the thick of things.

You will not make a successful career if you keep in the background. There are minor roles in every sector of the industry, but if you intend to do something significant and leave your mark, you need to be in the thick of things.

Those who are dedicated, constantly improve their profession, take part in conferences and seminars, learn new things, and are interested in innovative technologies and discoveries in the professional field of activity. There is always movement around them, and therefore there is no stagnation in work. Such employees are effective, reach great heights, and the result of their work always deserves attention.

You learn, grow and experiment. As Vendall Holmes wrote: "Alas, those who never sing will die with music in their souls." A good career experiences and develops us daily. We suddenly find out that it turns out that we can play high notes, and that’s great.

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4. In the performance of duties, you feel that you are in your place.

Choose a field of activity in which you will feel like a fish in water. Then you do not have to make an effort in order to demonstrate their professionalism. In particular, natural extroverts draw energy in social situations, but this is not for everyone. If Bill Clinton comes to life on stage, getting energy from the audience, the introvert feels terrible under the spotlight. Public attention pulls out all the energy from it. Such people need a lot of effort to overcome themselves and perform on stage, or to give a speech at the reception. They are closer to solitude, talking tete-a-tete. Each of us manifests itself most fully in different conditions and circumstances. Some people need full halls and applause, the other can concentrate only when left alone. Career develops new skills, but does not change character. Perhaps you learn to speak publicly, and public activities will become familiar to you. But the desire for solitude still remains.

5. Work inspires and helps you overcome obstacles.

Have you ever noticed how some people are transformed during work? A spark appears in his eyes, his face comes to life, he seems to be in another world. His work inspires him and helps him overcome any obstacles on his way. There are no barriers for the beloved business, and if someone complains that circumstances prevented them from achieving the desired, do not believe! Send a whiner to the Paralympic athletes whom the country is proud of, or to a professional photographer from Indonesia who successfully works in her own studio, despite her physical illness: she has no hands. It would be a desire, but there is a way to do the work.

6. You are proud of what you are doing.

Self-satisfaction, self-sufficiency is part of effective work. A person must have professional achievements. Perhaps they are not so significant yet, but with each victory he is getting closer to his goal and becoming a true professional. If a person has nothing to be proud of, it may be worth thinking about another job, where he can better be realized.

7. You miss work

Mondays should not darken your life. Anyone who loves his work, starts to miss her at the weekend and, like Warren Buffet, happy to go to the office. If the onset of the new work week is a small tragedy for you, it is a warning sign. Perhaps you need to change the scope of your activities.

This does not mean that you should become a workaholic. There is an abyss between a specialist who loves his work and a workaholic. It would seem that the two employees work tirelessly, but the difference between them is enormous. They have different motivation: one works with enthusiasm, therefore he is passionate about what he does. Another is driven by fear, which appears due to various reasons. Work for a workaholic is just a way to get away from problems.

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Confucius said: "Choose a job you like, and you do not have to work a single day in your life." That is why it is so important to choose the right profession. Success is much easier when the basis of your professional activity is a love of action. Work should not deprive you of your personal life and friends. It becomes the backdrop of your well-being, which unites different areas of your life, rather than separating them. Life becomes like a quilt - diverse, beautiful, interesting. A good emotional attitude is important for efficiency and high level of performance. Work in this case does not deplete, and your internal resources are constantly replenished.

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