15 CRM integrations that automate the work routine

Combining the structures and processes of the company into a single system is not in vain in the trend. In such an environment, the risk of data loss is reduced, time is reduced and efficiency is increased.

Why integrate CRM with third-party services

Now more and more companies are inclined to maximize the optimization of the workflow using IT solutions, including bundles of CRM with other products.

Maxim Chugunkin, Jet Infosystems Systems Siebel CRM Group Head, explained the feasibility of integrating a client management system in terms of sales:

"The main need for integration is the creation of an omnichannel (unified) system that allows you to collect customer data from all sources: call center, store, online store, website and social networks. The company should have complete information about its client - this will allow make the best deals and provide the best support. "

And marketing:

"For marketers, integration with social networks allows you to track company references, identify the tone of customer relationships and respond quickly or simply record facts in the system. Another typical example of marketing integration is SMS or email services."

The remaining divisions of the company from the integration of CRM also benefit. Combining it with all the IT products used by the business will allow:

  • spend less time searching and sharing information between departments;
  • reduce staff costs;
  • reduce the risk of losing contacts and other data;
  • see the full statistics of the company and set up end-to-end analytics;
  • move workflows into one interface and get rid of a dozen tabs;
  • reduce paperwork to a minimum;
  • set up automatic data exchange with partners and contractors - for example, a delivery service, an accounting outsourcer or a coalition loyalty program.

If there is no CRM in your company yet, it is better to choose it immediately taking into account the needs and future integrations.

If the system is already installed and working, there are two options - pick up finished products with a connection to CRM "in two clicks" or order customized solutions from contractors-integrators. The first option is simpler and cheaper, but they can be used only if direct integration is provided in the CRM itself, or third-party developers have already created the solution. Otherwise, you have to choose - to abandon the usual tools in favor of those that can be independently connected to the customer management system, or contact the integrators for individual development.

Many companies choose integrated enterprise management systems, the basic functionality of which goes beyond customer relations. The decision is justified - to implement one system is easier and cheaper. However, it is unlikely that we will manage to do without integrations - all companies are different, and only the system that was developed especially for you can fit in perfectly with business processes.

In any case, before starting to do something, you need to understand exactly which services and widgets companies need, and prepare for the process.

How to choose the necessary integration

The desire to automate everything and immediately go sideways - some processes will not work stably, and the slightest failure in one of the services can slow down or completely stop the work of individual units. For example, errors in the sales-accounting section will lead to the fact that some will not be able to give an order for shipment, because they have not received confirmation of payment, and the latter will fill the balance without closing documents.

Before you implement integration, you should carefully prepare:

  • analyze and prescribe business processes;
  • determine which of them covers the functionality of CRM, and for which separate services are required or already used;
  • filter out what cannot be automated, and describe the rest in terms of a list of requirements for each section separately - sales-marketing, warehouse accounting, etc.

It is important to take into account all the nuances, up to what fields and buttons should be in each section. This will avoid a situation where the system works nominally - it seems to be there, but no one uses it, because it is not convenient. The accountant must mark the payment in CRM to notify the sale, but then all the same handles print the invoice, puts the seal and legs carries it to the warehouse. Print and refer, but note in the system and can forget. There will be no confusion - one confusion.

Stanislav Romanov, a representative of the Startpack service, also recommends taking into account the prospects for scaling the company and selecting services close to the Russian market - if it is necessary to refine foreign products, it will be more expensive, and finding a specialist will not be easy.

In addition, it is better to introduce integration gradually. Automate, debug, break in and forget hardly succeed. First, even a bundle of CRM with one service takes time - you need to customize everything for yourself, give employees the opportunity to learn, learn to work in a new way and get used to, and also check how stable the two systems communicate. Secondly, if you come to taste, integration can turn into a long-term history, because there is no limit to perfection.

The representative of the integrator company CRMagent, Andrei Yukin, shared a rough integration plan for the store. It can be divided into 4 stages:

  1. We set up all the ways of communication with customers and connect lead imports.
  2. We create order processing in CRM.
  3. We connect the program responsible for posting, storage and shipment of goods.
  4. Customize the delivery service.

