15 worst sites: unsuccessful design and poor usability

Most business projects have their own website or plan to create it in the foreseeable future. However, not all entrepreneurs can appreciate the professionalism of web design studios. Therefore, they believe the beautiful words of studio managers, confirmed by examples of work in the portfolio. Sometimes this leads to trouble: a new project site does not generate leads and conversions, but smiles or outright ridicule of potential customers. Most often this is due to a bad site design. Below you will find examples of the worst sites and analysis of the 15 most common mistakes designers can scare off visitors.

Meet on clothes

The visitor creates the first impression of the site within a few seconds after the "landing". He unknowingly evaluates visual information: the color scheme of the page design, the image, the location of the navigation elements and information blocks. According to the publication Instant shift, 94% of users do not trust the content of the site and the business as a whole if they are faced with a very unfortunate design.

Psychologists say that the first impression is very difficult to change. This means that you will be wasting money on creating super-quality and premium content, unsuccessfully investing in SMM and contextual advertising, if you don’t learn how to make a good impression on clients in the first seconds of acquaintance. We are talking about the design of the site, which at least should not repel visitors.

In order for a person without special training to understand what the design of the site should be, you can use the “by contradiction” method. The following examples will tell you what mistakes can make visitors leave the site immediately. Avoiding such blunders, you can appreciate the professionalism of designers and formulate a request for a visually attractive website.

1. What should not be the site

Not indifferent people leading the fight for high-quality web design, created the world's worst website. The purpose of the existence of the resource The world'sworst website is to show what an Internet resource should not be. It seems that the creators have reached the goal.

The creators of this site specifically made the following errors:

  • On the site there are no elements that attract the attention of the visitor. Getting to this resource, the user spends a few seconds to find the visual or semantic point of the beginning of the interaction.
  • Site elements are randomly arranged. The purpose of the existence of individual elements is incomprehensible.
  • A large number of gif-animation prevents the user.
  • The site has no navigation elements.

2. When gif-animation can seriously damage

Please note Texterra is not responsible for the consequences of visiting the Afterlife site. Possible effects include headache, fainting in the eyes, nausea. In addition, visiting the site, you risk losing sleep due to attempts to understand the purpose of its existence.

The use of Christian symbols suggests the religious orientation of the resource. We do not want to offend the feelings of believers, and criticize the design of the resource only.

3. How to hide the most important information

So that no one person will know the military secret, publish it on the site. Take an example from the author of the site Time cube. He did not spend time on visual design, limiting himself to changes in font size and color. Why waste time on visual appeal if the site is dedicated to the "new model of reality"?

By the way, some people may still be interested in the contents of a similar site. After reading this, someone will give you a haloperidol.

4. How to make the user forget about the purpose of the visit

The recipe is easy to remember: take a lot of gif-animation, add bright colors, flying planets and a chicken. Do not forget to add a secret item. It's about a singing girl. Believe me, even the name in the header of the site will not remind the user about the purpose of the visit.

5. Norwegians can do Amazon too

The Norwegian substitute for Amazon is called Arngryn. Apparently, the Norwegians do not like to spend time navigating the site. Therefore, the creators of the site decided to place all the goods sold on the main one. For the convenience of users running horizontal and vertical scrolling.

6. Why is Artemy Lebedev allergic to creative solutions?

In the "About Us" section of the studio of Artemy Lebedev it is written that "they" are allergic to the phrase "creative solutions." The nature of this allergy becomes clear if you look at the site Reforms.net. There is a lot of creativity here. Actually, the site has nothing but creativity.

7. Do not stay in the 90s

Users and search engines do not like sites that are rarely updated. But if the resource is updated highly rarely can it become an online museum of web design history. For example, the homepage of Ron Aslund was last updated in 2001. At that time, it was an advanced design pattern.

8. How to surprise a visitor

Offer him to immediately after the "landing" to refresh the page to get the latest publications. Do not forget to use a depressive purple background and in no case allow the visitor to quickly understand what your site is about. It is probably this recipe used by the creators of Great dreams.

9. How to hurt the visitor

Not all color combinations cause physical pain. The creators of the site Wrdaonline managed to find a combination of colors that literally cut the eyes. Another unfortunate decision of the designer is the use of Monopoly cards as a background image.

10. Why Feng Shui and Web Design Are Incompatible

Taoist practice is suitable for organizing the space of the house, but it can not be used for site design. This confirms the blog specialist on Feng Shui Jami Lin. The main disadvantages of the design of this resource include:

  • Difficult navigation.
  • Unreadable content.
  • The combination of a neutral background with bright multi-colored navigation elements.

11. How to confuse the visitor

A site dedicated to collecting vintage bottles should have an unusual design. However, this does not release the resource from the need to have a convenient navigation and a good color gamut. The creators of the site Mrbottles did not consider this. Inconvenient navigation gives visitors the feeling that they are lost in search of some kind of treasure.

12. How to check visitors erudition

In the popular game "Guess Who", participants should recognize celebrities by photo. The creators of the site DS + R offered visitors a new version of this game. They must find the desired menu item on the photo preview.

13. When Web Design Kills Art

Probably, the sculptor John Procario ordered a minimalist site, the design of which will not distract users from the photos of his works. That's what he got. The disadvantages of the resource include:

  • Inconvenient navigation. Clicking on the photo of the work to view, the visitor risks to spend a few minutes to find a way to return to the main.
  • Classified information about the owner of the site and its contact information. To find this data, the user must hover over the sculptor’s autograph.

14. How to spoil everything with the logo

Once on this site, you can decide that it sells car tires. Car tires that allow you to ride on water. In addition, these tires have refractory properties. The resource logo puzzles users. They come to life after a minute and only then they understand what is being sold on the site.

15. When one picture replaces thousands of words.

The creators of the resource Mama's Cheesies sell handmade clothes. They wrote about it on the main page in capital letters. Apparently, the clothes do not look very good, as the designers found a place for a small photo of the product only at the bottom of the page.

Why criticize a bad design and study other people's mistakes

Almost every entrepreneur can easily formulate the requirements for the functionality of the site of his company. Most businessmen know what content should be published, what the resource menu and other navigation elements should be. However, most entrepreneurs find it difficult to answer what the site design should be.

Businessmen have to agree with the proposals of designers and show their favorite examples of work from the studio portfolio. In this situation, the customer is important to understand what should not be his site. This avoids bloopers that really repel visitors.

How do you think, can a person without special training evaluate the proposed site design options?

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