How to use Google+: Beginner's Guide

In June 2011, Google launched its own social network, Google+.

At first, her unpopularity became the reason for numerous jokes of Internet users:

Currently, Google Plus has over 540 million registered users.

The main difference in the social network is Circles, Stream and Hangouts.

  • Circles ("Circles") are at the very core of Google+. A circle is a list of users to whom this or that content is available at your discretion. Relatively speaking, “Circles” in Google Plus are the same person’s social circles in reality.
  • Stream is a Google+ news feed that displays updates from the Circles members.
  • Hangouts allows you to create video chats. In this article I will not consider this service, since we have already written about it in detail in our newsletter.

Why should you sign up for Google+?

Google+ is not only a platform for brand promotion and communication with the audience, which is any social network. It belongs to the largest search engine, so Google Plus also helps to get higher positions in Google search results among subscribers to your account.

Google Plus brand accounts are linked to Google My Business, which makes it easy for customers to find your company. The service uses search, Google Maps and Google+ in the complex, which helps to promote your website in search results in a specific region.

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Sign up for Google+

A Google account allows you to work with all of its services, including Google+.

To create an account, go to the main page of the search engine and in the upper right corner look for the "Login" button:

Click on "Create Account":

We fill in the standard registration fields and go through verification via SMS:

Account is ready to work:

There are two types of pages on Google+: personal and corporate. Let's talk about both.

1) Personal account registration

Go to the main page of Google, then in your account.

Click "Google Apps", select Google+ in the list.

Select "Join ..." in the list on the left. A window appears in which you need to fill in a few basic columns.

Add a profile photo. Click on the icon with the camera and download the file. You can skip this step.

Let's move on to adding friends. To do this, we can use the standard search string, as in any social network, or the "Who to add" item. Recommendations in it are based on your account information.

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When someone signs up to your page, the notification comes:

To create a new "Circle", go to the menu item on the left "People", select "Subscriptions", at the end of the list we see "Create a circle".

The created circle is called, for example, "Colleagues". Enter the name in the line, click "Save".

And now we will add a person to the "Circle". Stay at the same point as the circle. Click on the user, or rather on the name of the circle in which he is by default - "Subscriptions". Put a tick in front of the list of "Colleagues".

Go to the "People" section:

Post creation

We figured out the circles, now we will create a post and see how privacy works - how to make the record see certain user lists.

In the item "Ribbon" in the lower right corner we find the icon with a pencil.

Click on the icon, then select the "For All" option. From the options, select "Create a compilation".

We give the selection a name, in the item "Who sees" choose "Own option".

Remove the check mark from "My circles", put it at the "Colleagues", click "Finish".

Enter the text in the body of the post - "Review Google+ for the blog." We publish.

And so the news looks like in the feed of Xenia, the only user to whom the post was available:

Click on "Shhh!" - the name of the collection created by us with the given privacy settings. It is saved and available at any time, but there is also the possibility to create a post, visible to all or create a new collection.

You can create a new post and with the help of this window all in the same item "Ribbon":

To mention any user in the post, it is enough to put in front of his name the characters "+" or "@":

You can attach a photo, a link, a survey and geolocation to a post: to do this, click on the appropriate icon:

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Let's try to add all the available chips.

Add geolocation:

Click on the geolocation icon, allow Google+ to track the location:

Choose from the options:

Add a signature to geolocation and publish:

Attach a link to the post:

Click on the add link icon, paste the link in the "Add a link" line:

Click "OK", add a signature to the post:

We publish the link with the signature:

Let's go to the images

Click on the add photo icon, click "Upload Photo", select the file on your computer:

After downloading the image and adding text, click "Publish":

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Now create a poll

Click on the third icon on the left:

Click on the camera icon, upload a picture. For example, with cats. And fill in the columns "Answer option 1" and "Answer option 2".

Click on "Add answer option" and add the third option, click "Finish":

It remains the last point - to ask a question. Enter the text in the field, select the old newsletter "Shhh!":

Click "Publish", enjoy the result:

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Communities and Collections

Google Plus also has Communities and Submissions.

Collections and Communities are recommended to the user based on their interests.

The main differences between the Community Collections were listed by the developers themselves:

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2) Registration of a company account

Above, we already wrote about why the corporate Google+ page should be registered with Google My Business.

Now consider the registration process.

Go to the main page of the service, in the lower right corner we see the button "Add + brand page".

Let's invent for example a nonexistent brand. Fill in the required data and accept the terms of use:

We confirm the authenticity of the account using the phone. Enter the number, click "Continue."

Registration is over, go to our account:

To begin, edit the profile - fill in the column "In a nutshell" and change the photo.

Enter the text. In our case, “Checking Google My Business.” Click “Edit Page” to save the changes.

Let's go to the avatar. Click on the default image:

A standard photo loading window opens. We select the necessary file, we load, we save changes.

Now our logo looks like this:

You can also change the cover. To do this, we move the cursor to the upper right corner of the standard cover — an icon with a camera will appear, and then everything will change as if changing avatar: load the photo, save the changes.

The best photo size for a Google Plus cover is 1600 by 900 pixels.

In a Google+ account, the cover will look like this:

And in "My business" the picture of the cover will be "smeared out":

Go to the "Statistics". Since our pseudo-brand has just been created, and even for example only, there is no data there:

In the "Statistics" you can view information on the number of page views, the popularity of records, as well as reach the audience.

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You can also register contacts and a business address with Google My Business. After registration, your brand will be visible in the search for the corresponding request and on Google maps.

To register, go to "My Business":

After registration + a page for the brand will be created automatically.

Fill in company data, save.

After completing the registration, you will be asked to confirm the reality of the company by mail or by phone. The ability to confirm by phone is not always available, and the process takes 1-2 weeks by mail.

More than alive

Compared to many other social networks, Google Plus doesn’t have many functions, but it’s quite useful to have a page there, especially if we are talking about a brand page. Do you use Google+? Write in the comments.


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