The choice of areas of integration and specific services depends on the business and business model of the company. Someone will need dozens of applications to automate all business processes, others will only need a link to the site and the cloud PBX. However, before you make the final choice and begin to implement, it would be nice to see what the suppliers offer. Perhaps you have missed some process when analyzing or decided that it cannot be automated without individual development.

15 areas of integration that may be useful to your company

Theoretically, open API CRM can be associated with any widget or program - independently or with the help of specialists. I selected 18 destinations for which there are ready-made solutions from Russian suppliers, and the head of CRMagancy, Andrey Yukin, helped me to divide them into 3 groups and gave a description of each of them.

Most services have direct integration only with popular systems, such as amoCRM and Bitrix24.

Automation of customer communications


Functional. Without CRM, cloud PBX can receive many calls simultaneously, distribute them in accordance with the configured scheme, play an interactive voice menu.

In conjunction with CRM available:

  • outgoing calls from the client's card to CRM;
  • automatic lead creation for incoming calls;
  • distribution of calls depending on the priority of the client, the status of the transaction in the CRM or personal manager;
  • detailed statistics - who, where and when called, how many made outgoing and received incoming, the duration of calls;
  • automatic switching to the client card upon an incoming call;
  • linking the list of calls and call records to the client card;
  • CRM recording of missed calls and the creation of the task "call back" automatically.

Tariffs. Direct integration of CRM with telephony is usually free, calls - at the rates of a particular service.

Integration and customization. Consider the example of "Bitrix24" and a free PBX Zadarma. Before connecting to the CRM add-on, you need to register on the telephony site and create a PBX with minimum settings - set up the extension numbers, the default “no-click” incoming call script and the API authorization keys. Any special knowledge is not required, everything is intuitive. Then go to "Bitrix24" in the application section, find the desired PBX and click the "Install" button. The system will check if the conditions are met. If everything is done correctly, you will need to confirm the installation again.

In order for the system to work, you need to add internal numbers of employees and enable automatic creation of leads in the application settings in Bitrix24. After that, you can call customers through the PBX. To receive incoming calls, connect the virtual number in your PBX personal account. Internal numbers for all employees and call distribution scripts are created there, voice menus and greetings are loaded. In order for the recordings of conversations to be saved in Bitrix24, in the settings of the internal PBX numbers on the telephony site, tick off the “Record of Talk” item in the cloud. If in the settings of the application in CRM include "call forwarding to the responsible", the PBX scripts will not work, the calls will automatically be received by a specific employee.

When integrating other telephony services with other CRM, the procedure and settings may differ, but in general the processes are similar.

Lead forms on the site

Functional. Collects contacts, applications and orders from the site, sends them to the mail of the company and stores in the administrative panel. After integration:

  • each time a form is submitted, a lead is created in CRM;
  • you can set up automatic distribution of requests between managers and setting a task - to call;
  • notification of the responsible manager about the new lead;
  • informing about the accepted order by e-mail or SMS.

The latter, however, is implemented in some site designers, and there are widgets for CMS.

Tariffs. From 0 to 800 rubles. per month.

Integration and customization. The process depends on the specific CRM and form. There are several applications in Bitrix24, for work with which you need to insert a script or link into the site code. Consider the example of the free application Interceptor - Lead Generator. To use it, install the solution from the catalog, the corresponding section will appear in the left menu. First you need to configure the application by clicking on the gray gear in the upper right corner.

In the settings you need to specify the employee responsible for leads from the site, and the domain. Then prescribe the names of the form fields so that Interceptor can identify them and collect information. The application provides columns "Name", "Phone", "E-mail" and "City". To find out which names to register, click on the page with the form F12. The page code is displayed on the right; the form fields are usually entered by a tag. Find them using the search (Ctrl + F) and copy tags with all attributes and parameters into the corresponding columns. In the settings of the application, you can also specify the codes for counters and goals for Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. Fill in all the boxes, click save. The system will generate a script that you want to insert into the code of the page with the form.

