Best eternal links: "scorching" topics (Part II)

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We have already written about the best sources of eternal references and decided that the best are those obtained naturally, that is, affixed without your participation. In most cases, they are a reward for quality content, for unique and useful information. Such links will be most helpful to you from an SEO point of view. It is they who transmit the reference and anchor weight in search engines, it is they who ultimately influence the reference ranking algorithms used by search engines.

But if there is a mechanism for obtaining natural links, then there must be methods to influence this mechanism? In this article we will tell in more detail how you can increase the number of natural eternal links.

Method 1. Provocation / Scandal

Provocation can be of any kind. Here is an example of provocation, an article with the heading "Business card website must die." The material (that the business card site, however hard it may be to guess, must die) was reprinted completely free of charge by several sites and received several direct links from the trust domains. But this is not aerobatics. Here are the latest examples: Promotion in Social Media. And this, too - not aerobatics.

Show how to do it right. Some time ago, the Internet goggled over this correspondence with the support of the company for the installation of steel doors with the customer. I will not give a link to the page, I give a screenshot:

Whether this "virus" is launched, or if everything happened by chance - we don’t undertake to judge. I express my personal opinion, probably erroneous - I don’t believe in “viruses” as an idea. All the most successful viruses that I know about were born by chance. In this case, there is, rather, the stupidity of our Russian customer support services. But the fact remains. According to our estimates, the attendance of this resource in the "height" of the "virus" increased by 900%. Reference weight - 3000%. Yes, links are of poor quality, with not very targeted sites, but all of them were rated by search engines as natural. The site did not go under the "reference explosion" filter, and now, in the fall - one and a half months after the launch of the "virus" - the search traffic is in an uptrend (according to our data).

Yes, of course, there are reputational risks. But the result seems to be worth it. But that is not all. Let's try to figure out how to use this situation with even greater advantage in terms of search engine optimization. Make it simple - you need ... change the content on the page. Post there information, for example, of such content: 16 reasons to order steel doors in the company "Special Steel" with the order form online. Is the logic clear? We get a landing page that is relevant to the request "to order steel doors" simply with a fucking natural reference mass. Yes, this is non-standard SEO, yes, this is a low blow, but - if you look at it - there is no violation of the License. A possible result - the top on request "to order a steel door" - can be a decent payment for reputational losses. (If someone is familiar with people from "SpecStalProkat", throw them a link, give the idea for free).

Method 2. Competition

Well, everything is clear. This article itself is written for one of these contests. The competition scheme is as follows. The prize is announced. Best of all - cash, so that was the motivation. The condition of the competition should be the placement of information on the site with the obligatory reference to the advertised resource. Here are the ideas of contests, writing on the go:

An article about how cheaper it is to fly through the service "Superpuper cheap tickets." Prize: a two-way flight service "Superpuper cheap tickets."

The article that "PoopkeenTravel" - is the best tour operator. Prize: well, of course, a trip for two to a three-star dune park in Marmaris.

Is the logic clear? Naturally, all articles should be with links to the project being promoted - this is an indispensable condition. Links are best recommended. No search results manipulation - links for people. This is a normal PR company, and the SEO effect is a good bonus to it.

And a small conclusion in the final. The time for classic SEO is gone, and it will never return. I will honestly say, I don’t understand what all these “giants” will do, who have risen on breeding to the top by buying a reference mass. Whatever the leaders tell you there about their non-peptic competencies - these competencies are not there, or rather, these competencies are non-unique. Results only through links will no longer be. So not only links lively SEO. Even if they are eternal. And even if they are the best. We focus on content marketing, and we believe that content marketing is the main development of search promotion. Yes, it is difficult, content marketing can not do, for example, a four-letter company, starting on the database, and ending on the database (guess the first attempt). In order to engage in content marketing for such a number of clients, they need to keep the editorial staff in excess of the editorial staff of all the Moscow media. Therefore, one thing remains - to go to SMM, it is easier to work there.

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