Recruiting as marketing, or convert applicants into buyers

Russian entrepreneurs are so harsh that they take buyers in a competition of 10 people into place. So exacting that they reject from 70 clients per day to 2000 per month. And so self-confident that they boast of their integrity on YouTube.

What nonsense! In the video, not clients, but job seekers! Right.

And what applicants are not clients?

Through narrow recruitment patterns, job seekers seem to be exclusively staff, subordinate and expense items. As if the laws of nature forbid the applicant to become a buyer. It happens. If the employer sells oil echelons and city-forming enterprises. But far more often the average check of the employer is comparable to the salary of the candidate.


If K <1, then any applicant is a potential client.. There are quite a few markets where the average check is equal to or slightly less than the average market salary. For example, rental housing.

And when K> 1? The same, if there is a loan or installment plan. For example, only a top bank manager can buy a good car for a monthly salary. And on credit, this luxury is available to any "plankton."

Rush applicants three times unprofitable

Those who are looking for a job will understand without explanation. And for the lucky ones who have passed this cup, we will simply explain. The buyer risks only money, and the applicant is struggling for survival. "This monster wants to kill me." This is how the applicant feels without receiving an answer to the resume. What brand loyalty can there be after this?

On the offended carry water, and the rest will buy? Do not tell me. It is up to the Internet, buyers and applicants do not overlap. And now they use the same search engines for neighboring queries.

And "in one click" a potential client finds something like that:

Do you think the buyer has two heads? Right for work and slander, left for advertising and shopping? Nothing like this. One head, and the negative affects the entire head entirely. "Whether he stole, or was stolen from him, but the sediment remained."

To accept one line employee (read, courier), in 2015, an average of 9 interviews were conducted over 3 weeks (SuperJob, Russia). 3 weeks, 900 resumes, 1 admission to work. Conversion 0.1%. For comparison: the average conversion of the Russian online store is 1-3%.

With high natural demand and strong motivation of applicants, the conversion into workers is 10 times less than the conversion of online store visitors into purchases.

So what? And then. Firstly, rejected applicants do not make purchases themselves. The minimum loss of enterprise income per month is obtained


or from 1000 average checks

Secondly, offended candidates write indignant reviews that scare potential buyers. If every tenth writes a slander, 100 reviews will be received per month. 1 negative review read an average of 5 potential buyers. Another minus 500 customers per month.

Thirdly, shrinking niche market. Every month 1000 potential customers become anti evangelicals hated brand. They want to support the offender ruble? Only if he is an absolute monopolist.

Meanwhile, the market capacity is limited. Food needs billions. Televisions tens of millions (19 million in Russia, BusinesStat). The demand for cars does not exceed 1.5 million units for 2015. And so on.

Why is this so?

Because pretty often recruiting is loaded by the first employee. The youngest, the most resigned or the most unloved. In the load to the main work. Here he is, poor creature, and he is composing a bicycle, laying aside articles by HR gurus, employment portals and recruitment agencies.

And those articles are advertising. They are published to increase the demand for recruitment. Critical analysis is not allowed in them, you will not find useful tips with a fire in the afternoon. So the involuntary recruiter beats in eternal time trouble. Which is inevitable, since recruiting by default combines the functionality of marketing and sales. A double load naturally impairs the quality of work.



Recruiter selects advertising channels as a marketer. Involves employment portals: HeadHunter, SuperJob, Uses Avito message boards, Facebook, Vkontakte social networks, LiveJournal communities.

Uses the first available advertising channels; or those used by most competitors (therefore, employment portals are popular).

Like a marketer, a recruiter prepares advertisements. (job postings). Compiles texts for employment portals and bulletin boards, composes posts and selects illustrations for social networks. And publishes them: calculates the budget, knocks out and carries out payment, posts publications.

It makes no sense to copy advertising messages of competitors (vacancy announcements). Does not take into account the target audience, poorly adapts ads for the company and the vacancy.

Chooses budgets that are easier to justify, often minimal.

Recruiter accepts applications of applicants as a sales manager. Answers phone calls, processes e-mail, keeps track of messages in personal offices of employment portals, message boards, comments and social networking chats.

Spends a minimum of time to receive each specific treatment, so it misses important data. It does not use scripts, therefore it breaks the telephone calls. Rejects appeals that are difficult to work with.

Like a sales manager, a recruiter records requests.. Saves profiles and resumes to files and folders, keeps a log in a table, database.

It fixes the data of the leads (job seekers) as it were: on handwriting, in scattered text and tabular files. Loses data.

It specifies randomly selected references: recent arrivals, acquaintances, something distinguished. Or does not specify at all: "do not know how to fill out a resume, they themselves are to blame."

Both the recruiter and the sales manager are preparing the deal.. The recruiter clarifies the expectations of applicants, relates them to the parameters of the vacancy, organizes negotiations (interviews).

Prepares transactions (invitations for an interview) with constant delays. Led queues do not receive invitations at all.

Therefore, the company regularly lacks sane employees. Multichannel simply does not allow them to finish. And ignored candidates run up to competitors, pouring resentment on social networks, on review sites and other “comments”.

How to convert job seekers into buyers

Why continue the apparently harmful practice? Because it is generally accepted? An entrepreneur acting "like everyone else", dooms his business to lag and loss in the end. Let's turn the damage in favor! Apply marketing and sales procedures and tools to attract staff. Trying to wherever appropriate, familiarize applicants with the company, its products and services.