Social network

Functional. Lead source and platform for communication with the target audience, conducting PR-actions and advertising companies. By linking the site and company accounts in social networks with CRM, you can:

  • accept applications and communicate with potential customers through the system interface, without switching between different windows;
  • automatically integrate leads;
  • supplement information about current customers with data from social networks;
  • track new subscribers and send them your suggestions.

Tariffs. Depending on CRM, method of integration and services - from 0 to 2 000 rubles. per month.

Integration and customization. Bitrix24, amoCRM and retailCRM can be linked to Instagram via the I2CRM service. The integration itself is free, but you have to pay for using the product - 990-1990 rubles. for one account per month. You can try for free for 7 days. To take advantage, install the application in your CRM account, then register with I2CRM by selecting a test rate for your customer management system. After registration, the "Setup Wizard" is automatically launched, in which incoming channels are connected in series - "Direct" and comments, and outgoing channels - CRM. This ends the setting, and in Bitrix24, messages and comments from the company's account on Instagram begin to arrive, and you can communicate with customers directly from the transaction tape.

With amoCRM and retailCRM, the process is similar. If you need to connect Instagram with other customer management systems, you can order individual integration - from 9 990 rubles.


Functional. By e-mail accept applications, discuss the details of the order confirm payment and shipment. The mailbox contains important details of interaction with customers, and after integration with CRM they will automatically fall into the contact card. In addition, thanks to this bundle:

  • for all new contacts in the email will be automatically or on click to create customer cards in CRM;
  • You can send price lists, offers and other information without leaving the system;
  • Managers will save time on informing customers about the order processing process - for example, an employee marks the shipment of goods to the point of issue, and a notification is automatically sent to the customer;
  • you can set tasks in CRM with email;
  • synchronize multiple mailboxes and view all letters in one interface.

Tariffs. In fairness, in most modern CRM synchronization with mail services is provided initially. But there are paid integrations - in Bitrix24, for a bundle with Gmail mail, which will allow you to generate leads and tasks from letters, you will have to pay 500 rubles. per month.

Integration and customization. To connect the Gmail application to Bitrix24, you need to click the Buy or Try button, the test period is 7 days. On the settings page, the developers recommend leaving everything unchanged and clicking "Save" if the service is planned to be used not very actively - up to 100 thousand hits per day. Otherwise, you will have to configure via the API and the Google Developer Console, and this will require the help of specialists.

Having accepted the settings, we get to the page of the application, which practically repeats the interface of the account in Gmail. Click on "Login" in the upper left corner and allow the service access to the mailbox. On the left side, a menu will appear with the Inbox, Sent, Spam, and Trash folders, as well as the Settings section (the ones we left unchanged during installation) and the Exit button. A block with letters will be displayed on the right. New ones appear in the application as quickly as in the box itself. They can be opened, sent to spam or deleted. In the letter itself, in addition to the usual "Forward" and "Reply" buttons, there is a "Create Lead", and when it is created, another one appears - "Create a Task".

Online chat rooms

Functional. The consultants' pop-up windows are annoying, but in capable hands they are able to increase the conversion of the site and give a lot of useful information about customers. Particularly advanced products are able to keep the correspondence and send it to the visitor's mail, track the sources and geography of the transitions to the site, track the page navigation and offer the client the information that is relevant here and now. After contacting the customer management system:

  • all correspondence will be stored in the customer card;
  • if there is already a deal or contact in CRM for a phone number or email address, online chat will send the correspondence to the appropriate card, if not, it will create a new lead;
  • Managers will be able to quickly move from chat to client card to CRM.

Tariffs. Solutions that develop the owners of the services themselves are usually free. So you can connect JivoSite with Bitrix24, amoCRM, Megaplan and other customer management systems. For Bitrix, there is also an application from third-party developers - 500 rubles. per month.

Integration and customization. Connecting JivoSite online chat to CRM takes place on the service side. In the system itself, you only need to install the appropriate application. After registering and installing the consultant module on the site, you need to go to the settings, the "Other Services" section, select CRM and click "Connect". In the pop-up window, specify the link to your "Bitrix24" and click "OK". For amoCRM, you will also need an email address and API from the account in the system. At this setting ends. The next time you contact the site visitor, the button "Add to CRM" or "Open to CRM" will appear in the operator’s account, if you already have contact with such mail or phone.


