Overview of 9 Russian-language webinar sites

Compare services with which you can organize webinars and video conferencing.

For convenience, all services are presented in the table. Comparison criteria:

Price per month - the cost of using the extended functionality of the service for the month.

Trial period - the duration of the free use of the service.

Number of speakers - the number of presenters who can connect to the conversation.

Number of participants - The maximum number of webinar listeners.

Demonstration of media content - the ability to present presentations, display videos, text files and other content to listeners.

The ability to record a webinar - the function of saving and downloading the webinar.

Cloud storage of webinar entries - the possibility of providing a place to store the footage.

Foreign language support - switching service language.

Closed webinars - restriction of free access to the webinar, access by password or by special link.

Attendance tracking - the ability to collect visiting statistics for subsequent analysis.

Mobile versions on the App Store and Google Play - Is there an application for mobile devices?

Screencast and drawing tools - the presence of the "board" and the ability for the speaker to show the screen.

Creating surveys and tests - the ability to test the knowledge of students.

Chat to communicate with the speaker.

Detailed FAQ - manual with the most common problems of novice webinarists.

Support - availability of service to solve problems with the service.

Event Notifications - Sending reminders of upcoming events.

Ability to upload information about participants for future use.

Check the speed of the Internet, the camera and microphone - analysis of the technical capabilities of the equipment before the start of the webinar.

Interface change - customization of design and branding to your taste.

check in - convenience when accessing your account.

Additionally - distinctive features of each service.

To download the table, click on the picture:

The possibilities and conditions of all services are similar, with the exception of small differences, such as video editor and the function of auto-seminar, and, of course, prices.

1. My Own Conference

I was the first to get to the Russian-language service of My Own Conference. Nice design, friendly website:

The pricing page is the second item.

There is also a trial version - it is valid for a month, in contrast to paid packages, you can only record 20 minutes of a webinar, otherwise the whole package of functions is available. After the trial period expires, the account and its materials are deleted. To avoid this, during the validity period of the trial version, you need to switch to any paid one.

After registration, go to your personal account. The interface is heavy and rather uncomfortable:

Price: from 21.99 € to 249.99 € per month.

Trial period: have 30 days.

Number of participants: from 20 in the trial version to 1500 in the tariff "Flexible".


  • AvtoVebinar - the same video can be broadcast an unlimited number of times.
  • Several speakers (maximum 10).
  • The ability to display the screen and the use of pointers and drawing tools.
  • Tracking attendance statistics.
  • Mobile versions on the App Store and Google Play.
  • Computer testing - checking the camera, microphone and Internet speed.
  • Change the color theme.
  • Online support.
  • Chat.
  • Cloud storage of webinar recordings and documents.
  • Support 15 languages.
  • You can create polls.
  • You can test the service without registration.
  • For registration is enough email address and password. Confirmation of registration comes instantly.
  • The possibility of admission to the webinar only by password.
  • 25 video tutorials on the use of the platform.

In general, an excellent service, if you understand the interface.

2. Etutorium

The Etutorium webinar platform is also a fully Russian-language service.

The service has the following tariff plans:

I liked the phased interface of this service much more - it’s convenient to set chat restrictions and set a price.

Price: from 3295 Р to 4450 Р per month, personal rate is calculated individually.

Trial period: have 14 days.

Number of participants: from 10 in trial version to 300 in Business tariff.


  • To register, you must specify not only the email address, but also the telephone. A letter with a link comes to the post immediately.
  • One or two leaders.
  • 4 languages ​​are supported.
  • Chat.
  • The creation of surveys and tests.
  • You can make access to the webinar only passwords.
  • 7 webinar landing design templates.
  • It is possible to show what is happening on the screen of the speaker.
  • Available check the speed of the Internet and the camera and microphone.
  • Collection of video tutorials on the use of the service.
  • Ability to calculate personal rate.
  • Online consultation.

UPD: The day after the registration, the manager called, spoke about the platform, requested feedback and sent a link to the training webinar, as well as additional information: a business proposal for coaches from Russia, requirements for the conductive party and participants. Support from the service works well.

3. Webinar.ru

Webinar.ru is a service with a talking name. Let's see what he is.

To register, you must enter your first name, last name, phone number, e-mail and company name.


After completing the registration and confirmation of the e-mail, the tutorial on using the service starts unexpectedly:

Moreover, this is not just a tutorial, but a webinar - after completion it is saved and available for viewing.

If you start poking through the interface buttons in an attempt to comprehend it, this window will pop up:

Price: from 3995 Р to 11995 Р per month.

Trial period: there is unlimited.

Number of participants: from 10 in trial version to 300 in Business tariff.


  • Your account verification email arrives immediately.
  • The trial period is unlimited in time.
  • Screencast and drawing tools.
  • Online Assistant.
  • Detailed statistics on webinar visitors.
  • Cloud storage of webinar recordings and documents.
  • Video editor
  • The possibility of accepting payment directly through the service.
  • Several speakers (up to 8 people).
  • Mobile version support - applications are available in the App Store and Google Play.
  • The address book.
  • Extensive integration options.
  • Chat.