1. The planning phase. Let's start with the development of a strategy, then - there is a plan to attract staff. We segment the target audience. We will study media behavior: which sites, groups of social networks, forums are visited by applicants. We will model attraction scenarios, we will determine for what real reasons applicants choose employers. We describe the competitive advantages of your company from the point of view of applicants.

2. Stage selection of advertising channels. Create a media plan: advertising channels, which will be posted job ads. Do not focus on HH.RU, Superjob and Avito. If necessary, we use contextual advertising, articles on professional portals, posts in social networks and mailings by E-mail. Expensive? Employment portals are also not free.

3. Stage of development of the advertising message. We construct texts and layouts of ads, articles, mailings, taking into account the mass stereotypes of applicants in general, the sought-after professionals in particular. We engage professional terminology, jargon, typical tasks. We optimize the layouts of job ads for advertising channels, using the best cases. For example, "Guideline on" Yandex.Direct "for beginners." We will conduct A / V testing to increase the conversion of landing page layouts and newsletters.

4. Stage advertising messages. We segmented traffic and traffic flow. For each vacancy, we will publish a separate announcement and send traffic from them to separate landing pages for vacancies.

5. The stage of receiving applications applicants. We will post on the landing pages: introductory stories about the company and vacancies, advertising of goods and services of the company, a questionnaire to identify professional knowledge and skills. Examples of professional tests:

Set up the transfer of completed questionnaires in CRM, and register them in CRM in the form of leads. We will analyze the effectiveness of attraction using end-to-end analytics services.

6. Pre-selection stage. Applications from applicants from landing pages go to CRM along with the results of a professional test. Lida who do not score a passing score will be marked as substandard for professional training. These applicants should automatically receive a thank-you letter with a polite non-homicide refusal. Besides advertising of goods and servicesadd to the letter gift (discount code). Sending such letters can be organized using CRM business processes and trigger mailings.

Example of non-incidental refusal No. 1: “Unfortunately, our company's financial situation has become complicated. We have to temporarily refuse recruitment. We hope for understanding!” The previous accountant (sysadmin, etc.) could not stand the load for the second month. You deserve more. "

We will send test letters (manually from CRM) with an invitation for an interview, additional information about the company and the vacancy advertising and gifts, discounts. If we close the management position, then we will duplicate the letter with a phone call from CRM.

7. Stage interview. Preparing interview schedules with CRM. We conduct interviews as part of the head of the department and the applicant. With the consent of the applicant conduct audio interview. If the company has increased safety requirements, we invite the retiree of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to participate. They criminal sense of smell. Regardless of the results of the interview we do 2 things:

  1. We give the applicant flash drive with promotional and informational materials. 150 rubles will not ruin us;
  2. We send to the applicant through the CRM letter summarizing the interview. In addition to a brief summary of the negotiations, it should contain the deadline for deciding on hiring. The letter must be accompanied advertising of goods and services of the company, discounts. The deadline for sending - on the day of the interview, at least the next day.

For candidates who have not completed a face-to-face interview, we send an automatic thank-you letter with a polite non-voiding refusal. Besides advertising of goods and serviceswe add to the letter gift (discount code).

We send a congratulatory letter to CRM candidates who are invited to get to work.

What is the result? First, applicants do not feel abandoned, do not take offense at the lack of answers. If they get a refusal, then they do not feel guilty, they do not get a blow to self-esteem, because they showed respect for them. Not becoming employees, they do not turn into haters of the brand. But it may well be buyers, because receive from 2 to 4 messages advertising goods and services.

And secondly, the hiring process becomes measurable and manageable. The time of hiring is reduced, the quality of hired employees and their morale increase.

Does the circuit seem frighteningly complex? Your will, it is not. All elements are already debugged in sales marketing. On their adaptation to the "specifics" recruiting will take from 1.5-2 months. The term for which 2 line workers are currently selected.

Who will do this?

Which is simpler: to train a recruiter in promotion and marketing from scratch, or to add another class of tasks to marketing and sales departments?

The audience of applicants is no more different from the audience of buyers than the audience of beer lovers from the audience of tenants. Therefore, it is much more logical to serve applicants as clients than to suck out special HR marketing from a finger. Good job seekers are interested in work tasks and fair pay. It is unnatural to lure them with merry collective, free cookies and season tickets to the simulator.

Cutlets separately, flies separately. Marketers investigate the audience of applicants, draw up attraction plans, develop texts and ad layouts, write negotiation scripts, place vacancy advertisements on sites and track ad performance.

Sales managers receive, record and clarify applications from applicants, prepare and send commercial job offers, organize and hold meetings - interviews.

And let HR manage the staff.

Not Herbalife!

The reader can make a hasty conclusion. If there is no difference between recruitment and sales marketing, then why not to entice buyers with promises of fictional vacancies, non-existent work?

Bad, very bad idea. Try to do so, and immediately find yourself in the same pit of Herbalife and JSC MMM. The trickster's brand is easy to get, then you will not wash. And instead of workers and customers, adventurers, crooks, and then law enforcement agencies will reach out to you.

Watch the video: 2 EASY ways to get recruiting clients today. (April 2020).


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