Functional. The channel of communication with customers, convenient for both parties. However, instant messaging services are becoming more and more. Selecting one means losing potential customers that others prefer. Few will install a new application for one order. Managers have to communicate with clients in dozens of accounts, then meticulously transfer leads into CRM, and still something may be lost. When you associate a client management system with instant messengers:

  • менеджеры смогут одним кликом отправлять контакты потенциального клиента в CRM;
  • для каждого диалога будут автоматически создаваться сделки, контакты и задачи;
  • the correspondence will remain in the card and, if necessary, it will be possible to return to it to clarify the details.

Tariffs. Most often, integration occurs with the help of third-party products, which will cost 1000-3000 rubles. per month. In "Bitrix24" for this there is a built-in functionality - "Open lines". Their difference from third-party services is that the manager responds to the client via the Bitrix chat, and the client can write from Viber, Telegram or Facebook messenger and receive answers in the same place.

Integration and customization. Consider the example of a bunch of instant messengers with amoCRM through the service Chat2Desk. We register on the site of the service and get demo access and numbers for testing. Then we expand the "Settings" menu on the left panel and go to the "Integration" section. To upload dialogs to the client management system, you need to enter the email address and subdomain name of the account in amoCRM, as well as the API key. The latter can be viewed in the CRM settings, section API. Nothing needs to be configured in the client management system itself. Operators respond to all calls in the Chat2Desk service interface. To create a lead in CRM and export contacts and correspondence there, you need to click "Unload chat" in the upper right corner of the dialog window and select amoCRM in the opened window.

Callback widget

Functional. The tool is used to increase the conversion of the site - many customers accept the offer to enter the number and wait for the call, even if they themselves were not going to call. Depending on the specific supplier, the client management system bundle with the callback widget allows you to:

  • receive call requests in the CRM interface;
  • set up automatic creation of leads and customer cards when sending a callback form on the site;
  • automatically record in the card the page from which the call was ordered, the source of the transition to the site, the region and the city of the visitor, and other data;
  • keep records of conversations;
  • identify a visitor who has already accessed through the widget, and without creating a new lead, attach a call to an existing card.

Tariffs. From 0 to 500 rubles. per month.

Integration and customization. We integrate the LeadBack callback widget with the amoCRM system. After registering with the service and installing the button on the site, you need to go to the "Widgets" section of the top menu and click "Settings" next to the desired site. On the page that opens, go to the "Integration" tab and click on "Configure integration with amoCRM". Further actions are similar to connecting the service Chat2Desk - enter the email address, subdomain, API-key and click "Next." The next step is to configure the correspondence of the numbers assigned to the widget to the users in CRM. You can also create additional fields in CRM so that when creating deals and leads, links to the login and call pages, traffic source, UTM tags, search phrase for which the user came and other parameters were exported. Then we specify whether it is necessary to automatically create a transaction for a contact from LeadBack, and which stage to assign to it, connect the online chat integration if necessary and click "Next." In the last step, we once again check all the settings and click "Save".

"All these integrations are necessary in order to ensure the receipt of orders in the CRM system. Now the main trend is the creation of omni-channel in business. When a client can contact in any way convenient for him, the company must identify the client and maintain communication with him through this channel, without loss of quality of service. Of course, the use of each service must be justified by the specifics of the business. If people of the age of 45 are over the age of the company, it is logical that the way of communication via messengers is not needed, nobody will use it and concentrate better on the phone. "

Head of CRMagent, Andrey Yukin

Order processing automation

Accounting software

Functional. One of the most important areas of CRM integration. The accounting department and the sales department regularly exchange data and documents, and by automating this process, you will reduce the likelihood of data loss and time costs. Bundle allows you to:

  • unload invoices from the client's card;
  • automate billing notifications;
  • simplify the registration of acts and automatically request closing documents from counterparties;
  • Do not lose documents, keeping everything in customer cards.

Tariffs. From 0 to 700 rubles. per month.

