Video Marketing: Four Effective Tactics for a Modest Budget

Marketing projects using video content is becoming increasingly common due to the effectiveness of this method. However, businessmen often fall into the trap of using it. They focus more on the process of creating videos than on marketing. At the same time, promotion of projects with the help of videos on YouTube brings results only if you take into account the specifics of this promotion channel.

American company Pixability, specializing in marketing projects on YouTube, investigated the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns of the top 100 brands included in the list of the best companies of 2012, compiled by consulting firm Interbrand. After analyzing about 200,000 business videos and 1,270 branded channels, Pixability experts found that more than 50% of marketing videos do not gain 1000 views. And this is abroad, where marketing positions are very strong and its importance is not questioned. What happens with the marketing of video content in RuNet can only be guessed at.

What does it mean? Large corporations, including, for example, Google, Microsoft, MasterCard, invest huge amounts of money in creating high-quality video materials. But the audience often just does not notice these videos. Thus, brands are actually throwing money away, despite the high quality of the resulting video.

YouTube features: marketing brings results, not special effects

The said Pixability study is called “The YouTube Community: a business video needs marketing, not special effects.” Pay attention to the facts to understand the meaning of this statement.

The top 100 brands from the list of the best companies in 2012 increased the number of marketing videos they create from 4,760 to 7,175 per month over the last year. They have spent 4.3 billion US dollars on the production of video content since 2006.

Large corporations, such as Coca-Cola and Toyota, are not limited to distributing the created video through branded channels on YouTube. They often broadcast videos on their corporate sites. According to Pixability, 61 of the top 100 companies have already integrated the YouTube channel into their own web resources. By the way, this once again confirms the trend of blurring the boundaries between information channels.

Pixability experts also noted the desire of brands to use a variety of video content. For example, Intel broadcasts through its YouTube channel both professional videos and amateur videos.

So, companies do not spare funds for the production of a variety of video content. They use different information channels to increase the reach of the audience. But why is the result of this activity, measured in the number of views and channel subscribers, disappointing? The problem is not the quality of the video, because the budgets of the brands will be envied by the creators of Avatar and The Lord of the Rings.

By investing huge funds in the production of high-quality video content, brands forget about content marketing. And this problem concerns not only transnational corporations. Medium and small business also burns its advertising budget, trying to turn its business video into masterpieces of cinema, when it is necessary to focus on promoting and interacting with the audience.

YouTube and video marketing

Assigning a few tags to a video and adding a short description, you do not automatically become a content marketer. In fact, marketing with the help of video content is no less labor-intensive process than the creation of video materials.

How to improve the efficiency of business promotion using video content? The four tactics described below will help you answer this question.

1. Create a large variety of video content

The most successful content marketing companies on YouTube have been implemented thanks to a large number of various materials. Pixability researchers emphasize that the most popular marketing channels on YouTube include an average of 181 videos. Interestingly, the duration of the video should also vary. The creators of the best channels use materials ranging from 30 seconds to 20 minutes.

Do not limit yourself to monitoring the number of views, assessing the effectiveness of a particular video. Consider the position of the video in search results, the activity of the audience (the number of "likes" and comments).

A good example of effective marketing on YouTube is the Nintendo company's channel, which is one of the most popular on Google video hosting. The company regularly publishes a large number of diverse content, encouraging the audience to constantly keep abreast of updates.

2. Integrate YouTube with a corporate website

The integration of a branded YouTube channel and a corporate website increases the effectiveness of marketing through video content. As noted above, 61 companies from the top 100 brands broadcast videos from the YouTube channel through their own web resource. Please note that YouTube automatically adapts the video for mobile traffic. We wrote why this is important.

The integration of the YouTube channel with the site increases the natural search traffic to the corporate resource. Do not forget that the most popular video service in the world belongs to Google search engine.

A good example of website integration with a branded YouTube channel is the Newegg store resource. Video broadcast is used here both to inform users and to attract visitors to the site.

3. Socialize your video content

Internet users comment and distribute videos ten times more often than other content. It gives you the opportunity to use YouTube as a powerful social platform. To do this, encourage users to interact with your brand through YouTube.

The Old Spice branded channel is a good example of video socialization. Old Spice Man, the character in the videos, answers questions from specific YouTube users. This stimulates the sharing and discussions.

4. Do not forget about advertising on YouTube

YouTube paid advertising is a critical component of effective business marketing with video content. Remember, TrueView video ads are different from contextual advertising with AdWords or Yandex.Direct. Users are 10 times more likely to watch ads on YouTube than go through ads in contextual blocks.

Advertising on YouTube attracts the attention of the audience to the brand, and also generates immediate sales. One of the differences between video ads and contextual ads is its long-term effectiveness, provided by shareings and other social actions of users. In turn, contextual ads stop working as soon as you use up your advertising budget.

So, YouTube is no longer just a promising marketing platform that can be used in complex business promotion campaigns. Today it is a real sales driver, which is included in the arsenal of brands that are counting on serious results.

Using the tactics described above, you can promote your business with the help of videos, even without having huge budgets for creating videos. After all, marketing remains the primary when promoting projects using YouTube.

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