7 blog topics to hook anyone

It doesn't matter if your blog is personal, professional or business. A person wants to read about his life, so among the topics presented you will definitely find the one.

What is interested in a hardcore bearded and luxury lady with a haircut for 500 bucks? What will it be equally interesting to read to the director Vita, the welder Artem and the nurse Tatyana?

Popular topics are one. You just need to speak the language understandable to the reader and choose the right words.

These topics are easy to get along in one blog, so you can write at least about everything at once.

Love, relationship, friendship, respect

Romance, friendship and relationships are not interesting, perhaps, only a rotten stump. "Stop, stop, stop! What the fuck up? I have a business blog!" - you say. Okay. And if such topics:

  • "As my friend and I opened the tire and what came of it,"
  • "5 reasons not to open a business with friends",
  • "My business experience with a relative: all the pros and cons",
  • "I lost my wife and found my own business."

The theme of relationships between people is always in demand. Be it an ordinary office flirt or an unexpected meeting that changed life.

Money, yachts, cars, huts

Surely you know about pop themes in the style: "I earn 10 lyams per year or eat my persimmon." I do not advise them to imitate, but ...

The theme of money and material values ​​is interesting to everyone without exception. Unless you are a hermit or a Buddhist monk and, to be honest, we didn’t climb into the heads of such people either.

For example, I wrote a post about how my friend and I went to Moscow to buy a "Mazda six". And there we were a little bit divorced to 17k in one of the "salons". The story turned out instructive and caused a strong reaction. By the way, the car is still all right.

Here are some more headline examples for the "cash" topic:

  • "How I went broke on bitcoins",
  • "Fast food - fast money: Real earnings at a fast food for a mere mortal",
  • "Greenhouse business: New home for 1.5 years."

But this title just jumped on YouTube and pleased: "What I have earned for 13 years as a welder."

Such a genre as a success story is very popular - stories in the style of "how I have come to this in so much time." The truth is it is interesting to know how the hero so famously rose, or fell and rose. Such material goes well in an interview format.

Career, development, self-knowledge, superpower

Partially the topic is related to the previous one. However, there are some nuances. Almost everyone believes in some special purpose and given by nature a unique superpower available to him alone.

Reveal the talents of the person, and you will be the audience. Spend testing, and then on their basis, determine what is better to engage a person or let him decide. Let him know who he really is: a warrior, a magician, a teacher, a knight, or just a king. And then maybe the king sat up in the janitors.

This includes all sorts of psychological blogs that help with career guidance.

Don't you want to be a pro in your business? Fill up a couple of dragons and show the local "Captains America" ​​that America has long been open. And it is not open to anyone there, namely you. It is necessary that the person replied: "Well, of course, I want! Fuck is clear. What do you need to do?".

That is why ambitious business blogs are interesting to the audience. Any projects a la "Blog of a young entrepreneur from Miami" attract people and flourish.

An example of the presentation of such a blog:

Hi, my name is Ivan. I am 29 years old and I have a business with an income of 200 thousand. “Not so much,” you say. However, 2 years ago my salary was exactly 17 thousand rubles. I needed money so much that I was ready to grip my teeth on the tire of a passing Mercedes ...

Travel, sea, mountains, palm trees

You can refuse a long time, but it is also interesting to read about how someone warms a fifth point somewhere on the island. He eats fruit, rides on a moped and plunges into exotic to the very top. Such blogs are really tasty to read if they are written in the same way, and are also seasoned with photos and stories.

  • "How I moved to live in Belgium",
  • “How is Belgium different from Russia?”
  • "Why I think to leave Belgium",
  • "5 wacky laws of Belgium",
  • "4 key rules of business in Belgium".

We insert the necessary country into these headings and it is ready.

You can write about travel not only in the style "The Way from Voronezh to Las Vegas", but also "The Way from the poor to the millionaires," for example. It all depends on the author's imagination.

Health, well-being, weight loss, exercise

I pushed it into one section, because the topics are similar in essence. People play sports for health. Lose weight with the help of training, improve form, are treated for something, and so on.

There are a lot of headlines here:

  • "Lose weight in 60 days",
  • "What ended my training on the ground",
  • "Marathon: bench press 100 kg for 100 days",
  • "How I lost 15 kg and cured gastritis",
  • "7 healthy breakfast recipes that you haven't tried yet."

The topic of health is important, perhaps, for everyone. Yes, sometimes people neglect this and burn the body at any opportunity, but sooner or later they will start reading your blog articles. Write about health, and there is a reader.

Education, languages, science, education

It would be nice to know English, right? Yes. If you do not know him, thoughts about learning were exactly. What if it comes in handy? After all, this topic is fascinating, practical and developing.

For example, Pavel Durov looked at the Zuckerberg lecture on time, and now what? VKontakte has taken root in our brains, and Pavel is already sending telegrams to everyone. Don't he know English, how would we live without new stickers with a fox, a cat and a jellyfish?

In short, language teaching and any other education is always interesting for most developing people.

Make people effective and the reader will come for you, even if you go to Mars.

Ambitions, dreams, meanings, "Wishlist"

We do not live as long as we would like. If a person has lived for 30 years, he has about 480 months left, if he is going to live on the seventh decade. Confused you? Close the calculator for now. In fact, the interest here is ...

Posts on the topic “what I have managed for 30 years” or “goals for the next year” almost every time excite the audience.

Or, for example: "Earn $ 9000 and fly to Thailand for 3 months" - there is already an intersection with the theme of travel and finance.

In any case, all this endless progress, realization of desires, goals, ambitions will always be interesting to other people, because they see this as part of their life. After all, they also dream about something and want to embody it.

Reading these things, they are filled with energy and the thought "yes, damn it, it is possible."

Striving for a better future ignites people from within. Therefore, the topic of goals and “achieve it until it is dead” will always be relevant. I guess I put it harshly, but oh well. You know that I am kind.

Here, perhaps, that's all. Most importantly, you need to decide why you are blogging:

  • If for the soul, then write from the heart!
  • If for business, do not forget about the soul!
  • If for PR, then PR publicly!

Thanks to all! With you there were officers.

Watch the video: How to Write a Blog Post From Start to Finish. Neil Patel (October 2019).

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