How to create a marketing video without Hollywood budgets: 5 tips and case

In the article "9 Internet trends" we wrote that YouTube users every minute download more than 100 hours of video to this service. This is possible due to the increased bandwidth of communication channels and the development of technologies, including mobile ones. Conditions for the consumption and distribution of video content are improving, which increases its marketing role.

Some 10-15 years ago, brands had to spend big money on creating commercials and broadcast them on television in order to use video content to promote business. Today, anyone can use video marketing for free. To do this, it is enough to have an amateur camera or even a smartphone, as well as an account on YouTube or another video hosting service suitable for publishing marketing content.

However, well-known brands and start-up entrepreneurs face a common problem when creating and publishing video content. Having bought airtime on the central TV channel 10 years ago, you were sure that many consumers would see the content willy-nilly. Today you have to do something special so that Internet users want to watch your video.

Below you will find five tips that will help you create attractive in terms of audience and effective in terms of video marketing. Moreover, you will understand that good commercial video (for example, video infographics) can be created without Hollywood budgets, professional equipment, James Cameron in the director's chair, and even without Julia Roberts in the lead role. You will also get acquainted with the mini-case, which tells about the process of creating a video in the marketing agency The Genius Bar (UK).

How to create a marketing video: 5 tips

It doesn't matter what technical resources you use to create videos. The success of commercial video is more dependent on the correct choice of the target audience and content distribution channels, your ability to capture useful and expert material than on the quality of the picture and special effects. Use the following guidelines to effectively use video to promote projects, even if your budget does not include the costs of professional video studio services:

1. Count on the 12 round match

Many inexperienced professional boxers try to knock out an opponent in the first minutes of the fight by all means. They pay defeat for such indiscretion, as they give all their strength to the starting assault. By the end of the battle, they can not defend themselves, losing more farsighted fighters.

Sometimes marketers fall into a similar situation. They play all-in, investing almost the entire advertising budget in creating one quality video. It seems to them that the superstar invited to play the main role will make the audience gasp and line up for the company's product.

Hollywood is familiar with the failures of high-budget blockbusters that did not meet the expectations of viewers and creators. Sometimes clips of famous artists go unnoticed, despite the special effects and video quality. It is not surprising that commercials, even the most expensive and high-quality ones, sometimes also remain unclaimed by the audience.

Therefore, do not invest all the money in creating a single video, especially if you plan to broadcast it on the Internet. Better create a series of several useful and informative materials. Leave famous professional artists and directors alone. Instead, concentrate on the video content - it should be such that the viewer waits for the next episode.

2. Use the resources at hand

Oddly enough, you already have a video suitable for use in a content marketing campaign. Or you can get it by writing a few words to your friends and colleagues in the online messenger.

You probably spoke at any industry conference. Organizers usually videotape such events. Ask them for a copy of the video. Perhaps one of your employees was interviewing a television channel? Or maybe your developers have video testing some product? Many videos that seem raw to you and intended solely for internal use will actually be a success with the audience.

But if you still have not found interesting content in the depths of your PC hard drives, use the following ideas:

  • Interview one of the employees. This may be a top manager or a narrow specialist, as long as he tells something interesting and useful.
  • Take a video in the style of "One Day in the Life of a Sales Manager of Company X".
  • Interview your clients.
  • Tell the audience about your office or workplace. For example, we took advantage of this opportunity and shot a small video.
  • Show the audience how you work or relax.
  • Create a video instruction or review of one of the products.

Use for shooting any technique with which you can get a more or less clear image.

3. Take advantage of corporate and industry events

These can be conferences, presentations, holiday parties - any events where there are a lot of people present, somehow related to your business or industry. Take a video camera, camera or smartphone with you to:

  • Interview invited experts, remote employees, clients.
  • Shoot presentations and speeches.
  • Record the brightest moments of the party.

Business conferences and corporate events will be your source of creative video content. In this case, you do not have to wrestle with the original ideas - just enough to keep the camera ready all the time.

4. Make sure that your video can be watched using various devices.

People are increasingly consuming content on the go, using mobile gadgets. This includes video content. Make sure you can watch your videos using tablets and smartphones.

Provide your audience with the opportunity to watch marketing videos on the go. For example, publish videos on YouTube - applications of this video hosting are installed on popular models of gadgets by default. Do not forget about the need to convert views. Publish in the credits the address of the site or the telephone number of the company's sales department.

5. Make the video interactive.

Add dynamic content, maps, text to videos. Ask the audience to answer the question right on the screen. In short, make the video interactive. Use tools like Mozilla PopcornMaker for this.

Mini-case: how to create an original video with a limited budget

British marketing agency The Genius Bar received an order to create an animated video for the research firm Research Now (RN). RN wanted to present its services to potential customers through this video. The budget for the creation of the movie was 10 000 pounds. Specialists of The Genius Bar should have made the video available for viewing using mobile gadgets.

How to create an animated movie

RN asked The Genius Bar to stylize the video for a fairy tale. Marketers hired a screenwriter for children's television shows, who rhymed the story of RN.

Then the experts of The Genius Bar turned to a freelance designer who draws animation by hand. This style is well suited to the overall concept of the video. The designer drew a storyboard and prepared a five-second video that was submitted for approval to the RN management.

Next, The Genius Bar found an actor whose voice was perfect for dubbing video. The voice was recorded in the studio for two hours. Sound engineers processed the recording and sent it to the animator as a wav file. The artist worked on the roller for 15 working days. The animation was originally created using flash technology, but then the video was converted to MP4 format, supported by almost all popular gadgets.

Specialists of The Genius Bar presented the finished video to the RN management. After minor corrections and adding sound effects, the video was approved. RN has used it in various campaigns, including:

  • Content publishing on the corporate website.
  • SMM campaigns.
  • Acquaintance of potential clients with the company's services. By the way, the animation was created just for this.

Naturally, the specialists of The Genius Bar met the budget.

This is just an example, proving that almost every marketer can create an original and engaging video with a relatively small (at least for Burzhunet) budget.

So, you can use video content to promote projects, even if you do not have 10,000 pounds to create one video. For this, it is sometimes enough to have an amateur video camera on hand. Prefer a series of several videos that are useful to the audience to a single expensive clip. Make sure that even owners of low-cost smartphones can watch your video.

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