How to create visual content using the convenient and cheap tool Canva

The Internet industry has been developing for a long time under the motto of improving user experience. Sites and Internet services did everything to simplify the consumption and replication of content. For example, even preschoolers can not just watch videos on YouTube, but also share video content with friends on social networks, download videos from YouTube to a computer, embed a video code on a blog or website page.

Today, the focus of Internet development is shifting from consumption and replication to content creation. This also applies to visual content. For example, look at the services for creating and distributing Vine and Instagram videos.

It turned out that the best visual content is created by professionals: designers, artists, animators, photographers. They use special software, expensive hardware and powerful computers. However, now there are simple and inexpensive tools with which each person can create visual content. This article focuses on the Canva service, thanks to which you can design. Yes, yes, you can become a designer, even if you don’t quite know what design is.

What is Canva

Canva is an online service that allows anyone to do web design. You can become a designer without special training, expensive software and equipment.

Canva is an Australian startup that has attracted the attention of well-known investors and business angels. The well-known Internet entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki became the evangelist of the service.

The developers of the Canva service have set a goal to make web design accessible to everyone. Using this tool, you can translate ideas into graphic content, even if you cannot draw at all. The service works on the principle of drag-and-drop. You can use Canva for free. However, some images are available only after payment.

Canva users have access to dozens of templates, free images, icon collections, fonts, backgrounds, colors. You can also start from scratch by creating your own templates.

How to use canva

You can log in to Canva using your Facebook account. After that, the system will offer you a brief introductory lesson on how to use the service.

First, the system offers to learn how to work with a palette of colors. To do this, click on the proposed circle and choose a color for it.

Secondly, the system suggests learning how to work with objects. You can find a hat and put it on a monkey. To do this, enter the desired item in the search box, and then drag it to the photo.

Thirdly, the system suggests learning how to work with the background. If you need a hint, use the Need a hint menu in the lower right corner of the screen. In this case, you will receive a video tip.

To select a background, click the left mouse button in the proposed window to bring up the menu.

You can also choose one of the template backgrounds. To do this, select the corresponding menu on the left side of the screen.

Fourth, the system offers to consolidate the skills of searching for objects and working with the technology of drag-and-drop. Canva offers to find images of your favorite dish, select one of them and move it to the proposed field.

Fifth, the system offers to learn how to work with layouts. You can select one of the template layouts using the menu on the left side of the screen.

Now you can find suitable photos or load your own from the computer hard disk. After completing the mini-lesson, the system informs you that you are ready to design your own.

Create a graphic for a blog post.

After completing the training, you can start working with the Canva service. The system offers you to create a design for a post in Pinterest, a presentation, a poster, a cover for Facebook, graphics for a blog, etc.

Imagine you want to create graphics for your blog. First of all you need to choose a layout template. Suppose you are staying on the Hot or not.

By selecting a template, you can change the location of the elements, add the necessary text and photos, change the background color. To select a background, use the Backgrounds menu on the left side of the page.

To change the color, click the left mouse button on the desired item.

Choose the color that you think best.

To replace the text, just select the desired item with the left mouse button. You can change the fonts and sizes.

The image you got is unlikely to win a prize in a design competition. However, it in most cases exceeds the replicated stock photos. To save your masterpiece, use the menu Link and publish.

Canva service examples

Jay Akanzo also used Canva to create a visual signature of his company. This signature is used in Twitter messages.

Canva service: advantages and disadvantages

Canva benefits include:

  • Ease of use.
  • Availability of free page templates, images, etc.
  • "Protection against a fool": the system does not allow to save the image, if you have not completed the work or have made a serious mistake.
  • You can save your work in png and pdf formats. The first is suitable for publishing images online, and the second can be used for the manufacture of printed materials.

The Canva service has the following disadvantages:

  • A limited number of standard templates.
  • You cannot resize an image during work.
  • There is no possibility to use graphic elements from different templates.

Will Canva make any person a designer?

Canva is a convenient and simple tool with the help of which each person can really solve design problems. Using it, you can create graphics yourself, even if you do not have special training. However, professional designers can sleep peacefully: Canva does not deprive them of work. A man in the street can pick up the hands and van Gogh's easel, but this will not convey the genius of the great creator to him. Anyone can use Canva, but this tool does not teach him to draw a truly original graphics.

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