15 reasons to invest in advertising on Facebook instead of AdWords and Yandex.Direct

Do you attract customers with contextual advertising in Yandex and Google? Then you will be interested to know that there is a more cost-effective and ROI way of paid business promotion. This is an advertisement on Facebook. Do not believe? Below you will find a list of reasons why Facebook PPC campaigns are more efficient than search engines.

1. Ads on Facebook are cheaper.

Depending on the industry and the level of competition, the cost per click on Google AdWords or Yandex.Direct can amount to tens of dollars and thousands of rubles. Against this background, the prices for ads on Facebook will seem like a Christmas sale. The average cost per click on the Google Display Network is $ 0.35. The average cost per click on Facebook is $ 0.24. The difference exceeds 30%.

Note that the cost of contextual advertising in search engines is sensitive to the level of competition. For example, if you advertise financial services, the cost per click increases dramatically compared to the average. This pattern is also present in Facebook, but it is much less pronounced.

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2. Your audience loves Facebook

In September 2014, 864 million people used Facebook every day. The audience of this social network has reached 1.35 billion active users per month. In Russia, as of May 2014, the Facebook audience was 23.4 million people. Almost 70% of active users fall into the age category from 25 to 44 years. If you want to show ads to socially active and solvent people, welcome to Facebook.

According to TNS, in 2013 the total audience of all Yandex projects in Russia was 60.4 million people per month. Google projects monthly attracted 48.1 million people.

3. Users spend a lot of time on Facebook

The average Facebook user spends 21 minutes a day on the site. The average adult user is delayed by 36 minutes. The duration of the session is one of the indicators of audience involvement.

4. Fine tuning of the demographic targeting

The audience targeting system by demographic characteristics is superior to the search engine targeting systems in terms of customization capabilities. Facebook offers to target audiences on over 150 criteria, including the following:

  • Level of income.
  • The level of education.
  • The presence or absence of their own homes.

5. Fine tuning targeting

"Facebook" bypassed search engines in the audience targeting capabilities of interest. Here you will also find more than 150 options, including:

  • Preferences in alcoholic beverages.
  • Culinary preferences.
  • Leisure preferences.

6. Behavioral targeting

Facebook allows you to target your audience according to behavioral preferences. For example, behavioral criteria include:

  • Users donating money to animal welfare programs.
  • People returning from vacation.
  • Fans of computer games.

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7. Cheap and effective remarketing

Search engines allow advertisers to use remarketing. Facebook gives customers the same opportunity. Moreover, the Facebook remarketing system is more efficient and cheaper. Fine targeting allows you to show ads to the right audience. And low cost per click ensures financial remarketing on Facebook.

8. Show Ads to Email Subscribers

You can create an individual audience and display ads to it. For example, Facebook allows you to show ads to email subscribers or customers who have provided you with phone numbers.

9. Ability to mark and distribute ads

Users can like your ads, repost and comment. This increases the potential for advertising.

10. The size and location of advertising

Advertising in the news feed occupies almost the entire screen of the user due to the size and location. Search engines also place contextual blocks in the most visible parts of the SERP. However, this can not be compared with paid posts in the tape.

11. More text

Contextual ads in search engines have strong limitations on the text. For example, in Google AdWords, an ad cannot exceed 95 characters: 25 in the headline and 35 in each line of the description. An ad in the Facebook news feed can contain up to 315 characters: 25 in the headline, 90 in the "Text" field and 200 in the link description.

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12. Conversion button

You can optionally add a conversion call-to-action button to your Facebook ad. This option is required if you want to spend money on advertising effectively.

To create a button, add a Facebook page to the ad unit and create a suitable CTA.

13. Suggestions

If your page is liked by at least 50 users, you can create offers. This type of advertising allows offline businesses to promote products or services among online audience members. You can fine-tune the display of sentences according to geographical, demographic and behavioral principles.

14. Ability to show ads to subscribers of competitors

When advertising a product in search engines, advertisers often use the names of competitors as targeted search phrases. This allows ads to be displayed to users who are looking for information about industry peers.

On Facebook, you can show ads to users who have marked your competitors page. At the same time advertising will be displayed when viewing the news feed. This is a more natural method of targeting competitors followers compared to using competitor names in contextual advertising.

15. Free access to Shutterstock image collection.

Facebook advertisers have access to the Shutterstock free image collection. To use them in an advertisement, in the ad editor in the fourth stage, select the option "View collection - Images in the collection"

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If you need adult paying customers ...

... advertise your product on Facebook. This will help you to reduce the cost per click compared to contextual advertising in search engines, to choose the audience flexibly and to enjoy other benefits.

Do you think Facebook advertising can completely replace paid search engine promotion for runet advertisers? Share your opinion in the comments.

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