How to promote small business after updating the news feed Facebook: 30+ tactics

Since January 1, Facebook has lowered the visibility of commercial messages in users' news feeds. This will be a problem for small and medium businesses that actively used the world's largest social network to generate leads. How to keep the visibility of your messages without increasing the budget for paid promotion? Below you will find a description of 30 tactics that will help convey messages to the audience, despite updates to Facebook algorithms.

Why do small businesses need to worry about the visibility of Facebook posts?

At the end of last year, Facebook reported on updating the ranking algorithm posts in the news feed. In order for users to receive information that is relevant to their needs, the largest social network in the world has reduced the visibility of advertising posts published on companies' pages. In particular, we are talking about publications with the following characteristics:

  • Posts containing the offer to buy or install a program.
  • Notes that advertise the product, offer participation in promotions and sweepstakes.
  • Publications that use the same content as paid ads.

Facebook does not want users to see only promotional content on the news feed. You can guess that there is another motive for this update: the social network wants business owners to pay for advertising.

Large corporations will easily solve the problem of visibility of messages by increasing the budgets for paid promotion on Facebook. Small and medium businesses will have to change the strategy and tactics of working with the audience in the most popular social network in the world.

First, small companies should refuse to publish on the pages of posts clearly advertising. Secondly, they should increase the number of publications that ensure user involvement: announcements of useful content, tips, answers to frequently asked questions, etc. Third, it will be useful for small businesses to use advertising to support natural publications. Small companies need to pay attention to ad targeting, which increases their effectiveness.

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Paid publications will partially solve the problem that companies face when changing strategies and tactics of promotion in Facebook. It consists in the following: non-advertising content has a lower lead generation potential compared to promotional posts. However, small and medium businesses should diversify lead generation tactics in order not to depend on Facebook algorithms and reduce the negative impact of the latest innovations. The 30 steps described below will help you solve this problem.

Create a subscriber database

People who have subscribed to your email list are ready to read your messages of all types. Their decision is not affected by the algorithms of social networks and search engines. Start promoting your project with Email Marketing:

  1. Create a subscription form to the newsletter and publish it on the site. Take care of its visibility.
  2. Use HelloBar to redirect traffic to the landing, stimulating subscriptions.
  3. Use ads in the sidebar or inside the text on the site to stimulate subscriptions.
  4. Send emails to clients from the personal addresses of employees, not from the corporate email address. Include in the signature link to the page with a subscription form.
  5. Create a separate email address for user questions about your product. This will help engage customers and get new addresses.
  6. Include a link to a page with a subscription form in the letters that you send to customers after purchasing your product.
  7. Use the plugin to collect Sumome email addresses. It is free and suitable for any CMS.

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  1. Advertise your company's email address offline: for printing products, souvenirs, cash vouchers, etc.
  2. Stimulate subscribers. For example, promise everyone who subscribes a free e-book.

Keep a blog

Actually, you should have created a blog a bit earlier, for example, in 2010. Your company should have a standalone blog or a corporate blog site. It is necessary to regularly publish useful information for the audience. If you are not already doing this, start right now. The following recommendations will make your blog more efficient:

  1. Create a blog heading "FAQ". Collect user questions and answer them in detail. So you solve the problem of lack of content ideas.
  2. Publish educational content. For example, show customers how to properly use your product.
  3. Give the floor to customers. Let them write a review, post a photo or video report on the use of your product. Take even negative feedback and respond to them.
  4. Refer to the blog in your profiles on social networks. Ask your colleagues about it.
  5. Announce blog posts in emails as well as on social networks.
  6. Make sure your blog can be read using RSS aggregators like Feedly.
  7. Add sharing buttons and social plugins to your blog pages.
  8. Ask industry-leading experts and key followers to comment on your materials or make a repost.
  9. Make friends with other bloggers working with your theme. Help each other distribute content and attract an audience.

Actively use "Vkontakte"

The audience of the Russian-speaking segment of Facebook and Vkontakte differ. However, the business is actively trying to turn from a resource for communication and entertainment into a business platform. Join these attempts and try to play on the contradictions between Facebook and Vkontakte.

  1. Create a public brand page or thematic group.
  2. Try to find "Vkontakte" the most active followers of your Facebook page.
  3. Participate in thematic discussions in popular business groups "Vkontakte".
  4. Announce on the public page "Vkontakte" content that you publish in the corporate blog.
  5. Offer the audience "Vkontakte" visual content: video, images, presentations.

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Pay attention to YouTube

As you know, visual content is king. A video can be called the emperor of visual content. YouTube is still the best hosting for publishing marketing videos. Therefore, start to lead the channel on this site.

  1. Publish video guides. For example, you can tell the audience about the chips of your product. You can even make videos with an old smartphone.
  2. Shoot a promotional video about your product. Sincerity and wit compensate for your lack of professional equipment and actors.
  3. Become a Posner in your niche. Interview industry experts, talk about conferences and seminars.
  1. Show your colleagues and subordinates. Ask them to tell about their work, hobbies, and leisure.
  2. Show your customers. Take an interview with them, ask them to tell about cooperation with your business.
  3. Post entertaining videos. For example, ask your employees and customers to tell their favorite jokes.

Post content to Pinterest and Instagram

These social networks can give Facebook a head start in popularity among some age categories of users.

  1. Decide which platform suits you best. Perhaps you will be comfortable working simultaneously with two resources.
  2. Create a subscriber database. Tell us about your Pinterest and Instagram accounts on a blog and other social networks.
  3. Publish photos of your products. Use appropriate hashtags.

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Facebook will change the ranking algorithms of posts again and again

Therefore, you need to use alternative tools to promote business and lead generation. Make your blog interesting for the audience, work with Vkontakte, YouTube and other social networks, use Email marketing. Use targeted advertising on Facebook to periodically offer promotional content to an established audience. In this case, changes to the Facebook algorithms will not hurt your business.

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