How to use Facebook for targeted content promotion

Commercial content cannot become viral without a starting impulse. The critical mass of readers should see, evaluate and “share” the publication so that it is distributed without the active participation of marketers. In this article, you will learn how to draw the attention of the target audience to articles and reviews using advertising on Facebook.

How to use Facebook ads to promote content

Advertising on Facebook allows you to define your target audience in detail. Targeting ads on Facebook has more precise settings than the contextual advertising system Google AdWords.

Thanks to the fine settings, you can show ads to arbitrarily defined groups of users or individualized audiences. You can also show ads to similar audiences.

How to create individualized audiences

An individualized or user audience is a group of individuals that meets selected demographic, behavioral, professional, and other criteria. An individualized audience may include existing brand subscribers, as well as people who have shown interest in your content.

“Facebook” allows you to create a custom audience using a database file, information about users of a mobile application or website and MailChimp service.

To create an individualized audience from a data file, go to the "Advertising Manager". In the menu, select the "Audiences" section. Use the option "Create an individualized audience."

After that, you can download a data file in .csv or .txt format. To do this, fill in the "Name" and "Description" fields, select the data type for matching and select the required file.

After processing the data, you will be able to publish ads intended for a user audience directly from the "Audiences" menu.

If you use MailChimp to manage your mailing lists, create individualized audiences using addresses from your mailing lists. To do this, select the "Customized audience from MailChimp" menu and log in to your MailChimp account.

You can add users of your mobile applications to individualized audiences. To do this, you need to integrate into the applications SDK Facebook. After that you will be able to choose the actions of the users of the applications who will initiate their addition to the selected audience.

To create an individualized audience using the site, set up an individualized audience element on the selected pages of the site. Visitors to these pages will automatically fall into user audiences.

The element of an individualized audience is the Javascript code that is added to the pages of the site. Tracking this code allows Facebook to offer advertising information to the user that meets their interests.

How to create similar or similar audiences

A similar audience is a group of individuals that correspond to the characteristics of representatives of individualized audiences, but who do not interact with the brand. Creating similar audiences allows you to increase reach by targeting the characteristics of existing client groups.

Facebook finds similar users by the following criteria:

  • Demographic data.
  • Interests.
  • Geographical data.
  • Activity (like, likes, views, etc.).

The use of similar audiences allows you to increase coverage while maintaining the specificity of advertisements. Simply put, you show ads not to everyone, but only to people like your existing customers.

To create a similar audience, go to the "Advertising Manager" and select the option "Audiences - create a similar audience." You will see the following menu:

You can choose an individualized audience, a conversion tracking item, or a Facebook page as a source for comparison. Then you need to select your target search country. Using the slider on the horizontal menu, you should choose a balance between matching with the source and the potential coverage. The closer the slider is to the "Like" point, the greater the similarity of potential customers with existing ones and less coverage. Accordingly, the closer the slider to the "Coverage" point, the lower the similarity of potential customers with existing ones and the greater the coverage.

To create an audience similar to the existing individualized one, select the required source, country of search and balance optimization. To get a similar audience based on your content views, you need to create a conversion tracking item. To do this, use the menu "Conversion tracking - create item".

Select a conversion category. In this case, it is appropriate to use the category "Basic page views."

Specify a name and click the "Create Item" button. You will receive the html-code that you need to paste into the site. To do this, use the tag manager or paste the code manually between the tags and. After that, "Facebook" will begin to record views of the selected content. When the page has a few hundred views, you can create a similar audience using the menu "Create an audience - a similar audience." This will give you the opportunity to show advertisements to people who have similar characteristics with the readers of your content.

You will save a lot of money ...

... using targeted content promotion. First, with the help of individualized and similar audiences, you get the opportunity to show ads to interested users and at the same time increase coverage. Secondly, in many areas, content promotion is more effective than product promotion, since users carefully study information to make a purchase decision.

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