Integration and customization. For example, I chose cloud accounting "Contour. Elba", because I use it myself and I already have an account in the service. To associate it with CRM, you need to go to the application page in the Bitrix24 directory and click Install. In this case, you must be logged in to the "Elbe" account. Next, developers recommend installing the plugin Ignore X-Frame headers for Google Chrome. After that, the item "Contour. Elba" will appear in the left menu of "Bitrix". The page will display a personal account in the accounting service. Convenience is that for sending an invoice or paying taxes, you will not need to open a new tab with "Elbe", everything can be done in the CRM interface. However, there is essentially no integration as such - you cannot export and import accounts, transactions and data about counterparties.

AmoCRM offers more advanced integration - creating invoices and closing documents in CRM Transactions and synchronizing with Elba, notifying about payment of invoices in the customer management system, sending a sales report to the tax department, etc. However, you will not be able to connect this functionality . You need to go to the service card in the amoCRM integration catalog and click "Waiting for a call". The specialist will contact you and help set up the application.

Warehouse services

Functional. Such integration is especially useful for companies with a wide range of products and a large number of daily sales. In the warehouse programs the movement of goods is recorded - the posting, withdrawal and movement. Integration with CRM allows you to:

  • upload a catalog to the customer management system and attach a list of goods to each order;
  • see the current balances and avoid the situation when the manager placed and confirmed the order, and the goods ended;
  • import and export documents - prices, invoices, invoices, etc .;
  • see when the next delivery is planned.

Tariffs. Depending on the specific CRM and inventory accounting service - from 0 to 500 rubles per month.

Integration and customization. Consider the example of a bundle of services "MoySklad" and "Bitrix24", is available only at paid rates of warehouse service. Integration involves the exchange of goods, companies and invoices, costs 500 rubles per month, but within 30 days you can test for free. The solution is installed automatically from the application card in the CRM catalog - you need to click "Buy" or "Try", and then confirm the installation. When the application opens in Bitrix, click on the gear (1) in the upper right corner to set up the integration. On the settings page, you can select the data exchange mode (2) and the time zone (3). Expand the settings "Bitrix24" (4) and click on the icons "+" (5) to create custom property identifiers for the directories "Company" and "Contacts". Then open the settings "MySklad" (6) enter the login and password of the account in the warehouse service and click "Save".

The page again displays the interface of the warehouse service. Again, click on the gear to go to the second stage. In addition to the already filled in fields, new settings will appear in the settings - you need to choose a legal entity, a warehouse and currency from those already entered in MoySklad. Again, click "Save" and get to the main page of the warehouse accounting service. Again, click on the gear to go to step 3. At this stage, the companies and the catalog are being unloaded from MoySklad to Bitrix24. It also sets up the exchange of accounts, transactions and payments, as well as the compliance status, fields, employees, currencies and other parameters. Fill in the required fields, click "Save". In the full version of the application, companies are imported from Bitrix24 to MoiSklad automatically.

Online banking

Functional. Through a personal account on the bank’s website, it is convenient to track the status of accounts and conduct operations for which you do not need to go to a branch. Integration allows you to do this from the CRM interface. In addition, managers will be able to:

  • independently track payments;
  • see receivables;
  • remind clients of unpaid invoices and close transactions faster.

Tariffs. Ready-made solutions for online bank communication with CRM are usually free.

Integration and customization. To connect the Modbank application to amoCRM, we will find it in the catalog, open it and click Install. Once again, open the application in the catalog, click "I am already a client of the Modbank" and get to the login page. We enter the phone number and password from the personal account, wait for the SMS, enter the confirmation code and allow access to the Modbank account. If authorization was successful, go to the integration section. Open the application in the catalog again and set up the widget - turn on payment tracking and select accounts, funnels and target statuses that need to be tracked. If necessary, we connect the automatic formulation of the task upon receipt of payment and click "Save" in the upper right corner. After installing the widget in the company card will appear the field "INN" and "PPC". For the integration to work correctly, they need to be completed for all counterparties, otherwise the application will not be able to relate payments to transactions.

Online store

Functional. Retail online stores take dozens of orders every day. To facilitate the work of administrators, platform developers implement new tools for notifying customers, creating loyalty programs, generating documents, etc. All this saves a lot of time. However, if a company has implemented CRM without integrating the system with an online store, there will be no point - managers will have to handle orders in the administrative panel and then transfer them to CRM. Automation of data exchange will allow:

  • process orders directly in the customer management system;
  • save the history of relationships and view it at the next contact;
  • Import a product catalog and use it to place orders over the phone faster.