Good service, although you should not miss training, as in games.

4. Mirapolis Virtual Room

Mirapolis Virtual Room looked pretty decent until I got to know him closer:

Trial period: Yes, 10 days.

Price: from 2990 Р to 19 990 Р per month.

Number of participants: From 10 to 1000.


  • Trial period - 10 days.
  • Up to 15 speakers.
  • From 10 to 1000 participants.
  • Tracking attendance statistics.
  • Up to 15 speakers.
  • Tracking webinar visit statistics.
  • Mobile version to Mobile version in App Store and Google Play.
  • Ability to upload information about the participants.

Outdated interface, difficulties with registration, constantly popping up errors, the end of the session and the general hang of the site. My personal experience of using the service is very negative. Although, maybe he should take much more time to understand the interface, so if you have had experience with Mirapolis, share it in the comments.

5. Webinar.tw

Webinar.tw is the most international service in the review:

Price: from 1836 P to 14070 P per month.

Trial period: have 14 days.

Number of participants: from 15 to 1000 people.


  • Screen display.
  • Surveys.
  • Detailed FAQ.
  • Record webinars.
  • Instructions for organizers, visitors and a guide on the demonstration of the desktop are available for download.
  • Carrying out paid webinars.
  • Demonstration of media content.
  • Display of documents.

Convenient service with many features.

6. Imind

Imind is a Russian-language service for video conferencing and webinars.

Price: from 1500 Р to 11 399 Р per month

Trial period: yes, 12 months

Number of participants: from 10 to 500 people


  • Applications in the App Store and Google Play.
  • Confirmation of registration comes instantly.
  • The ability to show screen.
  • The presence of "boards".
  • Interface settings, including in corporate colors.
  • Voting and polls.
  • Chat.
  • Translation of documents.
  • Video quality up to 4K.
  • Personal manager.
  • You can schedule a webinar on a specific date.

The interface is a bit outdated, but understandable, like the service. To use the free version does not require registration, which is nice.

7. Expert System

Developers position Expert System site as a "multifunctional distance learning platform for experts." To register, you must specify your username and e-mail. Confirmation of the mail address is optional.

Price: from 1300 Р to 12240 Р per month.

Trial period: is, unlimited.

Number of participants: from 5 to 3000 people.


  • Technical support by mail.
  • Broadcast to your site.
  • Selling courses.
  • Ability to record a webinar.
  • Organization of paid and closed broadcasts.
  • Cloud storage of webinar recordings and documents.

Expert System provides additional services for large-scale events, not limited to providing video calls:

The service is good for training webinars. Many features. Very convenient search by FAQ, but, at the same time, the contact phone number is not specified, and support answered only in a day.

7. Vivavox

Vivavox, like the previous service, offers a range of services, including support for the organization of video conferencing.

Price: from 4700 R to 125 000 R per month.

Trial period: Yes, 10 days. Tariff "Webinar" is a free addition to the "Conference".

Number of participants: from 50 to 100+ people.


  • Several speakers.
  • Demonstration of documents.
  • Tool "Board".
  • The appointment of a moderator of any participant.
  • Private messages.
  • Surveys and testing.
  • Statistics of participants.
  • Record webinar.
  • Closed webinars.
  • Support for English and Russian languages.
  • Detailed FAQ.

In general, the service is worth trying, if you have been doing webinars for a long time, you need serious functionality, and you are ready to pay well for it.

8. Webinar FM

Webinar FM has the most complete registration form of all the listed services, including the indication of the country and resource from which you learned about it.

Price: from 1320 Р to 4800 Р per month.

Trial period: have 30 days.

Number of participants: from 5 to 500 people.


  • Show desktop.
  • Polls and polls.
  • Up to 10 speakers.
  • The ability to change the theme colors.
  • The webinar recording is stored on the computer and on the server.
  • Support for English and Russian languages.
  • Chat.
  • Check the equipment and speed of the Internet.
  • Display of documents.
  • Reminders about the beginning of the webinar.
  • Tool "Board".
  • Saving images and documents.
  • Chat moderators.
  • The ability to make an entry by passwords.
  • Webinar visit statistics.
  • Sending invitations.
  • You can request a chat history archive.
  • Online support.

Does not require additional equipment and software installation. Convenient and friendly service, I advise.

This is not the end

In this article, we have disassembled 9 services of the Internet for conducting webinars. But we know for sure that there are many more. If you have missed something, write to [email protected], and we will add information to the review. If you use any service and want to share your experience, or after reading you have any questions, welcome to the comments!

By the way, we are creating not only text, but also video content. Details on the link.

Watch the video: Вебинар Copart на русском языке Russian Language Webinar (October 2019).

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