Tariffs. From 0 to 1 000 rub. per month.

Integration and customization. We will connect the online store on the InSales platform to "Bitrix24". Unlike the MoySklad service, everything is simple and intuitive. Install the appropriate application from the CRM directory. In the chat of "Bitrix" a notification about the successful installation, further instructions and an individual integration code will appear. Copy it, go to the marketplace InSales, find the application "Bitrix24" and click "Install". We get to the settings page. It is impossible to change anything - all fields and checkboxes are filled out by default and are not clickable. Therefore, just scroll through and click "Install" at the bottom of the page. Go to the "Installed Applications", click on the name Bitrix24 and get to the site of integration developers. Paste the CRM code copied in the chat into the form and click "Send". At this process ends, you do not need to configure anything. Orders from the online store are transferred to Bitrix, and managers are automatically assigned the task of “Calling back”.

Document Designer

Functional. In some CRM this functionality is by default, in others you need to connect additional applications. Allows you to partially automate the formation of documents - contracts, powers of attorney, orders, etc. Thanks to the exchange of data with CRM:

  • Names, names, requisites, etc .; are automatically substituted into the documents;
  • it will take less time for approval and signing;
  • the risk of errors and misprints due to human factors will be reduced.

Tariffs. From 0 to 6 000 rubles. per month.

Integration and customization. Consider the example of the integration of "Bitrix24" and "Doks.Online" document designer. Install the application from the CRM directory and log in to the Google Drive API (after installation, a page with the appropriate button will open). Then you need to restart the application and set up document templates. Create an account or contract template and open it in Google Docs. Before you will be a blank sheet on which to compile the text of the document. In the fields and lines where the data from the CRM should be inserted, you need to enter special parameters. They can be copied in the help section. So that the contract details of your company are automatically substituted, the parameter $ {mycompany.banking_details} should be in the appropriate place in the document.

Booking services

Functional. The widget is used to sell tickets for events, travel products and appointments to specialists. The basic functionality allows the client to select the date, time and advanced options. After integration with CRM:

  • applications are automatically transformed into leads in a customer management system;
  • You can customize the appointment of responsible managers and notifications.

Tariffs. From 0 to 500 rubles. per month.

Integration and customization. We will connect the popular Timepad ticket service to Bitrix24. We install the application from the CRM catalog, on the page that opens, click on "Authorize Timepad" and confirm access, then tick the organizations in the ticket service that we want to synchronize with "Bitrix". Now applications for the purchase of tickets will fall into the "Transactions" section.

“These integrations send all the necessary data to the CRM system and help managers process orders as quickly and efficiently as possible without switching between numerous windows, files, bookmarks and programs. Lead forms, online chats, banking, delivery and booking services are connected to the site. All these data are transferred to the CRM system and are attributes of the order and the customer.If we sell goods, they must be displayed in CRM in the context of warehouses, it must be possible to select and book. For this you need to connect 1C or and warehouse programs. Proper integration should ensure two-way exchange of data, it is not always possible, therefore it is very important to think through the business process initially implemented in CRM. "

Head of CRMagent, Andrey Yukin

Marketing and Auxiliary Process Automation

SMS and email newsletters

Functional. The basic functionality allows you to collect a database of contacts, divide it into segments and send letters and messages - useful materials, coupons for discounts, information about promotions and others. For performance analysis - detailed statistics on openability and conversion. Some products allow you to make mailings personalized, automatically substituting the name of the client in the body and title. By integrating the customer management system with your mailing list service you:

  • manage your subscriber base and send emails without leaving CMR;
  • automate the import of contacts from lead-forms, baskets and other sources to mailing lists;
  • You can track the statistics and effectiveness of mailings through the system interface.

Tariffs. From 0 to 3 500 rubles. per month.

Integration and customization. We will connect "Bitrix24" with the UniSender email newsletter service. Even if you do not yet have an account in the latter, you can immediately proceed to installing the application from the CRM directory - make registration in the process. In order for the integration functionality to work correctly, the Business Processes module must be active in Bitrix.

After installation, the application will ask if you are registered with UniSender. If yes, you will be prompted to enter the API key, if not - create a new account. The API key can be copied in the UniSender account settings, section "Integration and API". If you register through the application in Bitrix, it will be copied automatically. At this integration ends - you can create templates and mailings directly in CRM.

End-to-End Business Analyst

Functional. Tools for analyzing financial performance, productivity managers and customer profitability are in almost every CRM. However, if you use separate services to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising investments, the real cost of attracting a customer, lifelong customer value and calculating other marketing indicators, it is better to link them with CRM in order to:

  • supplement business intelligence with data from CRM;
  • see how much of a client and money a given advertising company has brought;
  • more accurately assess the profitability of the channels and understand where customers come from with a high average check.

Tariffs. From 0 to 2 000 rubles. per month.

Integration and customization. Consider the example of Bitrix24 and Roistat end-to-end business intelligence systems. The main integration settings are made on the service side. In CRM, you need to create additional custom fields with the name roistat and the type "String" for the entities "Deal" and "Lead".

Go to your personal account Roistat, go to the "Directory of integrations", select our CRM and click "Connect". On the page that opens, copy the address "Bitrix24" into the field and click "Install Application." The new tab will open the Roistat add-on page in your CRM. Install the application, go back to Roistat and click "Log in". We get to the advanced settings page. Most of them are optional, integration will work stably without them. The only thing that should not be missed is the distribution of groups of statuses; without them, the analyst will be uninformative. You need to drag and drop the status of transactions that are used in CRM from the “Do not count” group into the “In Work”, “Paid” and “Canceled” groups. Click "Save".

"Эти сервисы генерируют повторные продажи и увеличивают количество активных клиентов. По большей части они вспомогательные, так как являются источником дополнительных данных для CRM. Многие из них уже есть в самой системе - CRM без сквозной аналитики или сервиса email-рассылок малопривлекательная для компании, так как бизнес всегда старается найти максимально универсальное решение".

Руководитель CRMagent, Андрей Юкин

Some statistics

A representative of the Startpack service, Stanislav Romanov, shared with me the statistics of popular integrations. The service has a platform for finding an integrator contractor that will help link CRM with third-party applications. True, the statistics are a bit subjective and reflect a picture of the integrations that cannot be set up by yourself in two clicks.

“No matter how much foreign services are offered by built-in integrations, Russian business is actively looking for connections with amoCRM and Bitrix24. Especially with analytics systems, telephony, messengers, website designers and accounting services. In Startpack, they studied statistics of requests from those who were interested in Bitrix24 and amoCRM last half a year, and made the schedule of the most actual integrations ".

Stanislav Romanov, Startpack

Not yet decided on CRM and not at all sure that you need it? The article “Why CRM for a small business and what to look for when choosing” will help you. At the end - an overview of 5 popular client management systems with a description of the advantages, disadvantages and interface. And for those who have already identified the necessary functionality and now I would like to understand which CRM has integration with the necessary services, I have compiled a table for clarity.

Zoho CRM is a foreign product, and synchronization with Yandex services, accounting and banking accounts and other domestic developments is possible only with the help of developers.

Instead of conclusion

Changing the usual workflow and introducing new technologies is not easy. There is no certainty that this will benefit the business, and the employees are rebuilding with difficulty. However, there are many arguments in favor of automation. Even if you now have a microbusiness, when it grows up, you will not be able to do the usual Excel. To manage a large company need more functional tools.

By automating business processes now, in the future you can easily scale them and integrate new operations into the system. Moreover, if you do not use new technologies, this does not mean that your competitors are doing the same. In the modern market, the one who reacts more quickly to the changing situation is ahead. And to implement cloud technologies is not as difficult as it seems - developers rely on an intuitive interface and understandable logic of the services.

If you do not have the time or desire to deal with the implementation of a CRM system on your own, you can contact us. We have successfully implemented CRM in our own company and with a number of clients. Read more about the terms of cooperation in the relevant section.

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